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California-Everything That’s Wrong with Liberalism

California liberal policies don’t work for most people

California is the nation’s liberal Vatican. It has voted for democratic presidential candidates for the last 20 years. Limiting people’s constitutional rights to bear arms is a boast in this state. More importantly conservatives essentially have no voice. While there are some conservative areas they are far overruled by the liberal bastions of the San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles. The legislature is 2/3 Democrat with a Democratic governor.  California is often hailed as the poster child of liberal politics as it is the 6th largest economy in the world with some impressive job growth numbers. But lets look deeper. Most of that job growth is in the San Francisco bay area tech sector and most Californians are not qualified to do those jobs. This is why California must constantly import immigrants from Asia to fill those jobs.  Here are some startling truths that you probably haven’t been told about California.

California liberal policy outcomes

On poverty

California has the nations highest poverty rate? source


California has nation’s least affordable housing? source


California has the nation’s highest income inequality despite a high minimum wage? source



On Education

Despite 40% of the State’s budget going towards education California students have some of the lowest test scores in the nation across the income spectrum? source


Despite American student debt reaching 1.31 trillion dollars California liberals give illegal immigrants free college tuition? source


California has some of the highest racial educational achievement gaps? source


On Debt

California has approximately 1 trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities?  source


On Economics

California’s Black unemployment rate is more than double that of whites? source


California is and has been ranked consistently as the worst state to do business? source


The California state government exempts itself and local governments from having to follow its own draconian labor laws? source


On Infrastructure

California has some of the nation’s worst traffic despite all the billions of dollars spent on useless public transportation projects? source


Despite having the some of the highest taxes in the nation California still has some of the worst roads? source



On Healthcare

Despite Medi-Cal being plagued with a shortage of doctors willing accept the insurance due to abysmal reimbursement rates California still has money to give illegal immigrants free health care? source

Check mate! 

California Liberal policies are well intended with drastic consequences

California liberal policies are often well intended but they almost always have drastic unintended consequences. We know, pretty much without a doubt, that economic freedom is the key to solving poverty. Let’s look at Venezuela which has the lowest economic freedom score on the conservative heritage foundation’s economic freedom index and compare it to Chile which has the highest. It’s no surprise that Chile is the richest country in Latin America while Venezuela is one of the poorest. The government does have a role to play in economics. Namely protecting a nation from foreign invaders, enforcing contracts, some infrastructure investments, and enforcing the rule of law. Beyond that the government shouldn’t do much else. We see the drastic consequences every time it does more.

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