Trump Denies Visas to Countries that Won’t Take Back Deportees

U.S. Issues Visa Sanctions Against Recalcitrant Countries

The Trump administration has kept yet another promise. The Trump State department has issued visa sanctions against four nations that repeatedly and routinely refuse take back deportees. The countries are Cambodia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Eritrea.

The Secretary of State has ordered consular officers in Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia to implement visa restrictions effective September 13, 2017,” the department said in a statement provided to The Washington Times. “The Secretary determined the categories of visa applicants subject to these restrictions on a country-by-country basis. WT

  • Cambodia: Only top diplomats and their families will be denied tourist or business visas.
  • Eritrea: All new tourist and business visas will be halted.
  • Guinea: Government officials and family members will be denied business, tourist, and student and exchange program visas.
  • Sierra Leone: Diplomats and immigration officials will be denied business and tourist visas.

There was no mention on whether current visas will be rescinded. The move may be largely symbolic since it’s within reason to suspect those top diplomats and other elites already had visas to the United States. It does, however, send a clear message that a new chief is in town and these nations need to begin taking back their deportees just as the US does.

The administration was going to add Iraq to the list but Iraq acquiesced in exchange for not being included in the travel ban

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Promise Kept

During the 2016 presidential campaign then candidate Trump promised to crack down on countries that are recalcitrant in taking back their deportees. He lambasted previous administrations for not doing more to resolve this issue. Previous administrations responded to the problem by sending threatening letters to the recalcitrant nations. Americans have suffered at the hands of foreign criminals. In 2014  Thong Vang,was released from prison  after being convicted of rape. His country of origin, Laos repeatedly declined to repatriate him. He returned to prison in 2016 and shot two guards.

Thousands of foreign criminals remain in the US

According to the same Washington Times Article:

35,000 Criminal Cubans await deportation

1,900 Criminal Chinese citizens await deportation


Wouldn’t this be easier to read on a laptop or a tablet?



Juan Javier Cruz Died Defending his Cousin not Gay Rights

Juan Javier Cruz died defending his cousin who happens to be gay

The liberal media narrative that Juan Javier Cruz died defending gay rights is as much as a farce as saying Cruz died defending his ‘gay friends’.

Here is the story as you would hear it from say Buzzfeed or any other mainstream media source:

Juan Javier Cruz sacrificed his life defending his gay friends from a barrage of unprovoked homophobic attacks. Police say Cruz and a group of friends were leaving a restaurant when assailant Nelson Hernandez Mena walked up to them shouting anti-gay epithets at them. Cruz stepped up to defend his cousin and friends when Mena pulled out a gun and shot him.  Cruz died instantly. A go-fundme page has been set up to fund Mr. Cruz’s funeral expenses.

It is unclear whether or not Nelson Hernandez Mena, who is from Hondrus, will face the death penalty. He admitted to the police that had had over 15 beers prior to the incident. “He did it for no reason,” Cruz’s cousin Brenda Carvallo said of the suspect, according to WPBF-TV.  Mena reportedly told officers he didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Carvallo said the man had been starring them down all night until the bar closed. At that time he confronted the group and the incident occurred. Cruz’s mother says she takes solace in the fact that her son sacrificed his life defending his cousin.


Media narrative got it wrong

PBSO: Witnesses say Lake Worth man murdered for defending gay friends

Man shot dead after standing up for gay friends against homophobic attacker

Juan Javier Cruz was shot and killed after standing up to a man who threatened to kill his gay friends,

The common media narrative is that Cruz died defending his gay friends. But that’s not what Cruz’s mother or cousin said. The family has consistently said Cruz was defending his cousin who happens to be gay. While the attack was homophobically motivated that doesn’t mean the purpose of the defense was to stand up against homophobia. This man, while certainly a hero, isn’t necessarily a standard bearer of gay rights.  The mainstream media, of course, knows this.  It just sounds more sensationalist to say a Latino died defending gay rights. This of course is meant as a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump and his pro-America anti-illegal immigrant stances. The articles didn’t mention the legal statuses of any of the characters in this story. We know the cousin Pedro Cruz is an ‘immigrant’ from El Salvador whether or not he is legal is not mentioned. Some conservative sources confirm that Mena was indeed an illegal immigrant.


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America Needs Merit Based Immigration

“But Canada does it” is often the childish cry to action of the left. Particularly when it wants us to mimic ill-conceived ridiculous policies such as  government run health care. Indeed Canada &  Europe are the wet dreams of the left. Bernie Sanders mentioned them no less than 50 times during his presidential campaign. Now the Trump administration is introducing legislation that is congruent with those places the left should be breathing a sign of relief from the policy reprieve. Of course not. Despite the fact that Trump’s merit based immigration proposal mimics Canada, Australia, and the UK to some degree the left and its main stream media cohorts responded with its tired talking points . They called it racist or just outright lied.

CNN  Trump is fixated on bashing Mexicans, Muslims, and the Media 

NYTimes made an incredibly misleading line of  Surveys show most Americans believe legal immigration benefits the country” it then contradicted itself in the very next sentence “In a Gallup poll in January, 41 percent of Americans were satisfied with the overall level of immigration…’

Bloomberg Challenging Diversity 

All of these statements are, of course, incredibly stupid. A merit based immigration system would probably benefit Indians and other Asians  more than anyone as they constitute the bulk of highly skilled immigrants to the United States. In fact Australia receives the lion’s share of its immigrants from the UK, China, the Philippines, India, and Pakistan.  I guarantee most of those people are not white. But even if they were so what? We should  want only the best and brightest to come to America. As an expat (immigrant) in the Philippines I had to provide the Philippine government with proof of my Bachelor’s degree and that I had the means to support myself while living here. Why? Well in the words of the immigration officer I talked to “we no need no more beggars here”. The Philippines even requires a deposit of up to 50 thousand dollars for a retirement visa!

Let’s look at the Trump administration’s proposal. He wants immigrants that speak English, have a record of achievement, and likely to engage in entrepreneurship. All of these things would would benefit Americans.  Why is that bad? Would you rather marry someone that can help make you more successful or some bum that will just  burden you and demand you take care of them? The same NYTimes article said that there is actually a shortage of workers that can only be filled by immigrants. Right; go to the former manufacturing towns of Michigan or Ohio and tell those people there’s a workers shortage. RINO  and failed presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said that the agriculture and hospitality industry depend on immigrants. Well it doesn’t have to. Why not get some of the 50% of young black men in Chicago that aren’t working or in school to do those jobs? Why not get some of those 2.2 million prisoners that are being rewarded for their misdeeds with free food and clothing to do  those agriculture jobs?

This goes back to the left’s trope that for some reason we need immigrants; specifically illegal Hispanic immigrants. It’s just not true. Also don’t think that the corporations’ support of massive immigration has anything to do with compassion. The reason businesses like immigrants is because no matter what skill level they are a source of cheap labor. Period. Cheap labor in the tech industry is probably a good thing. Highly educated and high skilled immigrants benefit American society immensely. Google was founded by one of these immigrants. In the low skilled arenas, however, immigration is bad. Even the liberal NYTimes had to admit that illegal immigrants do lower wages, take away jobs from Americans,  and in areas like southern Texas and Arizona and even parts of Brooklyn, undocumented immigrants impose a substantial net cost to local and state governments… 

In short there’s simply no good reason to keep open the flood gates massive amounts of poor, unskilled immigrants, that make little or no net contribution and  demand we pander to them. Merit based immigration is the right solution for America just like it was the right solution for Canada and Australia


Sanctuary Cities Have Nothing to do With Safety

DREAMr accused of brutally sexually assaulting a 14 y/o & 19 y/o girls

Salvador Diaz Garcia, an illegal immigrant given DACA status, was accused of brutally raping a 19 year old girl and sexually assaulting a 14 year girl in Seattle. The 19 girl received massive injuries including a broken jaw and a dangling ear.  The illegal immigrant had passed a background and was permitted to stay here under former President Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals or DACA program. This is simply no surprise. Proponents of sanctuary cities will respond that citizens are more likely to commit crimes than illegal immigrants. Apparently they forget illegals are already criminals by default since they are in our country without permission. Regardless I’m sure that’s no solace to the families of those two young women.

What’s even worse  is had this not gotten media attention Garcia may not even be considered for deportation. Why? You guessed it; Burien is a sanctuary city. This means the city has pledged disobey federal law and protect illegal aliens even if they commit crimes. The left’s argument is that sanctuary cities are actually safer since illegals are supposedly more likely to report their friends to the cops since they don’t fear deportation.

Sanctuary city policies are nothing more than political prostration

That is of course ludicrous. A University of California-Riverside study found…no statistically discernible difference in violent crime, rape, or property crime rates across the cities. Our findings provide evidence that sanctuary policies have no effect on crime rates, despite narratives to the contrary. Read the whole study

In addition in Phoenix when it repealed its sanctuary city statutes crime dropped. According to Levi Bolton, the executive director of the Arizona police association:We saw a decrease in crime,” … “It had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially when we actually enforced the law. source

Was the repeal of the sanctuary city statues the cause of the decrease or did it simply correlate? Who’s to say. What we do know  is sanctuary city policies have absolutely nothing to do with safety and everything to do with political expediency . The Democratic party has been prostrating itself to the Latino community for decades to get their votes. Ironically the Latino community didn’t even come through for them when they needed it the most. That “latino surge’ that Hillary Clinton was banking on never materialized which in part is why President Trump is our president.

Sanctuary cities protect criminals

By default illegal immigrants are criminals but beyond that those that commit additional crimes while in the US are protected by sanctuary cities.  The left’s argument that citizens may be more likely to commit crimes than illegals has no bearing. The reality is many illegal aliens do go on to commit crimes while here and they are protected due to the democratic party’s political pandering.

Everyone except straight white men is a victim

Everyone except straight white men are victims and therefore entitled to special treatment. Illegals are victims because they came here illegally. Women are victims because they have tits and choose occupations that don’t pay as well. Blacks are victims because their ancestors were slaves over 150 years ago. Transsexuals are victims because they can’t use the women’s bathroom.

Check out John Stosel’s racist bake sale: