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Vietnam Outflanks America in Test Scores

Third world students in Vietnam are now outperforming American students with a fraction of the funds. The numbers The OCED ranks countries by student test scores every year. In 2015 Vietnam scored 17th in math, 8th in science, 19th in reading which is higher than

Fight for Marriage Equality in Australia May End Soon

The Fight for Our Rights in Australia Continues The Australia Government will issue a survey  to citizens asking if they wish for parliament to debate the issue of marriage equality. If a plurality approves the debate will continue. Polls show large support for the issue.

Islamic Group Uses Children As Bombs

Boko Haram Used 83 Children as Bombs This Year Boko Haram (education is forbidden) has used 83 children as bombs so far this year. This according to the United Nations Children’s Fund.  “Eighty-three children have been used as “human bombs” since the start of 2017.