Morals Matter: Milwaukee Has Largest HIV Outbreak in US History

Morals Matter: Milwaukee Has Largest HIV Outbreak in US History

Milwaukee is currently experiencing one of the largest HIV & syphilis outbreaks in US history according to the Journal Sentinal .

At least 125 people have contracted syphilis, HIV or both. Some of the new infections occurred in high school students and babies were born infected with syphilis last year.

“This is an epidemic people are not talking about enough, and it leads to people taking unnecessary risks,” said Melissa Ugland, a public health consultant who works with a number of local nonprofit organizations that focus on public health.

Thanks to the declining morals in our society and medical breakthroughs in HIV prevention and treatments such as Prep more and more people are taking a lackadaisical attitude towards safe sex and sex in general.

There was a time when teenagers having sex was frowned upon. Now its considered ‘normal’. Female promiscuity is also championed by many feminists.

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As a result we’ve seen a surge in sexual transmitted disease outbreaks and single motherhood.  Since the sexual revolution in the 1960’s the number of children living with a never married mother has been skyrocketing and hasn’t shown any signs of declining to pre -1960’s levels anytime soon.

Here is another chart demonstrating the skyrocketing growth of Chlamydia among American young people

The gay community also has its share to blame. Its well known that gay men tend to be more promiscuous than heterosexuals and the data back that up.

According to a study based on a sampling of teenagers in Massachusetts, sexual minority youth—that is, those who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual or had any same-sex sexual contact in their lifetimes—were significantly more likely than other students to report lifetime sexual intercourse (72% vs. 44%). The same study found that sexual minority youth were more likely to report sexual intercourse before age 13 (18% vs. 4%), sexual intercourse with four or more partners in their lifetimes (32% vs. 11%), and recent sexual intercourse (55% vs. 33%). Among students in the Massachusetts study who ever had sexual intercourse in their lifetimes, sexual minority youth were significantly more likely than other students to report “having been or gotten someone pregnant (15% vs. 4%) and having been diagnosed with HIV or another STI (10% vs. 5%).”


That being said abstinent only education equally hasn’t shown to be effective. While the intentions were good it was too little too late to combat the problem.

The real solution is the restoration of the family and family values as a whole.  Here are some stats that you don’t hear in the mainstream media:

According to another study religious adolescents lose their virginity three years later than the average American. On average, those with strong religious backgrounds become sexually active at age 21.

Kids with fathers in their lives are less likely to engage in sexual risky behavior.

Youth who engaged more regularly in activities with their families and had fathers who were more knowledgeable about their friends and activities thereafter reported lower average levels of sexual risk behaviors in comparison to their peers with less engaged parents,”

-Live Science

Getting personal

Growing up in Northern California I used to believe that those that taught morals were just uninformed, gun touting, racist hicks that were just angry because everyone else was getting smarter than they were.

Having gone through living a promiscuous lifestyle I know first hand the damage that it can do not just to the body but to the mind.

I’ve been diagnosed with Chlamydia twice now and not until I made a decision to ‘get right’ with my life have I considered myself to be a happy person.

Maybe you are at a point where you’re questioning the wisdom of sexual liberation. If so I would encourage you to please read this article on why sexual ‘liberation’ is not a good thing and no there’s no gay bashing involved.

A great book I recommend is Libido Dominadi it explains how sexual promiscuity helped bring down the Roman Empire and parallels it to modern day society.

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