In Defense of Our 2nd Amendment

In Defense of Our 2nd Amendment

On Wednesday September 14th one of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place in Parkland Florida.  A deranged very troubled teenager bought an AR-15 rifle and use it to kill some of his classmates and teachers.

The left had no shame in nor has wasted any time turning this tragedy into a talking point for their anti freedom agenda.

They’ve even gone so far as to champion a blatantly disrespectful teenager that made one of the most disrespectful tweets towards a sitting president I’ve ever seen.

In response to the president offering his condolences to her and her fellow victims. Ms. Sarah Chadwick tweeted:

The tweet was made viral by Hollywood elitist Olaf from Frozen aka Josh Gadd. There is no depth too deep for liberal elites that wish to push their propagandist message and lifestyle on all of us.

What the liberals want

It is propaganda in fact. Anytime you turn on CNN or any other liberal machine you’ll hear phrases like

“we’re only asking for sensible gun control”

“What’s wrong with protecting our children with sensible gun laws?”

What they never tell you is what exactly constitutes ‘sensible gun laws’? Are they referring to the assault rifle ban?  According to the neutral fact checking website the assault rifle ban had ‘mixed’ results at best.

We all know that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in nation and yet still has one of the highest murder rates as does Washington DC.

Of course the liberals will say that’s because people bring in guns from other states that respect the second amendment like Indiana but that’s a point against gun control not for it.

Remember Al Capone folks…

Let’s imagine for a moment that they manage to get the second amendment repealed (which is what they really want).  Okay; so the second amendment is gone and all guns are illegal in America. Only the cops (which they ironically seem to hate) will be allowed to have guns.

It wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop violent crime!


Because it will have the same effect as banning alcohol and drugs did. It will create a huge black market for firearms.  Most people don’t know that murder actually went up during prohibition because alcohol prohibition created a big network of organized crime.

Think Al Capone folks!

You think the drug cartels wanted marijuana to be legal?


It severely cut into their profits which was actually one of the talking points of the leftists that wanted to legalize pot.

Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that the same people that want to give drugs to our kids want to ban our right to protect them?

Even the liberal Washington Post had to admit that there was ‘zero correlation between state homicide rate and state gun laws’.

California vs Texas

Everyone knows I love to do California vs Texas comparisons.  So here it goes . In addition to having cleaner air, a much lower poverty rate, Texas also has a slightly gun death rate than California.

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People not guns


As you can see the problem isn’t the guns its a tiny fraction of people that own guns. We must deal with those people and not punish everyone else by taking away their freedom.

What’s next?

Knife control?

Baseball bat control?

Or maybe even pillow control?

Oh I’ve got it! Hand control!

All those things are known to have been used as a weapon by people wishing to commit a crime. At what point does it stop?

You have no right to police protection!

A really sad SCOTUS Case: Warren vs District of Columbia

The skinny of it is that two men broke into the home of two women in Washington DC . They called the cops and the dispatcher assured them that help was on the way.

The help never came and the women ended up being robbed, beaten, and rapped by the intruders. They of course sued the DC police department.

The supreme court ruled that the police were harmless as there is no legal right to police protection by individuals. In other words the supreme court has said ‘you’re on your own’!

Frankly every single women should have a concealed carry permit. Every man too for that matter.

Hold your representatives accountable!

Just as we did in 1776 if we want our freedom we must fight for it. You can help in the fight by holding your elected representatives accountable!

Primary season is coming up in less than a month in some states. If you are fortunate enough to be represented by a republican make sure he or sure understands that if they vote for *any* sort of so-called ‘gun control’ legislation that there will be consequences come voting time!

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father of the United States of America


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