Test Your Gun Knowledge!

Test Your Gun Knowledge!

Test Your Gun Knowledge ! Answer the questions to see how much you really know about guns!

Politically do you lean right, left or somewhere in between?

AR-15 Stands for Assault Rifle 15

The NRA receives most of its money from gun manufacturers

It is legal and easy to buy an assault riffle in America

What does AK-47 stand for?

A fully semi automatic weapon is a gun that can fire continuously

When the 2nd amendment was written the founding fathers were thinking of muskets

When the 2nd amendment was written there were no repeating rifles

There's no good reason for a civilian to own a powerful riffle. 

The courts have ruled consistently that the police are obligated to assist individuals in case of an emergency

It is legal to use a credit card to buy a gun

I have more than $10,000 in unsecured debts

The Parkland Florida school shooting was completely preventable with existing laws

It is currently legal for the mentally ill to own a gun in the United States

There is no credible evidence that owning a gun can save your life

Any adult over 21 can get a concealed carry permit so long as he/she has no criminal record in the United States

A concealed carry permit issued in one state is automatically valid in any other state for 90 days

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