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America Needs Merit Based Immigration

“But Canada does it” is often the childish cry to action of the left. Particularly when it wants us to mimic ill-conceived ridiculous policies such as  government run health care. Indeed Canada &  Europe are the wet dreams of the left. Bernie Sanders mentioned them

Gay Conservatives Must Come Out!

Gay conservatives must come out-a second time Overall acceptance of homosexuality is at an  all time high in America. The Pew research institute puts the number at 63% . What’s even better is that conservatives are coming around as well. The same institute found that nearly

Gays for Trump Denied Booth at Gay Pride

Gay Trump Supporters Banned from Gay Pride in Charlotte NC Surprise surprise the very people who have cried about discrimination for years are now doing the same. The very people who have forced Christian bakeries to violate their core beliefs  to bake wedding cakes for

By Tim Evanson from Washington, D.C., United States of America - DC Gay Pride 2011 - 00010Uploaded by daisydeee, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Gay Men/Women Should Accept Trumps Trans Ban

Most transgenders are unfit for military service On Wednesday July 26th President Trump announced he would reinstate the policy of disallowing transgender individuals to join the military. He cited military readiness and unit cohesion among other reasons. As a gay men we should not be

Islam is Not Compatible with Gay Life

Did you know that one of the favorite punching bags of the left  Netherlands Politician Geert Wilders is actually a strong advocate for gay rights and gender equality? “Politicians from almost all established parties are promoting our Islamization. … The equality of men and women, freedom