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The New Gay Agenda- Preference Shaming

The new gay agenda- preference shaming Take a look at the popular gay blog Queerty. If you scroll down you’ll see their tagline “No agenda except for the gay one”. If you read their articles you’ll see what the gay agenda means to them. Right

Gay Men Dont be a Victim of Dating Scammers!

As many gay men approach the big 4-0 and are still single they look to the internet for love. The internet is a great place to find love but you must be cautious. Dating scammers are real but easy to detect if you follow this

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How to Make an Older/Younger Relationship Work

  There’s nothing wrong with wanting a younger men!  Sometimes people judge men because they desire to date younger man. There are even websites like Meet Filipinos which are for mature men seeking relationships with younger Filipinos. The reality is many of those gay men judging secretly