Man Forced for Apologize for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

Man Forced for Apologize for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

Trigger warning! Truth

Many of us thought with the win of Donald Trump that politically correct police might have actually learned something. No so. If anything the pc police have begun pushing harder than ever.

Case in point race car driver Lewis Hamilton was forced to make a ‘heart felt’ apology for the horrid misdeed of telling his nephew that ‘boys don’t wear dresses’.  His culturally accurate words apparently sparked a firestorm on left leaning twitter.

One apparent liberal called Hamilton’s reaction ‘toxic’.

Hamilton quickly caved to the liberals issuing a ‘heart felt’ apology stating:

…I hope I can be forgiven for this lapse in judgment

Sickening. A man can’t even tell his nephew how to act anymore without the PC police bashing him.

It’s about power for the PC police

One of the reasons I voted for Trump was I was tired of sweeping social issues under the rug and not talking about them. People still hold negative opinions on Blacks despite other groups being silenced from expressing them. Gays & Latinos are still poor despite all the pro illegal immigrant and pro gay legislation being passed.

The pc thugs will say they just want to protect the feelings of the marginalized but that’s just a thin cloak meant to veil their true intentions which are to control and gain power for their political positions.

You can’t say that! 

What that really means is:

you can’t have a different opinion than me or at least not one that’s too far away from mine. 

That is antithetical to our culture and constitution. America was built on people feeling free to express their opinions. It’s no accident that the founders made freedom of speech the first amendment to the constitution. They understood the importance of being able to speak out against the established norms.

What the left wants for for America





Conservatives have been saying this for years but we get branded as ‘bigots’ or ‘racist’ and told we are exaggerating. Here’s the proof. I introduce to you Geert Wilders. A pro freedom politician in the Netherlands.  He was charged (yes charged as in legally charged) with ‘hate speech’ in a court of law. We all know socially Europe is deep within the clutches of the socialist left and they have made so-called ‘hate speech’ a criminal offense.

Think that can never happen here? Look at California. This year legislation was introduced to make a crime to use the wrong gender pronoun

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It’s not just that the legislation was introduced it’s that it was actually taken seriously that was the most disturbing part. If such a draconian law had passed we can hope it would’ve been struck down but still it shows how far the pc police are willing to go to achieve their goals of total control.

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