Trump Denies Visas to Countries that Won’t Take Back Deportees

U.S. Issues Visa Sanctions Against Recalcitrant Countries

The Trump administration has kept yet another promise. The Trump State department has issued visa sanctions against four nations that repeatedly and routinely refuse take back deportees. The countries are Cambodia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Eritrea.

The Secretary of State has ordered consular officers in Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia to implement visa restrictions effective September 13, 2017,” the department said in a statement provided to The Washington Times. “The Secretary determined the categories of visa applicants subject to these restrictions on a country-by-country basis. WT

  • Cambodia: Only top diplomats and their families will be denied tourist or business visas.
  • Eritrea: All new tourist and business visas will be halted.
  • Guinea: Government officials and family members will be denied business, tourist, and student and exchange program visas.
  • Sierra Leone: Diplomats and immigration officials will be denied business and tourist visas.

There was no mention on whether current visas will be rescinded. The move may be largely symbolic since it’s within reason to suspect those top diplomats and other elites already had visas to the United States. It does, however, send a clear message that a new chief is in town and these nations need to begin taking back their deportees just as the US does.

The administration was going to add Iraq to the list but Iraq acquiesced in exchange for not being included in the travel ban

Patriot Survival Kit

Promise Kept

During the 2016 presidential campaign then candidate Trump promised to crack down on countries that are recalcitrant in taking back their deportees. He lambasted previous administrations for not doing more to resolve this issue. Previous administrations responded to the problem by sending threatening letters to the recalcitrant nations. Americans have suffered at the hands of foreign criminals. In 2014  Thong Vang,was released from prison  after being convicted of rape. His country of origin, Laos repeatedly declined to repatriate him. He returned to prison in 2016 and shot two guards.

Thousands of foreign criminals remain in the US

According to the same Washington Times Article:

35,000 Criminal Cubans await deportation

1,900 Criminal Chinese citizens await deportation


Wouldn’t this be easier to read on a laptop or a tablet?



Liberals Attack Peaceful Trump Supporters-Democratic Politicians Largely Silent

Berkeley California, USA

Masked antifa terrorists attack peaceful pro-trump demonstrators in Berkeley California. The liberals who vastly outnumbered the brave Trump supporters surrounded them beat them, pepper sprayed them, and stomped on them because they disagreed with them.

There have been reports that the Berkeley police allowed the antifa terrorist group to commence their brutal attack. According to Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer stated that he was hit with polls. According to fox news he was hit with bags of urine.


Antifa is a terrorist organization

  1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims

Let’s see you have people wearing masks showing up with weapons. Intimidation check!

They violently attack peaceful protesters. Violence check!

Their goal is remove Donald Trump and all conservatives from power. Political aims check!

No condemnation from democratic politicians

So far we have seen zero condemnation from democratic lawmakers. President Trump was widely criticized for rightfully condemning violence on both sides in Charolettesville. Apparently it’s okay to throw balloons filled with urine at people so long as you’re a liberals and your racist if you condemn those people. We have spineless Republicans who turned their backs of the President to appease liberal elites when he rightfully condemned the violence of antifa and white supremacists.  Then we have democratic politicians who refuse to condemn the violence of the left which in fact encourages it. Apparently violence is only wrong when conservatives do it.

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Gay Conservatives Protest Exclusion at Charlotte Gay Pride

Gay Conservatives Fight Back

Gay Conservatives fight back after being excluded from a gay pride event in Charlotte NC. The Gays for Trump Organization and Deplorable Pride are protesting to show that gays are allowed to have different views. The Charlotte Pride committed defended its decision to ban the groups.

We value inclusion and affirmation for all members of our community, including transpeople, undocumented immigrants, and people of color. It doesn’t make sense for us to include an organization whose values don’t mesh with those, Matt Comer

You’re wrong Mr. Comer. Gay pride is about celebration for gays of all political persuasions not just ones you agree with. If not then you need to call it socialist gay pride. I am a gay black male and a proud Trump supporter. I and others like me will not be silenced by you or anyone else just because you don’t agree.  This website is here to show that Trump supporters and conservatives in general are not white neo-nazi racists. This has been a silencing tactic used by the left far too long and far too effectively. It stops now.

Watch the video of the protest here

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I’m a Gay Black Man & I Support Trump

Yes a gay black man supports Trump

The liberal media constantly paints Trump supporters as racist neo-nazis. They say because they support him that conservatives must be of the same creed. Many American communists voted for Hillary Clinton. Does that mean that most of Clinton’s supporters are communists? The liberal media is punishing Trump for even daring to condemn the violence of left wing protesters at Charolottesville.  It’s only wrong when conservatives do it apparently.  Well let me tell you I am an openly gay black man who voted for Trump and would do it again 10x. I am not alone either.

Why  a gay black man voted for Trump

I am an openly gay black male so I’m a very unlikely voter for Trump. Honestly it was one of the hardest voting decisions I’ve made in my entire life. It really came down the last second. The presidential race was first on the ballot. I skipped it. I had declared my support for Trump before on Quora but his remarks on women, his ‘locker room talk’ really disturbed me plus his refusal to release his tax returns. Once I finished voting for all the other offices and candidates I went back to the first question of who I wanted to vote for president. I was going to reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton but I just couldn’t. Aside from reasons I already stated in my previous answers Trump was the right choice for me because

1. It’s only sexist if men do it

The unfair treatment of men in our overtly politically correct pop culture is irksome to me. An example if a man brings a foreign women over here and he abuses her she can leave him and the government will let her stay in the United States. However, if a foreign woman divorces her American husband as soon as her 10 yr green card comes in the mail then that’s his problem. The government’s attitude is he should’ve known her better before marrying her. Never mind that maybe the woman should’ve gotten to know her husband better to make sure he wasn’t an abuser prior to marring him also. We literally live in a society where it’s okay for a bunch of cackling women to laugh about a wife mutilating her husband because he asked her for a divorce on national television.

Yet if Donald Trump talks about ‘pussy’ he’s blasted as a monster. I didn’t like the locker room talk but lets be honest. Women talk shit about men too. I’m around women all the time and I hear things like ‘oh he had a small penis’ ‘he didn’t hit it right’ or ‘he doesn’t have a butt’ and that’s perfectly fine. If you go to youtube there’s a ton of videos of women declaring that ‘size matters!’ and that’s fine. But if man says breast size matters to him he’s declared a male chauvinist pig. Then there’s the 79 cents of the dollar claim that feminists love to tout. Yet no feminist has been able to answer me if companies were really able to pay women less than men for the same work then why don’t the money grubbing profit driven corporations only hire women? I felt that Trump was a statement against that.

2. Illegal immigration

I have been to many different countries and spent a significant amount of time in two in particular. Each time I was contributing to their economies by working or spending money there. Yet I still went through their expensive and arduous immigration procedures. If I had questioned them I would’ve been considered an ‘arrogant American’. How dare these people come in here illegally and then demand rights and money from the government. The United States is the most generous country to illegal immigrants that I have seen on Earth but its still not enough for them. It’s not even PC now to say illegal immigrant. We can’t acknowledge that they broke the law. We have to call it ‘undocumented’. I’m sick of the democratic party pandering to these people and their descendants. They get free health care in some scenarios while our veterans who put their lives on the line for our nation are literally dying waiting for treatment. There are millions of people that endure our immigration system and come here legally every year. So should they. #buildthewall

3. Inner cities

The inner cities have been controlled by democrats for decades and yet black poverty has worsened. The young black male unemployment rate in NYC is near 45%. Black income declined under Obama. [eafl id=”5873″ name=”Walter Williams” text=”Black unemployment”] in Blue states such as CA and NY is more than double that of white employment. Young Black Men Are the First to go With Minimum Wage Hike . The liberal solution to every problem is to throw other peoples’ money at it. How about letting people work to solve their own problems? I used to work for a government funded after school tutoring agency. This agency provided high quality in home tutoring for struggling low income students free of charge to the families. But very expensive to the tax payer of course. There were times when I’d show up at the family’s home and they weren’t even there. Parents wouldn’t return calls to set up an initial appointment. All this despite the fact that their child couldn’t read or do basic math. I showed up at one home to tutor a 12 y/o Hispanic boy that had only a 3rd grade reading level and waited 45 minutes for the family to show up. I only was required to wait 15 by the way. Finally they decided to show up. They told me ‘oh sorry we were at the park’. Government can’t solve every problem and the tax payers can’t make good parents. Ironically the families that were actually paying for my services out of their own pockets ALWAYS showed up. They didn’t miss one appointment because they knew the policy was if they didn’t cancel in 24 hours they still had to pay. When you just give people things they don’t value them. Everyone seems to understand that except for democratic politicians.

4. The arrogance of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment itself

You know only in politics can you do a bad job at something and then expect a promotion and a raise. Clinton was one of the worst Secretaries of State we have ever had and I really mean that. During her tenure a US ambassador was killed in the line of duty. The first time in almost half a century that has happened. The FBI classified her handling of sensitive government information as ‘grossly negligent’ and that she ‘created a culture of carelessness’ in the state department. It’s well known she was one of the biggest war mongers in the entire cabinet of president Obama. People who tried to convince me to vote for Hillary kept citing her experience but I always retorted: What experience? Experience in failure?

Further Reading

Think Outside of the Box 

As you can see these are my reasons for supporting Trump. If you liked this article consider becoming a member of the rainbow right. We are a diverse group of people who support our President despite the liberal media lies.


What Trump Has Done Since in Office

Trump Has Done A Lot in Just 6 Months

The liberal media hype would have you think our President is an ineffective cretin that is just an office as a publicity stunt. It’s not true. The fact is that President Trump has done quiet a bit in his 6 months in office.

Since taking office President Trump has:

  1. Barred discrimination based on sexual orientation by immigrants. 
  2. He’s saved businesses billions in compliance costs by cutting red tape
  3. He’s kept our Supreme Court in conservative hands with the appointment of Judge Gorsuch
  4. Kept our country safer by limiting immigration from known terrorist cesspools
  5. Proposed a new immigration system that’s based on merit instead of who’s vagina the immigrant popped out of
  6. Saved thousands of American jobs from going to Mexico or overseas
  7. Saved our military from being forced to admit unfit transsexuals for political reasons
  8. Didn’t go an apology tour around the world
  9. Illegal Immigration is down more than half under President Trump
  10. Approved the Keystone pipeline which will bring thousands of jobs and prosperity to the US and its neighbor to the north Canada.
  11. Proposed a budget to rebuild our military, cut wasteful spending and ridiculous government entitlement programs
  12. Pulled us out of the job killing Paris Climate Accords that would’ve cost 2.7 million jobs including 440,000 precious manufacturing jobs & put the US at a disadvantage against its Asian rivals.

So the next time the liberal media asks ‘what has Trump done’ you can point them to this list.

President Trump Already Saving Businesses Billions

President Trump Saves Businesses Billions in Regulation Costs

New study has found that President Trump is already saving businesses billions and boosting confidence in the business climate. According to the Washington Times article:

Last month, the White House budget office said the administration had withdrawn or delayed 860 proposed regulations to boost economic growth.

Federal agencies withdrew 469 proposed regulations, including 19 with an economic impact of $100 million or more. Another 391 regulations were delayed for further evaluation.

Shortly after taking office the President issued an executive order directing federal agencies to create a task force on how to cut regulations and that for every new regulation two old regulations needed to be rescinded.  So far a study from the American Action Forum a conservative institution has found Trump’s anti regulation regime has saved businesses about 4 billion dollars. Some studies say the President has actually saved as much as 86 Billion dollars in regulatory costs.

President Trump has said repeatedly that cutting regulations is a cornerstone of his administration.  For more on what the achievements of this president click here.


Trump Signs Executive Order Barring Discrimination Against Gays

President Trump signs executive order barring discrimination against LGBT Persons

No its not fake news. Yes President Trump really did sign an executive order baring discrimination against LGBT people.

Section 1 of Executive Order 13769 states

In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. Executive Order 13769

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The liberal media has had it out for President Trump since day way. They are attempting to make amends for accidentally getting him elected into office with all the free air time during the campaign.

Case in point. A Harvard Study (not a conservative institution) found that:

  • CNN: 93% Negative,
  • NBC: 93% Negative,
  • CBS: 91% Negative,
  • New York Times: 87% Negative,
  • Washington Post: 83% Negative,
  • Wall Street Journal: 70% Negative
  • Fox: 52% Negative

Compare that to how the media treated Barack Obama. The Pew Institute (also not a conservative organization) found that by a 2-1 margin coverage of President Obama was overwhelming positive.  Whether or not the media actually hates Trump is only a fraction of the reason why they are so unashamedly biased against our President. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times have all reported substantial increases in their ratings/viewership/subscriptions. This isn’t about the truth for them its about the almighty dollar.

The Rainbow Right for right minded people 

That’s what sites like TheRainbowRight are all about. We want to show the world that Trump is not the evil monster that the liberal media portrays him to be.  We are a home for gay conservatives and libertarians and our allies. If you are a right minded thinker then join us today.


Donald Trump is the Solution to the Conservative Image Problem

Donald Trump is the solution to the conservative image problem

I think we all know that conservatives are losing ground in America. Just 38% of Americans identify as conservatives while 23% identify as liberals. Many of us are content to sit on our laurels and think we’re winning but informed people know that’s not the whole story. Liberals have worked hard to improve their organization skills and rallying up the next generation. In one very disturbing statistic  In Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, more than 80 percent of voters under 30 years old voted for Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist so outside the mainstream of his party that he’s not even a member.  Vox News has over 2.6 subscribers in their youtube channel, Huffington Post has an alexa rank of 62 in the US, and Buzzfeed has over 200 million unique visitors a month.

The conservative image problem

What about Fox News you may ask? Yes while Fox News is numero uno in cable news the average age of a fox news viewer is over 70. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the conservative movement. The problem is conservatives are often perceived like this:


or this

By Gage Skidmore, <a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>, <a href="">Link</a>
By Gage Skidmore

While liberals are perceived like this:

or this

The old guard’s solution has been to run conservative (not really) lites like that back stabber John McCain or wussy Willard (Mitt) Romney.  Both tried to pander to illegal immigrants and come out in favor of larger government in order to win minority voters. They both failed.

Insert Donald Trump:

Trump managed to slice through the liberal strong hold because he was willing to speak the truth about illegal immigration, not be politically correct, and still embrace Blacks & Gays. It didn’t hurt that he was just so damn entertaining. The republican primary debates had record viewership thanks to Trump. What was the result? More Blacks and Latinos voted for Trump than voted for Romney or McCain.  Now what do we have? The old guard doing everything it can to discredit our president.They are with the liberals to make his administration a failure. The GOP  ran on repeal and replace the debacle known as Obamacare for 7 years and they couldn’t even get that done.

Let’s look at what Trump has accomplished in his short time in office:

  • Kept our supreme court in conservative hands with the appointment Neil Gorsuch
  • Kept our country safer by limiting immigration from known terrorist cesspools
  • Proposed a new immigration system that’s based on merit instead of who’s vagina the immigrant popped out of
  • Saved thousands of American jobs from going to Mexico or overseas
  • Didn’t go an apology tour around the world
  • Saved our military from being forced to admit unfit transsexuals for political reasons
  • Much much more

All of this despite the old guard not because of it. I almost ask myself if the old guard doesn’t really want conservatism to prevail. Maybe they too have bought into the liberal propaganda which is why we have lying Lindsey Graham and Dear John McCain coming out to block everything this president does.  As conservatives we need to embrace our President regardless of whether or not we agree with everything he has said or done. We need more charismatic conservatives not afraid to speak the truth like  President Trump not less.

Gay Conservatives Must Come Out!

Gay conservatives must come out-a second time

Chadwick Moore a gay conservative proudly shows his support for President Trump

Overall acceptance of homosexuality is at an  all time high in America. The Pew research institute puts the number at 63% . What’s even better is that conservatives are coming around as well. The same institute found that nearly half of conservatives say that homosexuality should be accepted. That’s up 15 points from just 10 years ago! How have we been able to do this? By coming out! Study after study shows the best way for gay people to gain acceptance is to come out. In our case we can’t just come out as same gender lovers we must come out as gay conservatives.  The gay community at large has decided to embrace ridiculous ideologies like socialism and even communism. Both of which conservatives-rightfully so-are diametrically opposed. It needn’t be this way. We need to show conservatives that we are not ‘the other’. They need to see their friends & family who share their values can also be same gender loving. That’s part of the mission of communities like The Rainbow Right Not only are we a refuge for gay conservatives but to build alliances within the conservative movement

Don’t let the liberal media fool you

The liberal propaganda machine would have you believe that President Trump is a hateful bigot of the queer community. We’re here to tell you that’s just not true. Mr. Trump is not politically correct which is what we love about him. He re-implemented the trans ban which was very necessary for many reasons; namely that  most transgenders are medically unfit to serve and our military is not a social experiment.  But that doesn’t make him a bigot. Schizophrenics are also barred from military service. Does that mean President Trump hates schizophrenics also?  Did you know that Trump signed an executive order barring immigrants that discriminate against LGBT from entering our country?

Section 1 of Executive Order 13769 states

In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. Executive Order 13769 

Trump is a friend of the gay community

Surprised the liberal media hasn’t told you that? You shouldn’t be. The liberal main stream media is doing everything it can to destroy our president. You see they are part of the swamp. They depend on the swamp for their survival. Trump is an enemy of the swamp. Therefore the swamp will do everything it can to defeat him.  President Trump has said time and time again that he supports the LGBT community. Did he make statements during the republican primaries to appease those less enlightened? Sure; just as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both did. However, ever since winning the election the President has said that same-sex marriage is a settled issue.  So as you can see President Trump has been a friend of the LGBT community in both his words and has actions.

You’re not alone if you are a gay conservative /libertarian

If you are a conservative you’re not alone here. If you are a closeted gay conservative please become a member here. It’s free to sign up and your brothers and sisters can offer you advice and a listening ear. We will do everything we can to help your process of coming out as a gay conservative and make you feel comfortable to be who you really are.

Recommended reading

Gays for Trump Denied Booth at Gay Pride

Gay Trump Supporters Banned from Gay Pride in Charlotte NC

Surprise surprise the very people who have cried about discrimination for years are now doing the same. The very people who have forced Christian bakeries to violate their core beliefs  to bake wedding cakes for them have banned a gay pro President Trump group from participating in Charlotte gay pride. The Charlotte gay pride committee released the following written statement:

Charlotte Pride reserves the right   to decline participation at our events to groups or organizations which do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization,… source .

It would be one thing if it was a straight hate group trying to set up shop at Charlotte gay pride but it’s a gay group! A gay group that just happens to hold a different view point.  As if this wasn’t bad enough they ironically continue :

Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.  source

The oppressed are now the oppressors.

The gay community suffers from group think and intolerance

If you go to all the popular gay blogs you see anti Trump/conservative propaganda. It would be understandable if they were just opposed to blatantly anti-gay policies such as DOMA and DADT but they lambaste any policy that isn’t blatantly socialist. What does increasing taxes have to do with homosexuality?

  • Many gay people worked hard for their money.
  • Many gay people don’t like being financially raped by the government.
  • Many gay people don’t feel we are entitled to other peoples’ money.
  • Many gay people don’t feel we are entitled to special treatment just because we are attracted to the same gender.
There’s simply no good reason to be forced to support failed economic socialist policies just because of who we love.  Most gays I know are a-political anyway. They’re more interested in seeing who’s cute on grindr and going to a bar every Friday night than discussing politics.  So why should gay conservatives be silenced?
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Gays for trump will not be oppressed by the left!

We gay conservatives are here and we deserve a voice. While we are proud to be the way God made us that doesn’t mean we have to subscribe to  horrible policies that will destroy us. Socialism doesn’t work. Period. We can look at Brazil and Venezuela or we can even look at Detroit and the south side of Chicago all of which have been run by leftists socialist for decades to see what socialism has done and will always do to a society. Socialism fails because eventually you always run out of other peoples’ money to spend.  It is important as gay conservatives that we ‘come out’ and support our principles. Socialism is gaining traction sadly. If you believe in freedom then we need you to come out and support us. You can support by joining our site or by participating in other gay conservative groups/organizations

Gays for Trump plan to protest planned at Charlotte Pride

Peter Boykin is the head of Gays for Trump in the Charolotte. He is coordinating a protest against the blatant discrimination against gay conservatives/libertarians by the liberal elites. If you want to participate please Email him or join our protest group here. We just started but we’ll be ready!