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Bitch Tricks Her Teacher in Sending Nudes – Then Shares Them

Catfish Gate A student in North Carolina tricked her French teacher into sharing his nudes with her on grindr and then sent them to classmates. The original article A high school student from North Carolina accused of “catfishing” her teacher on Grindr and then sharing his nude

The Rainbow Right RIPS Into Queen Rippon!

Today I want to talk about Adam Rrrippon (sounds like a damn sandwich spread) For those of you who live under a rock or just smart enough not to pay much attention to the lame stream media. Adam Rippon is an openly gay ice skater and

Guess What Perez Hilton is Complaining About Now…

“I’m still single” Nah really!? What a f*cking shock! Normally I keep this blog about politics but this Perez Hilton Story got to me.  Apparently he’s complaining because he can’t get a man. A millionaire that can’t get a man is a sad story to

California – It’s Okay to Spread Aids

With the stroke of a pen California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law. A law that’s one step closer to making it okay to spread the HIV virus. From felony to misdemeanor The law changes the penalty if a person with HIV knowingly

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Edith Windsor-The Defeater of DOMA has Died

On September 12th 2017 Edith Windsor died. Most likely due to heart issues. Ms. Windsor is credited with defeating the so-called ‘defense of marriage act’ or DOMA in the landmark case Windsor v. United States. Windsor v. United States When her wife died on February 5,

Michelle Bachlet Good for Gays Bad for Chile

Michelle Bachlet good for gays bad for Chile On Monday August 28th leftist Chilean President Michelle Bachlet sent a bill to legalize gay marriage in her country.  In 2015 the country allowed civil unions. Reuters reports it is unclear if the bill will pass before

I’m a Gay Black Man & I Support Trump

Yes a gay black man supports Trump The liberal media constantly paints Trump supporters as racist neo-nazis. They say because they support him that conservatives must be of the same creed. Many American communists voted for Hillary Clinton. Does that mean that most of Clinton’s