Here’s Why a Gay Man Supports The Bigoted Baker

Here’s Why a Gay Man Supports The Bigoted Baker

In a startling and increasingly rare victory for religion in America the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 7-2 that a baker shouldn’t be required to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

In the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission the court ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission did not give Jack Philips (the baker) a fair shake in the hearing. The court was particularly troubled by the remarks of one commissioner who said that

“freedom of religion and religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination throughout history, whether it be slavery, whether it be the Holocaust.”

Justice Kennedy felt that was unbecoming of a commissioner who is sworn to be neutral.

Here is why I support the ruling. The simple matter is that a private business is just that, private. The reason many entrepreneurs cite for starting a business is not wanting to have a boss over them.

If Mr. Philips is willing to forgo profits for religious reasons then he should able to do that. There are plenty of other bakers in Denver that would gladly bake the cake for the gay couple.

Those who think the baker is discriminating should have to answer these questions:

Should  a Jewish bakery be forced to bake a cake commemorating Hitler’s birthday?

Should a Muslim bakery be forced to bake a cake celebrating pigs?

Should a gay bakery be forced to bake a cake celebrating Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson’s birthday?

The hypocrisy of the gay community

Many in the gay community are decrying the baker for not baking a cake that doesn’t comply with his values yet in North Carolina gay trump supporters were denied a booth because in the words of the event organizers ‘it doesn’t align with our values”.

So it’s okay for the gay community to discriminate when it doesn’t align with their values yet Christians can’t do the same when it doesn’t align with theirs?

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