The Rainbow Right RIPS Into Queen Rippon!

Today I want to talk about Adam Rrrippon (sounds like a damn sandwich spread)

For those of you who live under a rock or just smart enough not to pay much attention to the lame stream media. Adam Rippon is an openly gay ice skater and the first to represent the US in the Olympics that made quite a name for himself not for being the first openly gay US Olympic athlete, no that wasn’t good enough for her. 

She got herself into the spotlight by ripping into our president and vice president and refusing to meet with the Vice President.

“Mike Pence doesn’t stand for anything that I really believe in.”

Well who the fuck cares what you believe Miss Rrrippon?! You are a US Olympic athlete!

You represent our country including its leaders regardless of how you feel personally! I’m sure some of those donors that fund your little prancing around on frozen water are republicans who voted for President Trump!

What Miss Rrrrippon was referring to was the fact that Vice President Pence championed religious freedom legislation. Because you know religious freedom is a constitutional right in this America despite what liberal elites and the lame stream media want to believe.

People should have the right to practice their non-violent religion regardless of whether or not Miss Adam Rippon or any of the social and political elites agree.

Liberals hate Christianity but love Islam :S

It never ceases to amaze me how leftists and liberals love to mock and attack Christians but defend Islam that wants to kill them.

Doesn’t the left realize that ISIS wants people like queen Adam Rippon dead more than anything?

Man being thrown off a building for suspected homosexual conduct

And don’t give me that bullshit nonsense line that ‘oh its just the extremists’ either.

According to the Communist News Network aka CNN More than half of British Muslims (52%) think homosexuality should not be legal, and nearly half (47%) think it is not appropriate for gay people to teach in schools….”

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Okay Miss Rippon if you think our Vice President is so bad then why don’t you take your gay ass to Saudi Arabia and see if they’ll let you skate on their behalf.

Or lets see how you fair under an ISIS regime

Miss Rippon is ‘glamazon bitch’! LMAO!

Well you were at least half right miss Rippon.

You screwed up at the end of your routine and scored a bronze metal.


What Omarosa Has to Say May not Shock You!

Recently fired white house employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman has done what she promised and is dishing the dirt on the Trump white house.

Most recently in celebrity big brother she indicated that ‘everything’s not gonna be okay’.

In other interviews she has said she would ‘never’ vote for Trump again.

Girl bye!

According to time, Omarosa Manigault-Newman was earning a salary of $179,700 per year. That’s the same as Steve Bannon and Sean Spricer!  What did the taxpayers get for all that money they were paying her?

Not much apparently…

The jury is still out on that one. From what I can tell her duties consisted of dressing nice and being some chocolate spice in the white house!

And spicy she was…

There are numerous reports that Omarosa is exceedingly difficult to work with and has a terrible attitude to boot. Multiple media sources say the white house chief of staff John Kelly has wanted her gone for months (probably since he became chief of staff).

Omerosa you had me fooled…

When Omerosa first came out as a conservative and announced that she was going to stump for Trump I and many other Black conservatives were so happy!

We always knew she was a show boater but we truly believed that she stood for our values.

I truly believed that she understood that with every minimum wage hike that Black unemployment increases by a proportional amount.

We truly believed that she understood that under liberal leadership the Black incarceration has skyrocketed.

Many of us thought that she understood that liberal supported abortion clinics kill more Black humans than the Atlantic slave trade ever did! 

We believed that she understood that democrats give us Obama phones while republicans give us jobs!

And most of all we thought you understood that the asinine race baiting only served to make people not want to be around us which hurts us, not helps us!

But apparently I was wrong. We were wrong. Now you go on this bullshit apology tour to try to help the other side because you’re a conniving self serving ‘w’itch?!

The race card

Is there any other card these days? Well the woman card I guess.

Seriously, the way it’s going in our society why even bother to have strategy counting your cards and trying to evaluate the hand of your opponent since when things don’t go well you can just play the race card?

Omarosa started to play the race card. She has already pointed out she was one of a few African Americans in the white house. Watch Don Lemon silence political commentator Scott Jennings with the race card for rightfully pointing out what we all know.

That Omarosa is a self interested sell out trying to make a quick buck. 

Go to 4:53


My message to Omarosa

This is my message to you, Omarosa:

Omarosa, darling.

You had a $180,000 per year job in which you had to do nothing. Okay, well you did have to do something. You just had to check your ‘tude ‘ , sit back, and cash the checks.

And you couldn’t even do that?!

Bitch what’s wrong with you?!

Now, of course, you’re just going to dish dirt and they may listen to you for awhile but once they get tired of listening and the people behind the scenes get tired of your attitude you’ll be the next ‘has been’.

Let us not forget your black ass has been fired three times from the apprentice and a forth from the white house.

My advice to you girl is to .

  1. Save your money!!
  2. Start your own business!
  3. Specifically start your own businesswhere you have to deal with as few people as possible because otherwise you won’t survive.

That’s it.

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That’s Racist! Taking on Gay Asian SJWs

That’s racist! Some Asians Cry Because White Guys Won’t Date Them!

Recently I read an article on queerty where the LGBT Asian community is speaking out against ‘racism’ in the gay community against them. Apparently not being attracted to someone(s) is racist nowadays. Does that also mean gay men are sexist because they’re not attracted to women?

But I’m digressing…
In the article they had a clip of another social justice clip where a white guy tells an Asian (an Indian I believe) that he doesn’t normally date Asians. At the end the Asian is telling the white guy to ‘get woke’ and the white guy has some doofus response that he’s already awake since he’s on adderall.

Of course we all know the idea is that the white guy is just sooo evil because he has a preference and how dare he have a preference because if you have a preference ‘THAT’S RACIST!’

Anti-blackness in the Asian community

I take particular issue with this since the Asian community has a very long string of anti-blackness in its own community.  Every Black person in America has heard the horror stories of how some Asian business owners would open shops in Black neighborhoods and mistreat their black customers.

Here is a famous clip of an Asian hair store owner choking a black customer, after punching and kicking her, whom he suspects of shop lifting.

Please don’t embarrass yourself by saying this was an isolated incident either.

Image from ABC7

A year before that 15 year old Latasha Harlins was shot and killed by an Asian store owner, Soon Ja Du, who suspected her of shoplifting.  The jury recommended the maximum sentence for Du. However, the trial judge, Joyce Karlin, didn’t accept the jury’s sentencing recommendation and instead sentenced Du to five years of probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine.

We blacks have a phrase that fits perfectly: Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine.

How many Asians date blacks?

How many Asians that complain that white guys don’t want them have dated Blacks? Anyone that has had any exposure to Asian cultures knows a common theme throughout the Asian diaspora is that ‘white is right’.  Many Asians see dark skin as dirty and less than.

I live in Asia and I have experienced it when dating. I get poor guys with no real prospects but a lot of Asians consider me and other blacks as beneath them.

People have a right to their preferences

Spotty RC from Nomi Tang won the 2016 outstanding product for men
Social justice warriors who say that have racial preferences is racist actually put their own feet in their mouths by saying a preference against Asians is racist.

In fact as a group Asians are doing better than whites in America and whites globally!

The median annual household income of households headed by Asian Americans is $73,060, compared with $53,600 among all U.S. households

Pew Research Center

This article on CNN the economic prowess of Asians globally

Step aside, American millionaires.

Your Asian counterparts are now wealthier than you are.

Asian millionaires now control more wealth than their peers in North America, Europe and other regions, according to a new World Wealth Report from Capgemini, a consulting group.


If anything this shows how hard work achieves success regardless of race! If whites are so racist they’ve done a terrible job of keeping the Asian community down.

The real reason why whites aren’t attracted to Asians
Onyx2. The Perfect Interactive Pleasure Product for penis- owners.

I, of course, am not white so this is just my opinion but I will back it up with research.  Most gay men (of any race) are attracted to masculinity and people that look like themselves.

A study released in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal had a shocking conclusion that gay men of all races are most attracted to masculinized faces. The study also states that gay men’s attraction to masculinized faces is even stronger than that of straight women.

Now what is a masculinized face? A masculine face is one with a strong jaw, high cheekbones, broad/wide forehead combined with more subtle feminine features such as a small/sharp nose, fuller lips, short chin, wide eyes and narrow face and facial hair.

In a survey reported by PinkNews it was revealed that gay men had a stronger preference for men with facial hair.

Lets contrast that with the average Asian physical characteristics:

 [Asians] also tend to have less body hair, less facial hair, flatter faces, smaller noses, wider cheekbones, and “shovel-shaped” incisor teeth (slightly scooped out shape of back side of the front teeth).

Facts and 

As you can see the Asian face is in many ways the polar opposite of what most guys find attractive. Notice I said most guys including Asian guys!

Asians share the same sentiments as whites

Most oriental guys in America aren’t attracted to other Asians either.  Both Asian women and gay Asian men have strong negative preferences towards their own race. Here’s an answer from an Asian American on the Q&A site Quora:

Broadly speaking, from my experience, within the gay Asian male community, men will fall into three major camps when it comes to dating: 1) “Will only date white men” 2) “Will only date (East) Asian men” and 3) Open to dating other races. The first is the largest, the second following somewhat close behind, and the third being the smallest by a huge margin. Surely, I’m not the only one disturbed by how frequently gay men filter their romantic interests by race and mostly race only. This behavior manifests itself in online dating sites, gay apps, etc, in the form of two words: “No Asians.” (Similar things happen with black guys, by the way.) Some guys even justify their ads by saying that it’s just a “preference” – never mind the fact that they just publicly named an entire race as undesirable. And let’s not even get into how damaging it is to the self-esteem of those who see these two words. I sometimes believe internalizing these issues frequently result in self-loathing, with resulting behaviors that are observed in camp one. That getting the white guy will somehow increase their status within the gay community, so it becomes a competition in this crowd to get a white guy of their own as a trophy. These are all examples of guys I personally know. Some will be more vocal about it, others may not be as self-aware.

In addition in another study of gay & bisexual men almost all them (including the Asian participants) described sex with Asians as ‘boring’ and ‘mechanical’.

Some questions

To those complaining because they’re not as desirable as they’d like  I have some questions.

  1. Do you say yes to  anyone that shows interest or do you accept or reject based on your personal preferences? If so then why shouldn’t they be allowed to do the same?
  2. Do you feel you have a right to be desired? If so what is the basis for having such a ‘right’?
  3. What is your end game? What I mean is do you really want someone to date you just because they’ve been shamed into doing so? What would that relationship look like?

Stop overusing racism!

We all know of the tale of the boy that cried wolf. The constant use of the phrase ‘that’s racist!’ to silence those that we disagree with is congruous with the boy that cried wolf. Eventually instances of true racism will fall on desensitized deaf ears.

The election of our president is in part due to the over usage of the term ‘thats racist’!.   The constant demonization of others, mostly white people, doesn’t help us and only serves to want the targets of demonization not to want us around.

I fear the “metoo” movement will have the same effect on women. It may cause men to subconsciously or even consciously want to avoid hiring or working with women since maybe 10-20 years down the line she may accuse him of sexual misconduct and ruin his career.

Let me conclude with asking the same question I asked at the beginning of my piece. If having a racial sexual preference is indeed racist then is preferring men over women sexist? Is preferring young over older ‘ageist’? If one prefers a partner with a large or even small penis is that ‘penisism’?

Where does it stop?