Donald Trump is the Solution to the Conservative Image Problem

Donald Trump is the solution to the conservative image problem

I think we all know that conservatives are losing ground in America. Just 38% of Americans identify as conservatives while 23% identify as liberals. Many of us are content to sit on our laurels and think we’re winning but informed people know that’s not the whole story. Liberals have worked hard to improve their organization skills and rallying up the next generation. In one very disturbing statistic  In Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, more than 80 percent of voters under 30 years old voted for Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist so outside the mainstream of his party that he’s not even a member.  Vox News has over 2.6 subscribers in their youtube channel, Huffington Post has an alexa rank of 62 in the US, and Buzzfeed has over 200 million unique visitors a month.

The conservative image problem

What about Fox News you may ask? Yes while Fox News is numero uno in cable news the average age of a fox news viewer is over 70. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the conservative movement. The problem is conservatives are often perceived like this:


or this

By Gage Skidmore, <a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>, <a href="">Link</a>
By Gage Skidmore

While liberals are perceived like this:

or this

The old guard’s solution has been to run conservative (not really) lites like that back stabber John McCain or wussy Willard (Mitt) Romney.  Both tried to pander to illegal immigrants and come out in favor of larger government in order to win minority voters. They both failed.

Insert Donald Trump:

Trump managed to slice through the liberal strong hold because he was willing to speak the truth about illegal immigration, not be politically correct, and still embrace Blacks & Gays. It didn’t hurt that he was just so damn entertaining. The republican primary debates had record viewership thanks to Trump. What was the result? More Blacks and Latinos voted for Trump than voted for Romney or McCain.  Now what do we have? The old guard doing everything it can to discredit our president.They are with the liberals to make his administration a failure. The GOP  ran on repeal and replace the debacle known as Obamacare for 7 years and they couldn’t even get that done.

Let’s look at what Trump has accomplished in his short time in office:

  • Kept our supreme court in conservative hands with the appointment Neil Gorsuch
  • Kept our country safer by limiting immigration from known terrorist cesspools
  • Proposed a new immigration system that’s based on merit instead of who’s vagina the immigrant popped out of
  • Saved thousands of American jobs from going to Mexico or overseas
  • Didn’t go an apology tour around the world
  • Saved our military from being forced to admit unfit transsexuals for political reasons
  • Much much more

All of this despite the old guard not because of it. I almost ask myself if the old guard doesn’t really want conservatism to prevail. Maybe they too have bought into the liberal propaganda which is why we have lying Lindsey Graham and Dear John McCain coming out to block everything this president does.  As conservatives we need to embrace our President regardless of whether or not we agree with everything he has said or done. We need more charismatic conservatives not afraid to speak the truth like  President Trump not less.