Explore The Benefits of Eating Beef!

Explore The Benefits of Eating Beef!

The benefits of beef

The liberal media continues to assault American beef by running misleading (and sometimes false) stories of how beef is for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beef is beneficial? Don’t believe me?  I’m going to tell you the numerous benefits of beef!  But I suspect even I have only scratched the surface of this all American food staple.

Beef employs a lot of people


Did you know that the beef industry provides lots of jobs? From the rancher to his ranch hands to those that work in beef processing and more. The American beef industry employs 1.2 million Americans and pays over 200 billion in wages?

Did you know that California is one of the largest producers of beef?  Despite the rhetoric out of San Francisco and despite their misguided political positions California is actually the nation’s 4 largest beef producer at 5.15 million cows.

Beef is healthy


Did you know that there are over 20 cuts of lean beef including top sirloin steak and top round roast and steak?

Did you know that  beef provides nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, and half of the fat found in beef is monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy fats found in olive oil?

Did you know that beef is environmentally friendly? Despite the nonsense you hear from the hippy types ranches tend to be located on land that is simply not suited for farming purposes. That’s why the west became the ranching capital of the world.

Did you know that calorie-by-calorie that beef is more nutrient dense than plant matter like tofu, beans and peanut butter?  You actually get more bang for your buck by buying beef than you would with flavorless tofu. 

Did you know that beef makes you sexy? Body builders have long known that adding lots of beef to their diets was an integral part of their muscle building regimen. Beef is a cost effective extremely tasty source of nutrients and proteins that your body needs to be big in strong. In other words guys if you wanna get big eat beef!

It’s no coincidence that the ‘meat is murder’ people tend to look emaciated.

Did you know that a lack of beef could kill you?

Inadequate protein intake may accelerate and worsen age-related muscle wasting, increasing the risk of an adverse condition known as sarcopenia


Sarcopenia is a serious health issue among elderly people, but can be prevented or improved with strength exercises and increased protein intake.

The best dietary sources of protein are animal-derived foods, such as beef!

Cows have no beef with ranchers


Did you know that beef is kind? Despite all the PETA propaganda you’ve probably been exposed to over the years cattlemen that abuse their animals wouldn’t be in business very long. Think about it.

If you needed your animals for your livelihood how likely would you be to mistreat them. Ranchers tend to their animals over 12 hours a day on some days.  There’s no way not to build some some of bond.

What about the slaughter?

Yes we do eat meat but that’s not anymore cruel than a lion chasing down a gazelle for dinner. Animals eat other animals.

That’s the way God intended it. As human beings we just take care of them and ensure their survival while they are growing up. Thanks to humans there are 1.4 billion cows on Earth. That’s more than all the lions, tigers, and bears combined! As a species cows are doing quite well because they are a food source.

The best benefit of beef? It tastes great!


Did you know that beef is delicious? As humans we evolved to love animal protein and beef is one of the biggest sources of animal protein on the planet. Everyone except for the maybe the dirtiest hippies loves the smell of beef cooking. There are some great recipes from Chicago Steaks to show you how to make the perfect steak!

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