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Fight for Marriage Equality in Australia May End Soon

The Fight for Our Rights in Australia Continues

The Australia Government will issue a survey  to citizens asking if they wish for parliament to debate the issue of marriage equality. If a plurality approves the debate will continue. Polls show large support for the issue.

MTV Australia will cease regular broadcasting on Thursday to encourage young people to vote for marriage equality.

For 12 hours on Thursday, between 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., the network will run a message on how to enroll to take part in the upcoming nationwide, nonbinding postal survey on the issue. Thursday is the last day to enroll or update one’s details.

Source LGBTQ Nation 

We must continue to fight the good fight for our gay & lesbian brothers and sisters in Australia and elsewhere. Can you guess which continent has the most marriage equality? I’ll give you a hint its not Europe! In the Islamic world gays and routinely persecuted because of who they love.

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