Gun Control Legislation’s Racist Roots

Gun Control Legislation’s Racist Roots

Gun control legislation is racist?! WTF?!

When I first saw that on a pro gun youtube video I was shocked. Gun control legislation is a baby of the left. The same left that calls anything that disagrees with it racist. Surely gun control couldn’t be racist.  Surely this is just some pro-gun propaganda…

I did some googling and it turns out gun control does indeed have a racist roots!

Gun control’s racist roots

The Virginia colony prohibited slaves from owning guns.

After being emancipated as a result of the Civil War the southern states passed laws known as the “Black Codes”. These laws were among other things were meant to disarm Blacks to enforce white supremacy.

In 1967 after the Black Panther party ‘invaded’ California’s capital building in Sacramento then governor Reagan signed the Mulford Act which prohibited carrying firearms in public places

In 1968 Richard Nixon signed the Gun Control Act of 1968 which prohibited so-called ‘Saturday Night Specials’. These where cheap low grade hand guns mostly utilized in minority communities at the time.

Both of these 1960’s laws were given the nod by the National Riffle Association if that was due to bigotry in the organization at the time is unknown.

However, since then the NRA has changed it tune, vehemently opposing virtually all attempts to limit gun ownership in the United States.

After Philando Castille was shot by a police officer the NRA released the following statement:

“[The NRA] proudly supports the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms for defense of themselves and others regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation”.

-National Riffle Association

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Black gun ownership is on the rise

Gun ownership amongst Blacks is on the rise and for a very good reason. The majority of murders in America occur in predominantly African American neighborhoods.

As already discussed in my Defense of the Second Amendment article the police cannot and should not be counted on to protect individuals.

Current racism in gun control

There are numerous studies that demonstrate that overall many Americans fear Blacks. Notice I said Americans not just white Americans.  In some ways the fear may be justified. Sadly, 52.5% of all murders in America are committed by Blacks. However, those murders were largely drug related and the victims were other Blacks.

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If anything Blacks are more so justified to fear other Blacks than whites are to fear Blacks.

We must ask ourselves though. Since there is an overall fear of Blacks could the left’s vehement push to take away our freedom to own a firearm be rooted in the same fear and racism that it was in this country’s past?

They will of course deny this as they want the laws applied to all citizens not just Blacks. Lets say, God forbid, they do managed to get confiscation through. Which neighborhoods do you think would receive of the strongest enforcement of the new laws?

Relatively low crime wealthy largely white neighborhoods or high crime impoverished Black neighborhoods?

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