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California Republican Congressional Hopeful Is Hot!

Hottie Antonio Sabato Jr. came out as a Trump supporter at the Republican National Convention in 2016. “I think it’s important to put the country first, the American people first,” the Republican candidate said. “I support any president because I want the best for this

Facebook Usage Drops by 1 Million

Facebook usage drops for the first time in North America According to CNBC facebok usage in N. America, its prime market, dropped by 1 million. It was the first such drop in in facebook’s recorded history. Facebook reported 184 million daily average users in Q4

Not All Alike Fight for Similar Causes

An Essay For my entire life I have heard liberals talk about “people of color.” At first, I wasn’t sure what they were referring to because the closest thing I had ever heard of “people of color” was “colored” which simply meant “black.” I later

Support Free Speech at UC Berkeley

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell Protect Free Speech Week For months the leftist administration at the tax payer funded University of California at Berkeley have tried to come

Gay Conservatives Protest Exclusion at Charlotte Gay Pride

Gay Conservatives Fight Back Gay Conservatives fight back after being excluded from a gay pride event in Charlotte NC. The Gays for Trump Organization and Deplorable Pride are protesting to show that gays are allowed to have different views. The Charlotte Pride committed defended its decision

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Gay Dating App Targets Gay Conservative

The gay dating app SCRUFF has targeted a gay conservative activist for pro-Trump stances on his profile Earlier this month gay conservative activist Chadwick Moore was warned by the gay dating app SCRUFF that his profile violated its terms of use. Your profile has been

Gays for Trump Denied Booth at Gay Pride

Gay Trump Supporters Banned from Gay Pride in Charlotte NC Surprise surprise the very people who have cried about discrimination for years are now doing the same. The very people who have forced Christian bakeries to violate their core beliefs  to bake wedding cakes for