What Omarosa Has to Say May not Shock You!

Recently fired white house employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman has done what she promised and is dishing the dirt on the Trump white house.

Most recently in celebrity big brother she indicated that ‘everything’s not gonna be okay’.

In other interviews she has said she would ‘never’ vote for Trump again.

Girl bye!

According to time, Omarosa Manigault-Newman was earning a salary of $179,700 per year. That’s the same as Steve Bannon and Sean Spricer!  What did the taxpayers get for all that money they were paying her?

Not much apparently…

The jury is still out on that one. From what I can tell her duties consisted of dressing nice and being some chocolate spice in the white house!

And spicy she was…

There are numerous reports that Omarosa is exceedingly difficult to work with and has a terrible attitude to boot. Multiple media sources say the white house chief of staff John Kelly has wanted her gone for months (probably since he became chief of staff).

Omerosa you had me fooled…

When Omerosa first came out as a conservative and announced that she was going to stump for Trump I and many other Black conservatives were so happy!

We always knew she was a show boater but we truly believed that she stood for our values.

I truly believed that she understood that with every minimum wage hike that Black unemployment increases by a proportional amount.

We truly believed that she understood that under liberal leadership the Black incarceration has skyrocketed.

Many of us thought that she understood that liberal supported abortion clinics kill more Black humans than the Atlantic slave trade ever did! 

We believed that she understood that democrats give us Obama phones while republicans give us jobs!

And most of all we thought you understood that the asinine race baiting only served to make people not want to be around us which hurts us, not helps us!

But apparently I was wrong. We were wrong. Now you go on this bullshit apology tour to try to help the other side because you’re a conniving self serving ‘w’itch?!

The race card

Is there any other card these days? Well the woman card I guess.

Seriously, the way it’s going in our society why even bother to have strategy counting your cards and trying to evaluate the hand of your opponent since when things don’t go well you can just play the race card?

Omarosa started to play the race card. She has already pointed out she was one of a few African Americans in the white house. Watch Don Lemon silence political commentator Scott Jennings with the race card for rightfully pointing out what we all know.

That Omarosa is a self interested sell out trying to make a quick buck. 

Go to 4:53


My message to Omarosa

This is my message to you, Omarosa:

Omarosa, darling.

You had a $180,000 per year job in which you had to do nothing. Okay, well you did have to do something. You just had to check your ‘tude ‘ , sit back, and cash the checks.

And you couldn’t even do that?!

Bitch what’s wrong with you?!

Now, of course, you’re just going to dish dirt and they may listen to you for awhile but once they get tired of listening and the people behind the scenes get tired of your attitude you’ll be the next ‘has been’.

Let us not forget your black ass has been fired three times from the apprentice and a forth from the white house.

My advice to you girl is to .

  1. Save your money!!
  2. Start your own business!
  3. Specifically start your own businesswhere you have to deal with as few people as possible because otherwise you won’t survive.

That’s it.

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The Franken and Conyers Disparity Displays Liberals Racism

John Conyers must go but Al Franken Gets to Stay?

House majority leader has called for Congressmen John Conyers to step down amid allegations of sexual harassment but Al Franken faces only a ethics investigation designed to sweep his own problems under the rug until the news cycle moves on.

John Conyers- a lifetime of public service

John  James Conyers fought for our country in the Korean war, a civil rights activist, and congressional aide. He was elected to congress in 1964 and co-founded the congressional black caucus, sponsored the bill to make Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday and is one of the longest serving members of congress and longest Black serving member.

Al Franken- a Comedian

Al Franken’s accomplishments include being a comedian and using his dead friend’s name to get a senate seat.

Libeals-Franken needs soul searching Conyers must die

Senator Claire McKCaskill has said that Mr. Franken “needs to do some soul searching,” and has supported the aformentioned ‘ethics’ investigation. Not one Senate democrat has called for Franken to resign. The house minority (ironically titled)  leader Nancy Pelosi has called for Franken to say he’s ‘sorry’ and promises not to do it again that would be enough.

Conyers has faced a different song. Nancy Pelosi last week publicly called for Conyers resignation saying bluntly ‘he should go’.  House Democratic caucus chairmen Joe Crownley echoed those sentiments

Yesterday, I said Congressman Conyers should do the right thing for the country, the institution, and, most importantly, the woman involved,” he said. “The right thing is for Congressman Conyers to resign. Reunters

House minority whip Steny Hoyer has also called for his walking papers.

As I have said, the allegations against Rep. Conyers are serious and credible. As we continue to hear more, I think it is appropriate for him to resign,” Hoyer tweeted. Reunters

Location! location! location! Say dems

The democrats have responded that the difference is that the alleged improprieties occurred while Conyers was on the clock and had power over his staffers while Franken did his acts while working as a comedian. Wtf?!  This is as thin of a smoke screen as it gets. If true both men had a great deal of power over their alleged victims.   Leanne Tweeden has repeatedly said that she was told ‘you’ll never work in this town again’ if she came forward with Al Franken’s gross misdeeds. Conyers on the other hand, yes had the power to fire a squealing staffer, but most congressional staffers are only there temporarily anyway. Getting fired from a congressional office while a setback isn’t a career ender. Tweeden’s career and years of work could’ve all gone down the drain due to Franken’s influence.

Let us not forget the creepy as heck photo Tweeden has documenting Franken’s disgusting actions.

Let us also not forget that all Conyers has against him are alligations while Franken has admitted he’s a pervert and there’s a photograph documenting his misdeeds. Not to mention other women have come forward with credible allegations against Franken as well.

Conyers has noticed as well

The disparity has not been overlooked by Conyers’s attorney, Arnold Reed, has asserted his client’s innocence and pointed out that his client is not being treated equally. To make his point, he highlighted the recent news surrounding another congressmen’s settlement.

“I haven’t heard as much as a peep from Washington as to whether this person needs to step down — not even as much as a peep,” Reed told reporters gathered outside of Conyers’s home in Detroit. “All that we’re saying here is we’re going to ensure that this is a fair process.”

Arnold stopped short of saying there’s a racial factor at play, but suggested Conyers is nonetheless being treated differently.

“I didn’t mention the word racial. … What I’m telling you is this: There is a lot of pressure that has come to bear from some Democrats on the congressman. In fact, they’ve talked about expulsion,” he said.

“But the congressman is not going to be pressured by any of that.”

Both should go or both should stay

This disparity highlights why  Blacks must not be complicit that the democrats or white liberals are our friends. When it came down to it they chose to stick up for a white comedian over a Black man who not only put his life on the line for his country but has decades of public service.  If the allegations are proven to be true they should both resign. Franken has all but admitted what he did and there’s a damning photograph. Conyers is accused and nothing more.

To any white democrats reading this know that this disparity will not go unnoticed.

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Michelle Bachlet Good for Gays Bad for Chile

Michelle Bachlet good for gays bad for Chile

On Monday August 28th leftist Chilean President Michelle Bachlet sent a bill to legalize gay marriage in her country.  In 2015 the country allowed civil unions. Reuters reports it is unclear if the bill will pass before she leaves office this in 2018. Ms. Bachelet has passed many leftist reforms such as tax hikes and way more government spending.

Me and a friend standing in front of the skyline of Santiago de Chile

Chile was once the shining light on the hill for South America. They were the first S. American country to join the OCED (basically a club for wealthy nations). Chileans are the only Latin American can enter the United States without a visa. They went from the poorest nation in South America to the richest.  Chileans live the longest in South America. They call it an ‘economic miracle’ I call it free market economics.  The conservative Heritage Foundation actually ranks Chile as more free than the US economically.  Unfortunately those tables are turning thanks to Bachelet.


Economic Freedom Index Profile of Chile

Pinochet led his country into prosperity

In 1973 Augusto Pinochet seized power in a Coup d’état. He introduced economic freedom to the country which led it to be the economic powerhouse it is today. Under Pinochet Chile went from the poorest nation in Latin to the richest country in Latin America even surpassing Mexico. Under the previous typical Latin American socialist president  Salvador Allende Chile experienced inflation topping 140%. While Pinochet made mistakes in the way he squashing dissent his goal was to keep socialism away from Chile. He knew the ravages that socialism wouldbring his nation. Enter Michelle Bachlet.

Bachelet is bad for Chile

They wanted a bonus. The idiots.

Bachlet was first elected to the presidency in 2006 and again in 2013. As mentioned before she has raised taxes. The corporate tax rate is now 25%. She increased the size of government. Government spending is now 24.3% of GDP. Public debt is now 17.1% of GDP.  S&P downgraded Chile’s credit rating for the first time in almost 20 years. Chile now has an unemployment rate of about 7%. A big reason was the drop in commodities prices particular copper to which Chile is highly dependent. That being said Bachelet’s socialist shopping spree with the nation’s credit card didn’t help.  Not to mention the corruption scandals that have plagued her presidency.

Bachelet, Sanders, and Hugo Chavez all use the same playbook

It boggles the mind since Chilenos have neighbors that have been ravaged by socialism that they too would choose this path. Maybe it’s the hyper inflation of Argentina or the economic collapse and hyper-corruption of Brazil that appeals to them? It could also be the lack of even basic medical care in Venezuela that sheds of good light on socialism? I am, of course, being factitious. The allure of something for nothng is strong to all peoples. Even in America the rise of Bernie Sanders is frightening to say the least. Charlatans like Bachelet, Sanders and Hugo Chavez all use the same play book. They not only promise free stuff based on someone else’s labor but they assure people that they are entitled to the fruits of other peoples’ labor. How long until Chile joins its neighbors in economic ruin? If it continues on the Bachlet path not long.

Obama the Most Expensive Ex President in History

The left loves to talk about Trump’s expenses look at Obama’s!

According to the Washington Times President Obama will become the United States’ most expensive ex-president in history.

His $1,153,000 budget request for 2018 is more than $100,000 higher than President George W. Bush’s request for next year and nearly $200,000 more than President Clinton’s expected budget. President George H.W. Bush is slated to get $942,000, while President Carter will get less than half that, at just $456,000. source

Mr. Obama’s office will be the costliest in the nation at a whopping $536,000 a year. To put that into perspective George Bush’s office cost $286,000 while Jimmy Carters’ cost a minuscule $115,000 per year.

Obama’s pension is almost the most expensive at $236,000 per year.

President Trump donates all of his salary to charity and other worthy causes

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