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Is President Trump Really a Racist?

“The President is a Racist!” Those are the words exclaimed by CNN anchors Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper on prime time television. For the first time in history a major news network referred to a sitting president of the United States as a racist. When

What Omarosa Has to Say May not Shock You!

Recently fired white house employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman has done what she promised and is dishing the dirt on the Trump white house. Most recently in celebrity big brother she indicated that ‘everything’s not gonna be okay’. In other interviews she has said she would ‘never’ vote

Read This Before Ordering From Chicago Steak Company!

Full disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship Chicago Steak Company. Thanks to this relationship I am able to offer you special coupons & discounts like this one not available to the general public.  That being said I care deeply about my reputation I wouldn’t recommend

Chicago Steak Company Coupons

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Explore The Benefits of Eating Beef!

The benefits of beef The liberal media continues to assault American beef by running misleading (and sometimes false) stories of how beef is for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beef is beneficial? Don’t believe me?  I’m going to tell you the numerous

Cattle Ranchers Have No Beef with Trump

“Beef its what’s for dinner” We’ve all heard that slogan. It’s the beef industries main marketing message and President Trump apparently was listening he’s the former owner of Trump Steaks after all. As we all know President Trump has eliminated or stopped from coming into