Shiela Jackson-Lee Confirmed Stereotypes About Blacks

Shiela Jackson-Lee Confirmed Stereotypes About Blacks

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, unfortunately, confirmed stereotypes about African Americans this week. Apparently a white woman was bumped from her first class seat to make room the Black congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee. Yet the congresswoman still cites racism!

So let’s make sure we get this clear? A white woman was bumped so you could get the seat you wanted. The women rightfully complains of her  mistreatment by the airline and you cite racism? Are you serious?!

Congresswoman Jackson-Lee is not new to controversy. She has cited racism before for not getting her way.

According to the Daily Mail:

…Jackson Lee had boarded a Continental flight out of Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National only to find that she had misplaced her purse.

The congresswoman proceeded to get off the flight to look for the bag back in the terminal, meanwhile the plane had left the gate – with the missing purse on board.

According to aviation lobbyists that the Weekly Standard talked to, Jackson Lee demanded she be let back on the plane and didn’t believe it was against Federal Aviation Administration regulation.

‘She accused the gate staff of racism and demanded to see their supervisor, who was a black woman,’ the Weekly Standard wrote. ‘Her purse, meanwhile, was unceremoniously dropped out of the cockpit window and ferried back to her.’

I would say this is actually racism on the part of the congresswoman. It’s racist to think that she is entitled to special treatment not just because of her postion but because of her race! This is also makes a good case on why we need term limits for members of congress!  Therefore I would like to take this time to thank congress woman Jackson-Lee . You confirmed stereotypes that we Blacks are eternally ungrateful & troublemakers.

Lavar Ball also confirmed stereotypes

Does anyone remember Lavar Ball? The ungrateful father who refused to thank the President for getting his son released from a Chinese prison after he was caught shoplifting in China? One would think any parent would be eternally grateful to anyone who gets their child released from prison–especially when he’s guilty!–regardless of his politics. But not Lavar Ball:

The President received the thanks of the players at a news conference later that day, where they also apologized for their behavior. But LaVar Ball days later told ESPN “Who?” when asked about Trump’s role in the release of Ball’s son and the other players. Source CNN

Everyone understands that Ball is just a publicity whore and the President fell into his trap but so what? Mr. Ball just confirmed many stereotypes about Blacks just so he could get some publicity for himself?! Therefore I must thank Lavar Ball as well.

Thanks Mr. Ball and Ms. Jackson-Lee! Your contributions to society help to make life just that much difficult for us hardworking Blacks all over the world. Your attitudes and behavior make the likes of the KKK eternally grateful.

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