Why Latin America is Poor

Why Latin America is Poor

The reason why Latin America is poor is largely cultural. Oh no!! Racist alert! Kick him off the internet!!

Hear me out please!

Certain cultures are more apt to embrace liberal/leftist ideas and mindsets than others. This is article will make the case for why Latin American poverty is mostly due to culture:

Exhibit A Venezuela vs. Chile:

Venezuela was once the richest nation in Latin America. With vast oil reserves they enjoyed great wealth and prosperity they were the envy of their neighbors. Venezuela was Latin America’s richest country and now it is in complete crisis — here’s how it fell apart Thanks to Hugo Chavez I think we all know that’s no longer the case

Chile by contrast was one of the poorest nations of Latin America they had mining but socialist governments prevented economic freedom from bringing overall prosperity.

Then something changed.

Chile brought in Augsto Pinochet. He was a staunch capitalist who ushered in economic freedom. He allowed people and companies to compete causing prices to go down while economic output went up. Chile then became the unquestioned economic leader in Latin America despite having a small population and being geographically isolated. Read about the Chilean economic miracle. Pinochet tried his best to keep the leftist culture at bay but eventually the leftists won and forced him out. The country still embraced economic freedom until Michelle Bachlet came into power. Michelle Bachlet Good for Gays Bad for Chile – She ushered in economic ‘reforms’ like socialized universities and more ridiculous government handouts. These combined with a decline in the price of copper (Chile’s main export) have dramatically hurt the country.

Exhibit B Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Vietnam has had more bombs dropped on it than any nation on Earth. To put it more plainly the US bombed the shit out of them. We did it to try to stop communism. Thanks to American leftists we were forced to withdraw suffering one of the most humiliating military defeats in our history. Ironically though communism didn’t last that long. Vietnam ended up embracing economic freedom . They are now one of the fastest growing nations (economically speaking) on Earth. Vietnam’s Economic Growth Surges to Above 7% as Exports Climb. Singapore & Hong Kong were also poor nations. Singapore was once just a random island in the middle of nowhere and Hong Kong was just a rock.

Why the culture difference? You see the Asian culture tends to value allegiance to authority, education, and hard work more than other cultures. We can take a look at something I enjoy; male sex symbols:


This is a Latin sex symbol. Notice the long hair, the tattoos, the rebellious look on his face. This guy screams “I follow no one’s rules!” and “I don’t have a job!”. Why Latin America is poor could be lately attributed to this guy.


Contrast that to what makes = women in Asia moist. You see the short & well groomed hair, professional attire, non-threatening smile, the light skin indicating he doesn’t spend much time outside rather he’s inside working.





These two images demonstrate the difference in culture. When you have a culture that embraces rebellion and being rebellious and ‘tough’ is what can get a guy laid that’s what many men will do.

Latin America has a protest always question authority culture. They protest over the smallest even most common sense reforms. For example in Mexico Pina Nieto passed a series of basic reforms for example that teachers could no longer sell their credentials to their children and the teacher’s union protested even that! I’m not kidding! There is a sense of entitlement in the mindsets of a lot of people (but not all) in Latin America.

Now for some anecdotes

I’ve been an expat in Latin America & in Asia. There are simply different mindsets. Let’s contrast Mexican gold diggers with Filipino ones. In Mexico I would have guys just message me on facebook out of the blue and ask:

“necesito dinero me puedes dar?” “I need money can you give it to me?”. I would ask in exchange for what? They would unashamedly say “pues quiero dinero a cambio de nada” “I want money money in exchange for nothing”.

I think they knew it was unlikely I would acquiesce but to even have the balls to ask for money like that is abhorrent in my view. Now Filipino gold diggers will say “Oh I love you lots I cook for you clean for you blah blah” even though in reality that may not happen at least they had the decency to offer something in return.

Now of course all cultures have beggars that want something for nothing but again I’ve never experienced people directly saying they wanted money in exchange for nothing until I lived in Latin America. That fits right into the paradigm of socialism. “You have more than I do so I’m entitled to some of what you have even if I didn’t earn it”. Its no wonder you see constant protests and advocacy for taking what others have worked for in order to give it to those that did nothing. So long as the culture of certain areas embraces the ‘I want something for nothing’ mindset they will always be poor and always be protesting.

If you want to know more

If you are truly interested to understand how economic freedom brings prosperity for a nation read this book: Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty eBook: Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo: Kindle Store

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