Here’s Why a Gay Man Supports The Bigoted Baker

In a startling and increasingly rare victory for religion in America the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 7-2 that a baker shouldn’t be required to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

In the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission the court ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission did not give Jack Philips (the baker) a fair shake in the hearing. The court was particularly troubled by the remarks of one commissioner who said that

“freedom of religion and religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination throughout history, whether it be slavery, whether it be the Holocaust.”

Justice Kennedy felt that was unbecoming of a commissioner who is sworn to be neutral.

Here is why I support the ruling. The simple matter is that a private business is just that, private. The reason many entrepreneurs cite for starting a business is not wanting to have a boss over them.

If Mr. Philips is willing to forgo profits for religious reasons then he should able to do that. There are plenty of other bakers in Denver that would gladly bake the cake for the gay couple.

Those who think the baker is discriminating should have to answer these questions:

Should  a Jewish bakery be forced to bake a cake commemorating Hitler’s birthday?

Should a Muslim bakery be forced to bake a cake celebrating pigs?

Should a gay bakery be forced to bake a cake celebrating Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson’s birthday?

The hypocrisy of the gay community

Many in the gay community are decrying the baker for not baking a cake that doesn’t comply with his values yet in North Carolina gay trump supporters were denied a booth because in the words of the event organizers ‘it doesn’t align with our values”.

So it’s okay for the gay community to discriminate when it doesn’t align with their values yet Christians can’t do the same when it doesn’t align with theirs?

California Republican Congressional Hopeful Is Hot!

Hottie Antonio Sabato Jr. came out as a Trump supporter at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

“I think it’s important to put the country first, the American people first,” the Republican candidate said. “I support any president because I want the best for this country; the American people come first in my book and I believe that this president puts the American people first.”

Anthony Sabato Jr. Speech at the Republican National Convention

He said on a recent appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood. That’s no surprise to anyone that’s been paying attention.

The general hospital star is now running for congress! It’d be great to have another fellow conservative win a seat from the liberal Vatican that is California . This is his website for congress.

In the mean time at least we get some nice eye candy!

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Facebook Usage Drops by 1 Million

Facebook usage drops for the first time in North America

According to CNBC facebok usage in N. America, its prime market, dropped by 1 million. It was the first such drop in in facebook’s recorded history.

  • Facebook reported 184 million daily average users in Q4 2017, down from 185 million in Q3.

  • It is the first such drop since Facebook began reporting these numbers in its earnings report.

  • It suggests that Facebook’s most lucrative market has become saturated in terms of usage, which means it will have to add more ads, or charge more for ads, to keep growing-CNBC

The article suggests that it is because facebook has researched the saturation point in North America. While that may be true I offer another reason:

Facebook is incredibly unfair to conservatives.

Fox News released a story of 10 such cases where North American conservatives had their accounts suspended or deleted and their groups closed for voicing conservative opinions.

1. Lauren Southern suspended over criticizing censorship

Conservative activist and Trump supporter Lauren Southern received a 30-day ban from Facebook just because she complained about a friend’s account being censored. Censorship inception, if you will.

Facebook later removed the block, calling it an error, but only after the conservatives on Twitter and in the media made a stink about it.

2. Admin of pro-Trump group banned for saying Trump is not anti-Muslim, but anti-ISIS

Whether or not you agree with the opinion is not the point. The admin of an alt-right, Trump-supporting group was banned from Facebook and the post below was removed.

3. Facebook locked this kid’s account for posting a video supporting Rudy Giuliani’s criticisms of Obama.

They called his post “suspicious activity.”

4. Facebook approved Christian hate groups while shutting down Christian groups.

In 2013, somehow a group called “Jesus F**k**g Christ. Sl*t Mary’s B*st*rd” was able to get past Facebook’s censors for a time, as well as groups called “Christianity is a Plague Begging for a Cure” and “Virgin Mary should have Aborted”.

But at the same time, the group for Kirk Cameron’s movie, Unstoppable, did not fare as well and was shut down without explanation by Facebook. Only after rallying 500,000 fans to complain to Facebook was Cameron able to reinstate the page.

Facebook has also since banned the Christian hate groups.

5. Christopher Cantwell was blocked for 30 days for expressing his opinion about the attacks in Cologne, Germany, and the right to bear arms.

6. Facebook shut down a large biker group for one conspiracy post.

The group “2 Million Bikers to DC” had about 450,000 followers organized in protest of the 2013 “Million Muslim March” in Washington, D.C.

Whether or not the group was anti-Muslim, the post that got them kicked off Facebook was inane and borderline nonsensical.

7. Facebook removed a Photoshopped picture of the Obamas wearing Che Guevara T-shirts.

The conservative page “Wake Up America!” posted a Photoshopped picture of the Obamas only to have it removed by Facebook. The site also temporarily took down the page for posting “offensive” content.

8. Canadians censored for criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to refugee shooting.

Conservative censorship on Facebook isn’t just an American thing. The page “Justin Trudeau Not” posted a meme criticizing the prime minister for being outraged that a refugee was pepper-sprayed and not when a refugee was responsible for a shooting.

Facebook removed the post and threatened the page’s admins that they would be removed from the site if they posted similar content.

9. “Chicks on the Right” was blocked and threatened with a shutdown by Facebook.

The popular community page of the site “Chicks on the Right” had a post censored that simply said: “Jay Carney can kiss my assular area,” followed by a link.

10. Facebook removed a patriotic picture honoring fallen Marines.

Facebook removed a page called “Locked and Loaded,” and blocked the admins, citing a post entitled “Remembrance” as violating their community standards. Only problem is the post is clearly just a memorial for Marines who died in war. Absolutely not controversial.

Sadly, yours truly, has faced the wrath of facebook’s anti conservative bias. I too was censored by facebook.  Despite the fact that I’ve had my account since 2005 and am a paying facebook customer they removed my post because they said it went against their ‘community standards’ and suspended my account for a whole month!

What was the offending post? I shared this article stating real reasons why transsexuals may not be the best fit for military service. All conservative bloggers know that anything that doesn’t fit into their silicon valley liberal narrative is against their community standards.

Facebook worker says the company censored conservatives

An article in Gizmodo describes an unnamed source that talked about theFacebook censorship policy.

Facebook workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential “trending” news section, according to a former journalist who worked on the project. This individual says that workers prevented stories about the right-wing CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly-influential section, even though they were organically trending among the site’s users.

That’s extremely disturbing but not at all surprising seeing as facebook is headquartered in the national liberal Vatican-silicon valley California.

Related: California-Everything that’s wrong with liberalism

It’s not just facebook

Support American Beef

Facebook isn’t alone in anti conservative bias either. Both Google and Twitter have faced lawsuits for anti-conservative discrimination.

Google was sued successfully by a pro-life group in Europe for not allowing pro-life advertisements on its search engine while at the same time allowing extreme pro-abortion ads.  Google is currently being sued by an engineer that it fired for daring to say that there may be biological differences between men and women which may affect their choice not to work in the tech industry.

Twitter was sued by conservative activist Charles Johnson when it banned his account for supposed ‘hate speech’. If you recall Milo Yinnanpolis, a personal hero of mine, was also kicked off the platform for saying a Black actress was ugly (she is). The company said his words constituted ‘hate-speech’.

It’s ironic enough that federal courts have long given companies wide latitude when enforcing their terms of service since after all no one has a ‘right’ to use facebook, google, or twitter. The suits are actually based on California’s constitution which protects free speech on social media and private platforms.

Not All Alike Fight for Similar Causes

An Essay

For my entire life I have heard liberals talk about “people of color.” At first, I wasn’t sure what they were referring to because the closest thing I had ever heard of “people of color” was “colored” which simply meant “black.” I later learned that “people of color” is the name for the concept that all racial minorities are somehow one and are in this battle to fight white supremacy. This puzzled me because I, as a black man, had never thought of myself as “a person of color” before. The liberals then told me that I was “of color” simply by virtue of not being white. I felt that this idea was silly at the time and I have tried to wrap my mind around it by attending conferences and hanging out with these liberals, but now, nearly two years later, I still think it is just as silly as when I first heard it.

I feel this way because there is simply no such thing as a specific “person of color!” I don’t recall ever meeting a person whose skin color is clear. Every single human being has some sort of color, so how can they say that only certain people can qualify to be “of color?”

The idea that all the ethnic minorities are somehow united in this struggle for equality is equally as silly. In Los Angeles, many Hispanics are moving into what were traditionally black neighborhoods and a battle between the two races has ensued. I remember reading a quote from a young Hispanic man when he was asked about the situation; he simply replied “Fuck those niggers, this is our neighborhood now!”

It’s not just the Hispanics either; many Asians have racial differences with blacks. Asians are known to be “the model minority,” as they seem to have shown the most willingness to assimilate into American culture. Unfortunately, a part of that American culture is looking down upon or having a negative view of blacks. I have personally encountered more racist Asians in my lifetime than I have racist whites.

These liberal fascists also expect that as a person of color, I’m supposed to accept certain aspects of our society, such as the homosexual lifestyle, the constant disrespect for our southern border or PC thuggery. For the record, I do accept gays and support limited legal immigration. However, I know many black brothers and sisters who do not support such things. In an Internet forum for black students on Facebook, one girl said homosexuality was “disgusting. I saw Brokeback mountain yesterday while eating lunch and I almost threw up!” In addition, I am black and I absolutely do not support illegal immigration into the United States.

A lot of these liberals want to control the population, and me, by controlling our language. What is their tool for this? Political correctness thuggery, otherwise known as PC thuggery. As described in 1984 by George Orwell, one of the best methods of mind control is to control language. In the novel, the government deletes certain words from the vocabulary that go against its goals just the same as the liberal fascists do on this campus. For example, I’ve been told, very sternly, that the words “girls,” “ladies” and “Hispanic” are all offensive and should not be used. What is interesting is that the people who told me this do not say it is offensive to them personally; they always seem to say it is offensive to the group they claim to represent. I know plenty of females who refer to themselves as “girls.” My mother taught me to open the door for a female and say “ladies first,” and a friend from up north always refers to himself as “Hispanic” and not Latino, despite the fact that the liberal fascists of this campus say it is the proper way to refer to them.

My question is, why does my skin color oblige me or any other supposed “person of color” to accept any of these liberal ideas? The fact is that the liberal activists on this campus who claim to represent us do not. They are only representing themselves and their own political power aspirations. The professors who speak from an ivory tower that have served as their inspiration are simply out of touch with their own communities and they do not represent their respective communities.

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Support Free Speech at UC Berkeley

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
― George Orwell

Protect Free Speech Week

For months the leftist administration at the tax payer funded University of California at Berkeley have tried to come up with excuse after excuse to block free speech week on their campus. They didn’t respond to emails, made outrageous funding requests, and set arbitrary deadlines in order to stop free speech week from happening on campus.  Milo Yiannopoulos author of the best selling book Dangerous  (read it on a Kindle Fire) explains in this video all of the attempts the university has made thwart the event.
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Milo Yinnanpolus

Ann Coulter

The ‘never trumper’ disgrace Ben Shapiro

Nicholas Dirks

Anita Alvarez

Action Bronson

Emily Wong

John Brennan

Jason Riley

John Derbyshire

Suzanne Venker

Source Business Insider

This is but a small list of conservative voices that liberal university administrators have tried to or succeeded in silencing on university campuses. We cannot allow this to continue. These voices have a right to be heard regardless of what liberal administrators think or their friends in the main stream media.

“If you allow yourself to be silenced then you didn’t deserve to be heard in the first place”-Me

I am a gay black conservative and you better believe I’ve gotten a lot of flack for that. Including from my own family. I, however, have chosen to take the harder path and not allow myself to be silenced. Here’s a recent facebook post by me.

So I’ve had very well intentioned good hearted people ask me why I post some of the controversial things that I do on my facebook account. The reason is if we allow people to effectively silence opinions that they don’t like/agree with then we lose who we are as a society. The free discussion of ideas if what intellectualism is all about in my opinion.

One person commented in a private message that I was driving people away. He was right. But what he didn’t realize was I am also drawing new people towards me. Friendships come and friendships go but you’ll always have to live with yourself. I’d rather have to lose some friends than to know I was silenced by those that disagree with me. I can and have made new friends. I can never make a new me.

Gay Conservatives Protest Exclusion at Charlotte Gay Pride

Gay Conservatives Fight Back

Gay Conservatives fight back after being excluded from a gay pride event in Charlotte NC. The Gays for Trump Organization and Deplorable Pride are protesting to show that gays are allowed to have different views. The Charlotte Pride committed defended its decision to ban the groups.

We value inclusion and affirmation for all members of our community, including transpeople, undocumented immigrants, and people of color. It doesn’t make sense for us to include an organization whose values don’t mesh with those, Matt Comer

You’re wrong Mr. Comer. Gay pride is about celebration for gays of all political persuasions not just ones you agree with. If not then you need to call it socialist gay pride. I am a gay black male and a proud Trump supporter. I and others like me will not be silenced by you or anyone else just because you don’t agree.  This website is here to show that Trump supporters and conservatives in general are not white neo-nazi racists. This has been a silencing tactic used by the left far too long and far too effectively. It stops now.

Watch the video of the protest here

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Gay Dating App Targets Gay Conservative

Youtube/Andy Ngo

The gay dating app SCRUFF has targeted a gay conservative activist for pro-Trump stances on his profile

Earlier this month gay conservative activist Chadwick Moore was warned by the gay dating app SCRUFF that his profile violated its terms of use.

Your profile has been reported due to inappropriate text…The SCRUFF profile guidelines prohibit text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind. They also prohibit text meant to threaten, intimidate, harass, defame, or insult another person. Please review our profile guidelines and remove any inappropriate text from your profile details.

Mr. Moore claims his profile did no such thing. He pasted a copy of his profile on twitter

Proud Western chauvinist. The West is the best. Anti-Globalism, anti-free trade. Anti-war. Anti-racism. Anti-PC. Pro-America, Pro-Liberty, Pro-First Amendment, Pro-TRUMP. SHARIA KILLS. End 21st Century slavery and build that damn wall.

Prior to this incident Mr. Moore says he was fired from his job at OUT Magazine for his pro-Trump conservative views. In July the same magazine published an article encouraging its readers to cut off their  gay conservative friends. This is just another example of how the gay community attempts to censor those that don’t support its socialist agenda. Even if those people are gay. In Charlotte North Carolina gay Trump supporters were bared from setting a booth by the gay pride committee. The pride committee stands by its decision stating the GaysforTrump organization “Does not reflect our values”.   The head of the GaysforTrump organization  Peter Boykin–also a member of TheRainbowRight–is planning to protest the decision at Charlotte gay pride.

Gay conservatives/right wingers must rise up

We gay conservatives must not allow the left  to oppress us. Being gay doesn’t mean being socialist. If you are a gay conservative please know you are not alone. We encourage you to join our community. Its free to sign up. We have fought too hard as gays to allow ourselves to now be oppressed by the left.  The Rainbow Right was established just this August as a refuge for right minded gays and our friends/allies.



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Gays for Trump Denied Booth at Gay Pride

Gay Trump Supporters Banned from Gay Pride in Charlotte NC

Surprise surprise the very people who have cried about discrimination for years are now doing the same. The very people who have forced Christian bakeries to violate their core beliefs  to bake wedding cakes for them have banned a gay pro President Trump group from participating in Charlotte gay pride. The Charlotte gay pride committee released the following written statement:

Charlotte Pride reserves the right   to decline participation at our events to groups or organizations which do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization,… source .

It would be one thing if it was a straight hate group trying to set up shop at Charlotte gay pride but it’s a gay group! A gay group that just happens to hold a different view point.  As if this wasn’t bad enough they ironically continue :

Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.  source

The oppressed are now the oppressors.

The gay community suffers from group think and intolerance

If you go to all the popular gay blogs you see anti Trump/conservative propaganda. It would be understandable if they were just opposed to blatantly anti-gay policies such as DOMA and DADT but they lambaste any policy that isn’t blatantly socialist. What does increasing taxes have to do with homosexuality?

  • Many gay people worked hard for their money.
  • Many gay people don’t like being financially raped by the government.
  • Many gay people don’t feel we are entitled to other peoples’ money.
  • Many gay people don’t feel we are entitled to special treatment just because we are attracted to the same gender.
There’s simply no good reason to be forced to support failed economic socialist policies just because of who we love.  Most gays I know are a-political anyway. They’re more interested in seeing who’s cute on grindr and going to a bar every Friday night than discussing politics.  So why should gay conservatives be silenced?
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Gays for trump will not be oppressed by the left!

We gay conservatives are here and we deserve a voice. While we are proud to be the way God made us that doesn’t mean we have to subscribe to  horrible policies that will destroy us. Socialism doesn’t work. Period. We can look at Brazil and Venezuela or we can even look at Detroit and the south side of Chicago all of which have been run by leftists socialist for decades to see what socialism has done and will always do to a society. Socialism fails because eventually you always run out of other peoples’ money to spend.  It is important as gay conservatives that we ‘come out’ and support our principles. Socialism is gaining traction sadly. If you believe in freedom then we need you to come out and support us. You can support by joining our site or by participating in other gay conservative groups/organizations

Gays for Trump plan to protest planned at Charlotte Pride

Peter Boykin is the head of Gays for Trump in the Charolotte. He is coordinating a protest against the blatant discrimination against gay conservatives/libertarians by the liberal elites. If you want to participate please Email him or join our protest group here. We just started but we’ll be ready!