Gay Men Dont be a Victim of Dating Scammers!

As many gay men approach the big 4-0 and are still single they look to the internet for love. The internet is a great place to find love but you must be cautious. Dating scammers are real but easy to detect if you follow this advice and use common sense.

I personally sought love abroad because I was looking for a different kind of partner. Many of the potential partners I was meeting in my home country were seeking open relationships or just had a more liberated view than I of what a marriage/relationship should look like. I wanted something different. I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful young men in the Philippines that never asked me for a dime. Many gay men seek love abroad for their own reasons whether it be because they want someone younger or they just have an adventurous spirit. Any of those reasons are very good ones to broaden your horizons.

If you plan to seek love abroad you must protect yourself from dating scammers! You must move with caution and make sure to keep the emotions in check. There are many sites where you can meet guys abroad. Meet Pinoys and Filipino Cupid are among the better ones even has a user ratings system to keep people honest.  But no website can stop all of the scammers from slipping through. There are, however, signs you can look for to protect yourself from being scammed:


  • He wants to get you off the dating site and onto another platform such as Facebook or Skype very quickly
  • Claims feelings too soon-Its not human to fall in love after one chat session. Sorry
  • He tells you a sad story and things never seem to be going his way financially
  • Tells lies but when caught in a lie seems to have a clever excuse
  • He claims to have a university education from an English speaking country but his writing is full of grammatical errors
  • He talks about wanting to move to your country right away
  • Shows you nude/sexually provocative photos of himself but doesn’t request to see any of you
  • Won’t have sex with you and tries to make you feel guilty for wanting sex- A young man making excuses to not have sex is never a good sign.
  • It just doesn’t feel right-This is the most important. If your intuition is telling you something is off about this relationship/person move on. There are way more foreign guys looking for western men than vice versa

Islam is Not Compatible with Gay Life

Did you know that one of the favorite punching bags of the left  Netherlands Politician Geert Wilders is actually a strong advocate for gay rights and gender equality?  “Politicians from almost all established parties are promoting our Islamization. … The equality of men and women, freedom of opinion and speech, tolerance of homosexuality – all this is in retreat.”source.  Just because someone dares to speak out against the inherent evil of islamization it doesn’t make one ‘racist’ (btw Islam isn’t a race). Just like speaking out against Nazism doesn’t make one one anti-German.

Man caned for consensual gay sex in Indonesia

Islam is not compatible with gay life. The Quoran (the Holy book is Islam) and hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammed) very clearly state that the punishment for homosexuality is death. A hadith specifically states that ‘[gays] should be thrown off a cliff’.  The Islamic state has enforced this as close as they can literally throwing men they suspected of being gay off the tops of buildings. After which they stone the bodies with rocks. To really beat out the gay I guess?  Many readers may think this is just fear mongering using extreme examples. Its important to know that most Muslim populations also do not support homosexuality, specifically male homosexuality. According to the liberal news source CNN “More than half of British Muslims (52%) think homosexuality should not be legal, and nearly half (47%) think it is not appropriate for gay people to teach in schools….” Full Article . In Indonesia two  gay men were publicly humiliated and caned. What was their crime? Making love in the privacy of their own home.  So no its not just ‘radical Islam’ its just Islam. Anytime you see Islam become the dominant religion you see widespread oppression of gays and women.

It boggles the mind the that some people of liberal persuasions advocate for Islamization. Do they not realize that the terrorists want them dead more than anyone? Islam is antithetical to everything the left stands for from women’s rights, LGBT rights, human trafficking, even religious freedom. Under Muslim caliphates non Muslims were forced to pay a tax for the ‘privilege’ of being non-Muslim.  As gay people why should we continue to embrace a religion that hates us and with many followers whose sworn duty it is to destroy us? This isn’t suggesting that all Muslims are bad by any means. Its just important that we look at things from a realistic prospective.

Hypocrisy alert! In many Islamic cultures there is something called Bacha bazi (boy for play). It has been a tradition in Afghanistan and many other Muslim nations for thousands of years. Older men will buy young boys from desperate destitute families. Then they will dress them up in women’s clothes, have them entertain  with proactive dancing, and then take them to the back for carnal pleasures. The effigy of an ideal human-being, the prophet Mohammed, married a 9-year old girl Aisha (his best friend’s daughter). Yes even in those days 9 years old was considered too young for a girl to marry. Several haadith describe Abu Baker (Mohammed’s bff) objecting to his request to marry his 9 year old daughter but finally acquiescing since it was the ‘will of Allah’.

In short Islam is not a a gay man’s friend nor is it compatible with gay life. We need to stop treating it as such. Why is the left so adamant about defending this religion? Identity politics of course. The left loves identity politics and finding new victims it can take into the fold for support. First it was women, then Blacks, then Latinos,  and now Islam and illegal immigrants. The left should have learned its lesson about identity politics. Woman have all but turned their backs on the left. In 2016 51% of women voted against the standard-bearer of identity politics Hillary Clinton. More Latinos voted for Donald Trump in 2016 than voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, heck even more Blacks voted for Trump than for Mitt Romney; that truly did surprise me. There are even more and more gay conservative organizations Like us! around. Identify politics is dying as people are tired of the victim mentality propagated by the left. Its only a matter of time before Islam turns its back on the left as many other groups already have.

How to Make an Older/Younger Relationship Work


There’s nothing wrong with wanting a younger men! 

Sometimes people judge men because they desire to date younger man. There are even websites like Meet Filipinos which are for mature men seeking relationships with younger Filipinos. The reality is many of those gay men judging secretly want a young man themselves. Man no matter what sexual orientation was biologically programmed to seek youth and signs of vitality among other things Read more. If someone 20 years younger than you is what makes you tick then as long as he’s legal go for it!  We all have our dating preferences whether it be ethnicity, weight, height, or anything else. Its better to be honest than to try to force yourself to be in a relationship with someone you’re not happy with.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting economic security! 

Resources have been a factor when choosing a partner since the beginning of time. Men tend to look for signs of vitality and good health i.e. youth. Women tend to look for signs of security and resources i.e. money. Men want a woman that can give him good healthy progeny while women want a man that will stick around and provide security for her offspring. The gay world isn’t much different. A lot of older men look to younger men for sexual attractiveness and younger men are looking to older men for economic security.  You can also read our article on how to prevent being scammed. Don’t Be a Victim!


1.Understand that you are both equals 

Sometimes gay men tend to look at intergenerational relationships as unequal.   You think because you pay the bills that he has to do whatever you say? Think again. He’s a human being that deserves to be treated with respect. If you don’t respect him he’ll leave you for someone that will. You think because you are young and thin and constantly have older men flirting with you that you’re doing him a favor?  Maybe you think “man he doesn’t know how lucky he is having me!” If that’s the case then your partner is the most unlucky person in the world to have a guy like you.  Relationships are not favors no more than they are just about sex. Never be with someone that thinks he’s doing you a favor by being with you. That sounds basic but many gay men have been socialized to believe that that’s all they’re worth. You are both equals.

2.Talk about it!

Accept that in an intergenerational relationship the expenses won’t be split 50/50 . Not because he doesn’t want to but because he can’t. Realize that just because you might be paying more often than not it doesn’t mean he’s using you. If you’re unsure just take a step back and look. Is he opening his wallet when he’s with his friends while claiming to be broke with you?  When you’re the one always paying resentment can be a natural reaction. If you feel the resentment beginning to fester talk to him about it. Let him know you understand he may not have much money but you’d appreciate something small like a card, a rose, or even some candy every once in awhile. It’s always the little things that count.  Which brings me to my next point if you’re the one with lower finances there are some things you can do to make your partner not feel used. 1. Don’t suggest activities and then expect him to pay. 2. Do little things. He knew coming in that you didn’t have much money. Its not your money he wants he just wants to feel appreciated and to know you don’t feel entitled to his money because of your youth.

3.Embrace your differences

A personal story: in some ways my partner and I couldn’t be more different. He’s into Ms. Universe and other ‘gay’ things while I like Adult Swim and Star Trek. My partner will never enjoy and episode of Futurama nor will I ever enjoy watching a Ms. Universe pageant. We embrace those differences as should you.  Understand that maybe as an mature man you’ve been at this game of life longer (hence the term mature). That doesn’t, however, entitle you to look down on him and treat him like a child. He wants a partner not a father. Conversely don’t interpret advice as him trying to be your dad rather you should interpret it as him trying to prevent you from making the same mistakes he did. Embrace that he may make silly decisions. Embrace that sometimes he may be overbearing with advice.

4.Accept the bitter with the sweet

Yes you’re going to get strange looks sometimes. Yes there will be some friends telling you you can do better or that since you’re the one always paying the tab he should be a de facto servant. These are the things that come up in an intergenational relationship. On the other hand you’ll get a mature man who is secure and has your back when something happens. You’ll get a man that understands a relationship is more than sex. Most importantly you’ll get a man that is actually serious about wanting a relationship in the first place!

Relationships take effort. Inter generational relationships take more even effort. If you’re in it for more than just a young piece of ass or a sugar daddy realize that you both will need to put a lot of effort to make it work. Once you do that your relationship will be a beautiful thing.

Traveling Around the World Made Me a Gay Conservative


Me in Thailand in 2016

In San Cristobal in 2014

I’ve been to 4 different continents and lived long term in three different countries. Therefore its safe to say I’ve been around and I’ve seen first person the effects of socialist vs pro-growth policies. Most people have this myth that people that travel must be liberals since only liberals care enough to know the world around them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many American expats in Mexico and the Philippines identify as conservatives. In fact many Americans say that they decided to settle down in the Philippines because they still have conservative values.  This is my experience in traveling around the world and how it made me more conservative.

Case Study 1: Latin America

Teachers Protest in Mexico City
Marcha de los maestros

In Latin America socialism and other leftest ideas are firmly in vogue and you see the consequences. Lack of foreign investment, persistent poverty, and victim mentality. “Intellectuals’ of Latin America just love to blame the United States for all of their problems. They never take responsibility for their own actions. I lived in Ixtepec Mexico next to Jutchitan. Teachers going on strike is the norm there. They protest even basic common sense reforms like teachers not being allowed to sell their credentials to their children. Every other day someone’s blocking the main artery in and out of town demanding higher wages and just more of other peoples money. They just love to protest down there.  I was told by a local that the government managed to get Coca Cola to open a plant down there but the socialist activists wouldn’t stop protesting and blocking the road to the plant so coke said screw it and closed the plant firing 500 workers in the process. Here’s another story of leftest protesters attacking a Coca Cola plant despite the fact that they employ thousands of Mexicans. Chile was once one of the most prosperous nations in Latin America as they embraced free market pro-growth policies. Now they too have been lured into the false promises of all gain with no pain.


Case Study 2: Asia

Cambodian women working in the rice field

Contrast that with Asia. There is no widespread expectation of other peoples’ money here. The Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving here. These are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. You get University of the Philippines and other ‘big 3’ liberals protesting but they’re largely ignored or dealt with.Libtards Dealt With in the Phils

In fact a few years ago some UP students tried to protest the arrival of the American military in Subic bay. The locals rushed out and told them they would kill them if they didn’t turn around. What’s the result? Asia is thriving. You don’t see a victim mentality. The US dropped more bombs on Vietnam than nearly any other nation on Earth but you don’t see the Vietnamese using that as an excuse not to work hard. South Asia is not the world’s fast growing economic region According to the World Bank due to its embracing of pro-growth polices. I love living here.


You don’t even see a lot of anti-Americanism there unlike Latin America. The ‘asian tiger’ economies continue to grow and prosper while Latin America, particularly Brazil and Venezuela continue to flounder. Socialism and leftest policies fail because eventually you always run out of other peoples’ money. This cemented that just because I am attracted to men that doesn’t mean I have to embrace leftest loon ideas.

Why a Gay Black Man Voted for Trump

President Donald Trump waves to supporters on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

I am an openly gay black male so I’m a very unlikely voter for Trump. Honestly it was one of the hardest voting decisions I’ve made in my entire life. It really came down the last second. The presidential race was first on the ballot. I skipped it. I had declared my support for Trump before on Quora Cameron Williams’ answer to Are there any black, Hispanic, Asian, and East Indian supporters of Donald Trump? And if so, why? but his remarks on women, his ‘locker room talk’ really disturbed me plus his refusal to release his tax returns. Once I finished voting for all the other offices and candidates I went back to the first question of who I wanted to vote for president. I was going to reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton but I just couldn’t. Aside from reasons I already stated in my previous answers Trump was the right choice for me because:

The unfair treatment of men in our overtly politically correct pop culture is angersome to me. An example if a man brings a foreign women over here and he abuses her she can leave him and the government will let her stay in the United States. However, if a foreign woman divorces her American husband as soon as her 10 yr green card comes in the mail then that’s his problem. The government’s attitude is he should’ve known her better before marrying her. Nevermind that maybe the woman should’ve gotten to know her husband better to make sure he wasn’t an abuser before she married him also. We literally live in a society where it’s okay for a bunch of cackling women to laugh about a wife mutilating her husband because he asked her for a divorce on national television.

Yet if Donald Trump talks about ‘pussy’ he’s blasted as a monster. I didn’t like the locker room talk but lets be honest. Women talk shit about men too. I’m around women all the time and I hear things like ‘oh he had a small penis’ ‘he didn’t hit it right’ or ‘he doesn’t have a butt’ and that’s perfectly fine. If you go to youtube there’s a ton of videos of women declaring that ‘size matters!’ and that’s fine. But if man says breast size matters to him he’s declared a male chauvinist pig. Then there’s the 79 cents of the dollar claim that feminists love to tout. But yet no feminist has been able to answer me if companies were really able to pay women less than men for the same work then why don’t the money grubbing profit driven corporations only hire women? I felt that Trump was a statement against that.

2. Illegal immigration. I have been to many different countries and spent a significant amount of time in two in particular. Each time I was contributing to their economies by working or spending money there. Yet I still went through their expensive and arduous immigration procedures. If I had questioned them I would’ve been considered an ‘arrogant American’. How dare these people come in here illegally and then demand rights and money from the government. The United States is the most generous country to illegal immigrants that I have seen on Earth but its still not enough for them. It’s not even PC now to say illegal immigrant. We can’t acknowledge that they broke the law. We have to call it ‘undocumented’. I’m sick of the democratic party pandering to these people and their descendants. They get free health care in some scenarios while our veterans who put their lives on the line for our nation are literally dying waiting for treatment. There are millions of people that endure our immigration system and come here legally every year. So should they. #buildthewall

3. Inner cities; the inner cities have been controlled by democrats for decades and yet black poverty has worsened. The young black male unemployment rate in NYC is near 45%. Black income declined under Obama. Black unemployment in Blue states such as CA and NY is more than double that of white employment. State unemployment rates by race and ethnicity at the start of 2016 show a plodding recovery, with some states continuing to lag behind . The liberal solution to every problem is to throw other peoples’ money at it. How about letting people work to solve their own problems? I used to work for a government funded after school tutoring agency. This agency provided high quality in home tutoring for struggling low income students free of charge to the families. But very expensive to the tax payer of course. There were times when I’d show up at the family’s home and they weren’t even there. Parents wouldn’t return calls to set up an initial appointment. All this despite the fact that their child couldn’t read or do basic math. I showed up at one home to tutor a 12 y/o Hispanic boy that had only a 3rd grade reading level and waited 45 minutes for the family to show up. I was only required to wait 15 by the way. Finally they decided to show up. They told me ‘oh sorry we were at the park’. Government can’t solve every problem and the tax payers can’t make good parents. Ironically the families that were actually paying for my services out of their own pockets ALWAYS showed up. They didn’t miss one appointment because they knew the policy was if they didn’t cancel in 24 hours they still had to pay. When you just give people things they don’t value them. Everyone seems to understand that except for democratic politicians.

4. The arrogance of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment itself.

You know only in politics can you do a bad job at something and then expect a promotion and a raise. Clinton was one of the worst Secretaries of State we have ever had and I really mean that. During her tenure a US ambassador was killed in the line of duty. The first time in almost half a century that has happened. The FBI classified her handling of sensitive government information as ‘grossly negligent’ and that she ‘created a culture of carelessness’ in the state department. It’s well known she was one of the biggest war mongers in the entire cabinet of president Obama. People who tried to convince me to vote for Hillary kept citing her experience but I always retorted: What experience? Experience in failure?