The Franken and Conyers Disparity Displays Liberals Racism

John Conyers must go but Al Franken Gets to Stay?

House majority leader has called for Congressmen John Conyers to step down amid allegations of sexual harassment but Al Franken faces only a ethics investigation designed to sweep his own problems under the rug until the news cycle moves on.

John Conyers- a lifetime of public service

John  James Conyers fought for our country in the Korean war, a civil rights activist, and congressional aide. He was elected to congress in 1964 and co-founded the congressional black caucus, sponsored the bill to make Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday and is one of the longest serving members of congress and longest Black serving member.

Al Franken- a Comedian

Al Franken’s accomplishments include being a comedian and using his dead friend’s name to get a senate seat.

Libeals-Franken needs soul searching Conyers must die

Senator Claire McKCaskill has said that Mr. Franken “needs to do some soul searching,” and has supported the aformentioned ‘ethics’ investigation. Not one Senate democrat has called for Franken to resign. The house minority (ironically titled)  leader Nancy Pelosi has called for Franken to say he’s ‘sorry’ and promises not to do it again that would be enough.

Conyers has faced a different song. Nancy Pelosi last week publicly called for Conyers resignation saying bluntly ‘he should go’.  House Democratic caucus chairmen Joe Crownley echoed those sentiments

Yesterday, I said Congressman Conyers should do the right thing for the country, the institution, and, most importantly, the woman involved,” he said. “The right thing is for Congressman Conyers to resign. Reunters

House minority whip Steny Hoyer has also called for his walking papers.

As I have said, the allegations against Rep. Conyers are serious and credible. As we continue to hear more, I think it is appropriate for him to resign,” Hoyer tweeted. Reunters

Location! location! location! Say dems

The democrats have responded that the difference is that the alleged improprieties occurred while Conyers was on the clock and had power over his staffers while Franken did his acts while working as a comedian. Wtf?!  This is as thin of a smoke screen as it gets. If true both men had a great deal of power over their alleged victims.   Leanne Tweeden has repeatedly said that she was told ‘you’ll never work in this town again’ if she came forward with Al Franken’s gross misdeeds. Conyers on the other hand, yes had the power to fire a squealing staffer, but most congressional staffers are only there temporarily anyway. Getting fired from a congressional office while a setback isn’t a career ender. Tweeden’s career and years of work could’ve all gone down the drain due to Franken’s influence.

Let us not forget the creepy as heck photo Tweeden has documenting Franken’s disgusting actions.

Let us also not forget that all Conyers has against him are alligations while Franken has admitted he’s a pervert and there’s a photograph documenting his misdeeds. Not to mention other women have come forward with credible allegations against Franken as well.

Conyers has noticed as well

The disparity has not been overlooked by Conyers’s attorney, Arnold Reed, has asserted his client’s innocence and pointed out that his client is not being treated equally. To make his point, he highlighted the recent news surrounding another congressmen’s settlement.

“I haven’t heard as much as a peep from Washington as to whether this person needs to step down — not even as much as a peep,” Reed told reporters gathered outside of Conyers’s home in Detroit. “All that we’re saying here is we’re going to ensure that this is a fair process.”

Arnold stopped short of saying there’s a racial factor at play, but suggested Conyers is nonetheless being treated differently.

“I didn’t mention the word racial. … What I’m telling you is this: There is a lot of pressure that has come to bear from some Democrats on the congressman. In fact, they’ve talked about expulsion,” he said.

“But the congressman is not going to be pressured by any of that.”

Both should go or both should stay

This disparity highlights why  Blacks must not be complicit that the democrats or white liberals are our friends. When it came down to it they chose to stick up for a white comedian over a Black man who not only put his life on the line for his country but has decades of public service.  If the allegations are proven to be true they should both resign. Franken has all but admitted what he did and there’s a damning photograph. Conyers is accused and nothing more.

To any white democrats reading this know that this disparity will not go unnoticed.

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Blacks the First to Go with Minimum Wage Hikes

Why Blacks, Latinos, and Gays Should be Conservatives



Yes, Our Children Can Be Friends with White People!

Yes we can be friends with white people

This article is in response to the New York Times Op-Ed Can My Children Be Friends With White PeopleIt’s written by law professor Ekow N. Yankah and is currently one of the top op-eds in the New York Times. I read this article and of course the title is meant for shock value and in the article itself he says not all white people are bad blah blah blah.  I am a gay black conservative/libertarian who voted for Donald Trump so my perspective is unique to this topic.

Same old divisive leftist diatribe

He talks about a friend is someone that is not only friendly but truly cares about your well being. I couldn’t agree more. A friend is someone that not only talks the talk but walks the walk with you which brings me to my point about the left. They do a good job (admittedly better than conservatives) at humoring Blacks into thinking that they are on their side, especially during election season, but their policies not only do little to nothing for Blacks but actually hurt us.

Case in point 1: Chicago & Illinois

Chicago is a democratic city in the solidly democratic state of Illinois. Conservatives have no voice in Chicago and little in Illinois. Let’s see how Blacks are doing in Chicago. Well, not only does Chicago have the highest Black youth unemployment with 50% neither working nor in school the entire state of Illinois it has the lowest black employment rate in the country according to the conservative 

This has lead to Chicago being one of the murder capitals of America.  Frankly despite all of our talk about police brutality (some of it valid) I’d be more scared walking down the streets in the south side of Chicago than I would in redneck country or around any police headquarters. This is course makes perfect sense everyone knows when you have young men–of any race–with nothing productive to do that means trouble. Frankly from what I’ve seen most black people aren’t worried about being friends with white people they’re more scared of other black people!

Let me take this moment to make it clear to my readers that yes black people want to work! It’s just that labor unions and liberals have driven away a lot of the jobs that were traditionally done by Blacks particularly Black men.  The research is clear and profound:

… for each 10 percent increase in the federal or state minimum wage employment for young Black males decreased 6.5 percent. By contrast, after the same wage boost, employment for white and Hispanic males fell respectively just 2.5 percent and 1.2 percent.-Young Black Men Are the First to Go with Minimum Wage Hike

Case in point 2: Texas vs California

Texas is often presented as the poster child of the right and California of the left. Both states are doing well macroeconimcally but if we dig just a little bit deeper we can see a clear victor on which state is best for the majority of its people.  Look at the map above. In California 54% of Black people have some form of work while in Texas it’s 60%. That’s not just a snap shot in time either. Employment for Black Texans is increasing at a steady rate and Blacks getting richer. Compare that to their brothers and sisters in California

Now lets look at everyone else


You see income growth for everyone has grown the most in the two largest red states according to the conservative Heritage Foundation. So much for the leftiest diatribe of conservatives voting against their own interests. To put it more bluntly according to the Sacramento Bee “California exports its poor to Texas”

There was really nothing left for me in California,” said Kundurazieff, who also writes a blog about his cats. “The cost of living was high. The rent was high. The job market was debatable.” Friends in Texas suggested he relocate. He now works at a Walmart in Houston, making a little north of $10 an hour. He works 40 hours a week, riding his bike about 7 miles to work many days. He does not pay state income tax. His rent is just over $500, with utilities.

He’s not exaggerating either. California unequivocally has the nation’s highest poverty rate. According to the center left Politico

We have the highest poverty rate in the nation — higher than New Mexico, higher than any of the southern states, Louisiana, Alabama, higher than Idaho.-Politico

Case in point 3: Camden New Jersey

The liberal solution to everything is throw more money at it and bigger government. Does that work though? New Jersey spends on average $20,385 per student to educate their students. Statewide, per-pupil costs ranged from a high of $60,129 in one small district, to $10,181 for a Jersey City charter school with 310 students. If the liberal formula of more money=better outcomes then New Jersey students should be darn near the top in academic performance. Well I think you know where this is going. In Camden New Jersey nearly half of all students graduate on appeal meaning they failed to meet the state’s basic standards to get a high school diploma according to the liberal NPR News.

While not a slam dunk vouchers and charter schools have proven to be a better option than traditional government run schools. So much so even the liberal Brookings Institute had to admit that:

Harvard, University of Wisconsin and Brookings studied programs in New York City, the District of Columbia and Dayton. African American children did much better on test scores having had advantage of a voucher program.

Can we be friends with white people or should we be friends with liberals?

The left loves to focus on questions of race and gender as those are divisive. Conservatives did the same thing with same sex marriage in the early 2000’s but both of these are the wrong questions. Which side is doing better for the most people? If we look at Blacks, economic freedom tends to benefit blacks the most.  Instead of asking if we can be friends with white people what the professor should be asking is ‘Should Blacks be friends with liberals?’ Based on his criteria of actually caring about our well being it seems to be liberals care in their rhetoric but not in their policies. The tide of economic freedom raises all boats while big government only benefits a select few; mostly government employees and their labor union bosses.

I can’t help but remember my mother used to always tell me:

Talk is cheap

Why Blacks, Latinos & Gays Should Be Conservatives

Why Blacks, Latinos, and Gays Should be Conservatives

As those of you who read this blog already know I am not just a conservative but I’m a gay black conservative. I’ve written another article about it if you want to read about why I voted for President Trump. The purpose of this article is to explain why my fellow peoples of color and sexual orientations should join me.

Blacks are poor

Blacks are poor. Despite decades of liberal policies 28% of blacks live below the poverty line compared to only 10% of whites, 12% of Asians, and 25% of Hispanics. The black unemployment rate remains near double that of whites.  This according to business insider. The next question is is that the liberals fault and if so how?  For this we will look at California the nation’s liberal Vatican. Conservatives essentially have no voice in this state and haven’t for the last 20-30 years.  Well in the Golden State the white median household  net worth is $240,000 while it is just 34k for Blacks. Educationally the achievement gap for Blacks verses other groups is not only astonishingly bad just sad.  The LA Times reports the English achievement gap between Blacks and Asians was 44% and in math it was a whopping 53%. I found the English achievement gap the most disturbing since most Asians are descendants of 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from English speaking countries.

Latinos are poor

Survival Kit from

Latinos I’m afraid you guys aren’t doing much better. 60.7% of Latino household virtually no savings and are considered liquid asset poor. That’s compared to only 28% of white households. Nearly 30% of Latino households live in poverty. Latino test scores in math declined nearly 50% and also suffer from high educational achievement gaps. Oh and 25% of Latinos live in poverty nation wide.

Gays are poor

Despite the media trope as portraying gay men as these rich titans the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The liberal think tank The Williams Institute Institute  report California-LGBT Divide  stated that even though the left coast has the greatest protections for LGB peoples 30% have an income of below 24k per year. In the south where acceptance is the least it’s 33% this despite a difference of 13 point gap in the Law and Social climate index between the two regions. Why don’t the gaps correlate more closely?  Maybe because economic freedom is more effective at reducing poverty than more laws and regulations?

Patriot Survival Kit

Black and Latino gays are really f*cking poor

In California 19% of white LGBT individuals report an income of less than 24k while 30%-36% of Black and Latino LGBTs do.

“Government isn’t the solution to our problem government is the problem”

All this despite the fact that California has some of nation’s highest tax rates and highest government spending growth in the nation. The liberal Huffington Post released a report called The Worst States for Black Americans. Almost all of them were blue or purple states.  Contrast that to what Forbes Magazine found:  Today, [The South] has emerged, in many ways, as the new promised land for African-Americans.”  The best states for Blacks are conservative run states.  When the free market is allowed to flourish the rising tide lift all boats regardless of race or sexual preference. Liberals have tried and failed to solve the poverty crises amongst minorities for years through victim hood and larger and larger government. It failed. Black conservatives are right, Latino conservatives are right, gay conservatives are right. Liberals are wrong.

Read about how conservatives are coming around on the issue of homosexual acceptance. 



What Tucker Carlson Did That Drives Blacks Away

“Every Time I get ready to start voting republican they say something incredibly racist”

That is a quote I used to hear often from my mother. My mother is a perfect candidate to be a Black conservative. She was the first in my family to go to college. She started as a temporary clerk in her organization and retired as a senior analyst. She doesn’t believe in government welfare and she understands how the left has replaced the black father with the State and what a disaster that has been. So why then does she and 99% of my family vote democratic? Because of statements like these:

 Skip to 4:13

For those who can’t or don’t wish to watch  Tucker was interviewing a the vice president of the NAACP  Atlanta Greald Griggs about the Kaepernick protests. During the interview Tucker asked”Over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock is that a bigger problem or smaller problem then Colin Kaepernick getting a job?”. You see the guest was visibly disturbed by that question. As a gay man myself I don’t care about the situation with Kapernick and as a conservative I see Tucker’s point. As a Black man, however, I was offended by that question. That interview was about football and perceived racism. To bring up that 70% statistics whether true or not  is simply a hit below the belt. These sorts of hits need to stop if we ever want to seriously bring people of color into the fold.

People of color have been told all their lives that conservatives are racist bigots

Imagine you are a successful Black person or Latino. You understand the perils of socialism and why it needs to be stopped. You want to support economic freedom but the representatives of economic freedom say things that are disparaging about you or your group. How likely would you be to then to support that movement? That’s what many Black & Latino conservatives feel.  When you have interviews like the one above it just plays into the ‘democratic’ socialists narrative that conservatives and believers of economic freedom are racist.  Imagine what’s going to happen. He’s going to go out and tell all of his followers how racist Tucker  was for asking that question. Oh wait we don’t have to imagine we can look at his twitter account.

No we’re not afraid of truth

One of the reasons I became a conservative is because of the 70% statistic. Feminists have basically told our black women that its okay to give up the goodies on the second or third date. They taught them that there’s no value in cherishing the temples that is their bodies. I love Donald Trump because he’s not politically correct. I don’t even mind saying that promiscuity is huge problem in the gay community and is main vehicle of the spread of HIV.

We need Blacks and Latinos to thrive

What I am saying is that there’s a time and place to have these discussions and when you bring up an irrelevant negative statistic about children during what’s supposed to be a discussion about football just to score easy debate points for a  it hurts the entire movement and our cause.  We need people of color if we want to not only survive but thrive as conservatives. There are rinos *cough* John McCain *cough* that want to become socialist lites in order to win over people of color. That’s BS. The Blacks and Latino conservatives I know are conservatives because of the belief in economic freedom  they have seen the damage that socialism has done to our communities. We conservatives don’t need to open the flood gates to illegal immigrants or handcuff our police officers to attract more people of color into the fold. What we do need to do is not make below the belt jabs just to win a debate. I hope Mr. Carlson and other conservatives will consider this next time they debate with a person of color.


I’m a Gay Black Man & I Support Trump

Yes a gay black man supports Trump

The liberal media constantly paints Trump supporters as racist neo-nazis. They say because they support him that conservatives must be of the same creed. Many American communists voted for Hillary Clinton. Does that mean that most of Clinton’s supporters are communists? The liberal media is punishing Trump for even daring to condemn the violence of left wing protesters at Charolottesville.  It’s only wrong when conservatives do it apparently.  Well let me tell you I am an openly gay black man who voted for Trump and would do it again 10x. I am not alone either.

Why  a gay black man voted for Trump

I am an openly gay black male so I’m a very unlikely voter for Trump. Honestly it was one of the hardest voting decisions I’ve made in my entire life. It really came down the last second. The presidential race was first on the ballot. I skipped it. I had declared my support for Trump before on Quora but his remarks on women, his ‘locker room talk’ really disturbed me plus his refusal to release his tax returns. Once I finished voting for all the other offices and candidates I went back to the first question of who I wanted to vote for president. I was going to reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton but I just couldn’t. Aside from reasons I already stated in my previous answers Trump was the right choice for me because

1. It’s only sexist if men do it

The unfair treatment of men in our overtly politically correct pop culture is irksome to me. An example if a man brings a foreign women over here and he abuses her she can leave him and the government will let her stay in the United States. However, if a foreign woman divorces her American husband as soon as her 10 yr green card comes in the mail then that’s his problem. The government’s attitude is he should’ve known her better before marrying her. Never mind that maybe the woman should’ve gotten to know her husband better to make sure he wasn’t an abuser prior to marring him also. We literally live in a society where it’s okay for a bunch of cackling women to laugh about a wife mutilating her husband because he asked her for a divorce on national television.

Yet if Donald Trump talks about ‘pussy’ he’s blasted as a monster. I didn’t like the locker room talk but lets be honest. Women talk shit about men too. I’m around women all the time and I hear things like ‘oh he had a small penis’ ‘he didn’t hit it right’ or ‘he doesn’t have a butt’ and that’s perfectly fine. If you go to youtube there’s a ton of videos of women declaring that ‘size matters!’ and that’s fine. But if man says breast size matters to him he’s declared a male chauvinist pig. Then there’s the 79 cents of the dollar claim that feminists love to tout. Yet no feminist has been able to answer me if companies were really able to pay women less than men for the same work then why don’t the money grubbing profit driven corporations only hire women? I felt that Trump was a statement against that.

2. Illegal immigration

I have been to many different countries and spent a significant amount of time in two in particular. Each time I was contributing to their economies by working or spending money there. Yet I still went through their expensive and arduous immigration procedures. If I had questioned them I would’ve been considered an ‘arrogant American’. How dare these people come in here illegally and then demand rights and money from the government. The United States is the most generous country to illegal immigrants that I have seen on Earth but its still not enough for them. It’s not even PC now to say illegal immigrant. We can’t acknowledge that they broke the law. We have to call it ‘undocumented’. I’m sick of the democratic party pandering to these people and their descendants. They get free health care in some scenarios while our veterans who put their lives on the line for our nation are literally dying waiting for treatment. There are millions of people that endure our immigration system and come here legally every year. So should they. #buildthewall

3. Inner cities

The inner cities have been controlled by democrats for decades and yet black poverty has worsened. The young black male unemployment rate in NYC is near 45%. Black income declined under Obama. [eafl id=”5873″ name=”Walter Williams” text=”Black unemployment”] in Blue states such as CA and NY is more than double that of white employment. Young Black Men Are the First to go With Minimum Wage Hike . The liberal solution to every problem is to throw other peoples’ money at it. How about letting people work to solve their own problems? I used to work for a government funded after school tutoring agency. This agency provided high quality in home tutoring for struggling low income students free of charge to the families. But very expensive to the tax payer of course. There were times when I’d show up at the family’s home and they weren’t even there. Parents wouldn’t return calls to set up an initial appointment. All this despite the fact that their child couldn’t read or do basic math. I showed up at one home to tutor a 12 y/o Hispanic boy that had only a 3rd grade reading level and waited 45 minutes for the family to show up. I only was required to wait 15 by the way. Finally they decided to show up. They told me ‘oh sorry we were at the park’. Government can’t solve every problem and the tax payers can’t make good parents. Ironically the families that were actually paying for my services out of their own pockets ALWAYS showed up. They didn’t miss one appointment because they knew the policy was if they didn’t cancel in 24 hours they still had to pay. When you just give people things they don’t value them. Everyone seems to understand that except for democratic politicians.

4. The arrogance of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment itself

You know only in politics can you do a bad job at something and then expect a promotion and a raise. Clinton was one of the worst Secretaries of State we have ever had and I really mean that. During her tenure a US ambassador was killed in the line of duty. The first time in almost half a century that has happened. The FBI classified her handling of sensitive government information as ‘grossly negligent’ and that she ‘created a culture of carelessness’ in the state department. It’s well known she was one of the biggest war mongers in the entire cabinet of president Obama. People who tried to convince me to vote for Hillary kept citing her experience but I always retorted: What experience? Experience in failure?

Further Reading

Think Outside of the Box 

As you can see these are my reasons for supporting Trump. If you liked this article consider becoming a member of the rainbow right. We are a diverse group of people who support our President despite the liberal media lies.


Young Black Men are First to Go with Minimum Wage Hike

“for each 10 percent increase in the federal or state minimum wage employment for young Black males decreased 6.5 percent.”

With the fight for 15 gaining steam across the country we already are seeing the consequences in Seattle. So far about 5000 jobs have been lost and the workers that can least afford it have taken a $125 a month pay cut. What the popular articles don’t talk about is who is hurt the most by these consequences? The data is in: Black teens.

…a report found that for each 10 percent increase in the federal or state minimum wage employment for young Black males decreased 6.5 percent. By contrast, after the same wage boost, employment for white and Hispanic males fell respectively just 2.5 percent and 1.2 percent.

BET News 

The reason has got to be racism right? Wrong. Even BET doesn’t claim that. The reason is black teens dominated fields such as fast food and service industry which are the most affected by minimum wage hikes. The politically popular move to increase the minimum wage hurt the Black community the most. Boy has it been hurt. Up  to 50% of young black men in Chicago are literally doing nothing. They’re not in school or working. It’s 20% for young Hispanic men.  This democratic strong hold has done everything it can to strangle business and drive out the very jobs that these young men do.

The left is too smart to understand simple economics

If you’re an employer the reason you hire employees is to make a profit off of their labor. That means their labor has to cost less than you earn from it. When you raise the wage rate it makes it less and less profitable to hire someone.  If you had a choice over a college grad with a useless degree in Gender Studies but still has a degree or high school drop out with a criminal record and spotty work history at best who would you choose? Minimum wage crowds out young black men because it forces them to compete with more educated, older, better established people (including other blacks).  The situation is worse for gay Blacks as the Williams Institute (a liberal think tank) found that unemployment for LGBT blacks was considerably higher than their heterosexual counterparts.

Everyone understands that except for the leftist elites. They’re too smart to get that anytime you make something more expensive people will buy less of it. That’s why you see way more Hondas than Ferrarris on the road. Even something with a demand curve as inelastic as gasoline. When gas hit $5 a gallon public transit use spiked in the US.  If labor is really exempt from this economic law as the left claims it is then how come most middle class families no longer have maids? Why do movie theaters no longer have ushers or elevators have human operators? Automation is expensive and requires a huge upfront investment. That must mean the businessmen that do it have concluded that the high upfront cost is worth the labor savings.

Finally an anecdote. I live in the Philippines. There’s a McDonalds (or MacDo as they call it here) near me that’s open 24 hours and employs about 100 workers in a single restaurant. Yes 100 workers! An American McDonalds employs about 30 depending upon the traffic.

But yeah  minimum wage doesn’t lead to less jobs…

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