Trump & Tariffs Quiz

Welcome to the  Trump & Tariffs Quiz quiz! These questions will help you gain a better understand of the US and world trade system in order to allow you to make a more informed opinion on the Trump tariffs.

A tariff is...

As part of the new world trade organization countries are not allowed to impose tariffs on other country's goods. 

Indonesia (one of the world's largest motorcycle markets) taxes American motorcycles at what rate?

A Filipino national may come to America and buy land. However the Philippines doesn't allow Americans to do the same.

A Chinese national may come to America and start a business however an American may only own 40% of a business in China

How much does Canada tax American milk in order to protect its dairy industry? 

Japan places high taxes on imported rice to protect its own rice industry

An American in the Philippines can be legally deported for nothing more than 'disrespecting a Filipino'. 

The current opioid epidemic in the rust belt is a direct result of working class job less in the rust belt

While some manufacturing jobs are being replaced by service jobs in general service jobs pay 20% less than manufacturing jobs and don't have the same medical and retirement benefits.

Do you agree with the following statement:

Trade is okay but it must be fair trade

The biggest beneficiaries of 'free trade' have been large multinational corporations

NAFTA cost the US net 1 million jobs and caused greater income inequality

US consumer debt is at some of its highest levels in US history

I have more than $10,000 in unsecured debt (credit cards, student loans, medical bills etc)

The American consumer benefits from 'free' trade while the worker is hurt by it

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