Gun Control Legislation’s Racist Roots

Gun control legislation is racist?! WTF?!

When I first saw that on a pro gun youtube video I was shocked. Gun control legislation is a baby of the left. The same left that calls anything that disagrees with it racist. Surely gun control couldn’t be racist.  Surely this is just some pro-gun propaganda…

I did some googling and it turns out gun control does indeed have a racist roots!

Gun control’s racist roots

The Virginia colony prohibited slaves from owning guns.

After being emancipated as a result of the Civil War the southern states passed laws known as the “Black Codes”. These laws were among other things were meant to disarm Blacks to enforce white supremacy.

In 1967 after the Black Panther party ‘invaded’ California’s capital building in Sacramento then governor Reagan signed the Mulford Act which prohibited carrying firearms in public places

In 1968 Richard Nixon signed the Gun Control Act of 1968 which prohibited so-called ‘Saturday Night Specials’. These where cheap low grade hand guns mostly utilized in minority communities at the time.

Both of these 1960’s laws were given the nod by the National Riffle Association if that was due to bigotry in the organization at the time is unknown.

However, since then the NRA has changed it tune, vehemently opposing virtually all attempts to limit gun ownership in the United States.

After Philando Castille was shot by a police officer the NRA released the following statement:

“[The NRA] proudly supports the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms for defense of themselves and others regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation”.

-National Riffle Association

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Black gun ownership is on the rise

Gun ownership amongst Blacks is on the rise and for a very good reason. The majority of murders in America occur in predominantly African American neighborhoods.

As already discussed in my Defense of the Second Amendment article the police cannot and should not be counted on to protect individuals.

Current racism in gun control

There are numerous studies that demonstrate that overall many Americans fear Blacks. Notice I said Americans not just white Americans.  In some ways the fear may be justified. Sadly, 52.5% of all murders in America are committed by Blacks. However, those murders were largely drug related and the victims were other Blacks.

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If anything Blacks are more so justified to fear other Blacks than whites are to fear Blacks.

We must ask ourselves though. Since there is an overall fear of Blacks could the left’s vehement push to take away our freedom to own a firearm be rooted in the same fear and racism that it was in this country’s past?

They will of course deny this as they want the laws applied to all citizens not just Blacks. Lets say, God forbid, they do managed to get confiscation through. Which neighborhoods do you think would receive of the strongest enforcement of the new laws?

Relatively low crime wealthy largely white neighborhoods or high crime impoverished Black neighborhoods?

Bitch Tricks Her Teacher in Sending Nudes – Then Shares Them

Catfish Gate

A student in North Carolina tricked her French teacher into sharing his nudes with her on grindr and then sent them to classmates.

The original article

A high school student from North Carolina accused of “catfishing” her teacher on Grindr and then sharing his nude photos with classmates has been found not guilty.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, 16-year-old Brittney Renee Luckenbaugh and her friend, Brian Joshua Anderson, obtained the teacher’s picture after misrepresenting themselves on Grindr.

Luckenbaugh created a fake profile pretending to be a 19-year-old man. Then she looked for her French teacher on Grindr. Upon discovering him, she struck up a conversation. The chatted a bit before moving over the Snapchat.

After getting the teacher to send her three naughty photos of himself, Luckenbaugh forwarded the images to Anderson, who then shared it with five other students.

As a result, the teacher was suspended without pay then reassigned to another school where, he says, “the only way to communicate with a student was through a camera.”

During testimony, he called the entire situation “very distressing.”

To add insult to injury, the teacher was then forced defend his use of the app to the court.

“Grindr is a dating site and a hook up site,” he testified. “I was using it for more than a hook up site. I’m too old to play. I was looking for more than that.”

Lawyer Matt Silva, who represented Luckenbaugh, said the state couldn’t prove she intended to humiliate her teacher. He also argued that the man didn’t have a right to privacy after sending images to a stranger.

In the end, the judge sided with Luckenbaugh, who broke down sobbing on her mother’s shoulder after hearing the not guilty verdict.

Afterwards, Silva told media, “There are no winners in this situation. My client did not intend to have those pictures circulated around the school and we hope everyone can move on past this horrible situation.”


What do you think?

Do you think she should’ve been found not guilty? Should the  teacher have known better than to send his nudes?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Left’s Next Victim…Pedophiles

Conservatives have been saying for a long time that pedophilia would be the left’s next victim. This is one time I am saddened that they were right.

In the last couple of years far left publications like ‘Cracked’ and “Vice” have released articles defending pedophilia.

In these modern times of ‘shock and awe’…I guess you can call it…journalism I can’t say I’m surprised. Clearly these publications are just trying to draw attention–and advertiser revenue–to themselves.  In this case its worked.

As a responsible human being I feel I have a duty to protect our children even if it means giving abhorrent publications like “Cracked” attention.

There are pedophiles in the world who don’t molest children, and never will. No one disputes that fact. So what portion of pedophiles actually victimize kids?

There’s even a new PC term for pedophiles. “MAPs” or Minor-Attracted-Persons.

…it’s a little like growing up and realizing there’s something about you that makes it impossible for other people to love you. Imagine growing up under circumstances where you can never truly give love in a way that is legal or considered normal by others.

And here comes the victimization of pedophiels

Dr. Cantor countered by pointing out that most of the evidence that sex offenders commit sex offenses due to some past trauma

Here’s the thing leftists

We know that pedophilia is a mental disorder and we also know there is no cure for it. By victimizing and thus normalizing pedophilia we only give license  to even more intrepid pedophiles to act on their urges.

There have been countless interviews of pedophiles who said they know what they do is wrong they just can’t stop. It’s just like serial killers.  Infamous serial killer Jeffery Dalmer stated many times that he just couldn’t help himself. He didn’t like killing but it was an uncontrollable urge.

Sex is one of the most powerful drives we as a species have. That means if one is sexually attracted to children those urges are almost impossible not to act on at least once in life.

In additional many leftists want to connect pedophilia to the LGBT movement which besides being incredibly offensive just proves the ignorant bigots  who opposed to gay marriage right.

All along the gay rights movement has said that we want legal recognition for relationships between consenting adults! Not fucking pedophiles that harm the most vulnerable members of our society.

What happens to molested children

Edgar Mendoza Illegal Immigrant Pedophile

From Veteran’s Affairs PTSD Website:

Almost every child sexual abuse victim describes the abuse as negative. Most children know it is wrong. They usually have feelings of fear, shock, anger, and disgust. A small number of abused children might not realize it is wrong, though. These children tend to be very young or have mental delays. Also some victims might enjoy the attention, closeness, or physical contact with the abuser. This is more likely if these basic needs are not met by a caregiver. All told, these reactions make the abuse very hard and confusing for children.

If childhood sexual abuse is not treated, long-term symptoms can go on through adulthood. These may include:

  • PTSD and anxiety.

  • Depression and thoughts of suicide.

  • Sexual anxiety and disorders, including having too many or unsafe sexual partners.

  • Difficulty setting safe limits with others (e.g., saying no to people) and relationship problems.

  • Poor body image and low self-esteem.

  • Unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, self-harm, or eating problems. These behaviors are often used to try to hide painful emotions related to the abuse.

But the left attempts once again to normalizing pedophilia. The loony left website salon  published an article stating that child sexual abuse is ‘rarely’ frightening, overwhelming,  [and] painful’.

How pedophiles should be dealt with

A few months ago I planted some green bell pepper seeds. I watered them, made sure they got plenty of sunlight, but they just didn’t produce any vegetables. My neighbor in on the other hand got some new peppers that we both enjoyed in some fajitas him and his girlfriend made.

So what happened?

I just got some bad seeds. There’s nothing I could’ve done to make those seeds produce the right results . The same with pedophiles.  They are simply bad seeds and there’s not much that can be done for them other than castration (oh yeah an overwhelming majority of pedophiles are male).

It’s sad but our children must come first. We all know someone who has been molested. I wouldn’t wish that on the worst person I can think of. I’ll give you a hint her first name starts with H and last name with C.

Pedophiles should be castrated on the first offence and executed on the second.

Children come first.


In Defense of Our 2nd Amendment

On Wednesday September 14th one of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place in Parkland Florida.  A deranged very troubled teenager bought an AR-15 rifle and use it to kill some of his classmates and teachers.

The left had no shame in nor has wasted any time turning this tragedy into a talking point for their anti freedom agenda.

They’ve even gone so far as to champion a blatantly disrespectful teenager that made one of the most disrespectful tweets towards a sitting president I’ve ever seen.

In response to the president offering his condolences to her and her fellow victims. Ms. Sarah Chadwick tweeted:

The tweet was made viral by Hollywood elitist Olaf from Frozen aka Josh Gadd. There is no depth too deep for liberal elites that wish to push their propagandist message and lifestyle on all of us.

What the liberals want

It is propaganda in fact. Anytime you turn on CNN or any other liberal machine you’ll hear phrases like

“we’re only asking for sensible gun control”

“What’s wrong with protecting our children with sensible gun laws?”

What they never tell you is what exactly constitutes ‘sensible gun laws’? Are they referring to the assault rifle ban?  According to the neutral fact checking website the assault rifle ban had ‘mixed’ results at best.

We all know that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in nation and yet still has one of the highest murder rates as does Washington DC.

Of course the liberals will say that’s because people bring in guns from other states that respect the second amendment like Indiana but that’s a point against gun control not for it.

Remember Al Capone folks…

Let’s imagine for a moment that they manage to get the second amendment repealed (which is what they really want).  Okay; so the second amendment is gone and all guns are illegal in America. Only the cops (which they ironically seem to hate) will be allowed to have guns.

It wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop violent crime!


Because it will have the same effect as banning alcohol and drugs did. It will create a huge black market for firearms.  Most people don’t know that murder actually went up during prohibition because alcohol prohibition created a big network of organized crime.

Think Al Capone folks!

You think the drug cartels wanted marijuana to be legal?


It severely cut into their profits which was actually one of the talking points of the leftists that wanted to legalize pot.

Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that the same people that want to give drugs to our kids want to ban our right to protect them?

Even the liberal Washington Post had to admit that there was ‘zero correlation between state homicide rate and state gun laws’.

California vs Texas

Everyone knows I love to do California vs Texas comparisons.  So here it goes . In addition to having cleaner air, a much lower poverty rate, Texas also has a slightly gun death rate than California.

Related: California Everything That’s Wrong With Liberalism

People not guns


As you can see the problem isn’t the guns its a tiny fraction of people that own guns. We must deal with those people and not punish everyone else by taking away their freedom.

What’s next?

Knife control?

Baseball bat control?

Or maybe even pillow control?

Oh I’ve got it! Hand control!

All those things are known to have been used as a weapon by people wishing to commit a crime. At what point does it stop?

You have no right to police protection!

A really sad SCOTUS Case: Warren vs District of Columbia

The skinny of it is that two men broke into the home of two women in Washington DC . They called the cops and the dispatcher assured them that help was on the way.

The help never came and the women ended up being robbed, beaten, and rapped by the intruders. They of course sued the DC police department.

The supreme court ruled that the police were harmless as there is no legal right to police protection by individuals. In other words the supreme court has said ‘you’re on your own’!

Frankly every single women should have a concealed carry permit. Every man too for that matter.

Hold your representatives accountable!

Just as we did in 1776 if we want our freedom we must fight for it. You can help in the fight by holding your elected representatives accountable!

Primary season is coming up in less than a month in some states. If you are fortunate enough to be represented by a republican make sure he or sure understands that if they vote for *any* sort of so-called ‘gun control’ legislation that there will be consequences come voting time!

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father of the United States of America


The Rainbow Right RIPS Into Queen Rippon!

Today I want to talk about Adam Rrrippon (sounds like a damn sandwich spread)

For those of you who live under a rock or just smart enough not to pay much attention to the lame stream media. Adam Rippon is an openly gay ice skater and the first to represent the US in the Olympics that made quite a name for himself not for being the first openly gay US Olympic athlete, no that wasn’t good enough for her. 

She got herself into the spotlight by ripping into our president and vice president and refusing to meet with the Vice President.

“Mike Pence doesn’t stand for anything that I really believe in.”

Well who the fuck cares what you believe Miss Rrrippon?! You are a US Olympic athlete!

You represent our country including its leaders regardless of how you feel personally! I’m sure some of those donors that fund your little prancing around on frozen water are republicans who voted for President Trump!

What Miss Rrrrippon was referring to was the fact that Vice President Pence championed religious freedom legislation. Because you know religious freedom is a constitutional right in this America despite what liberal elites and the lame stream media want to believe.

People should have the right to practice their non-violent religion regardless of whether or not Miss Adam Rippon or any of the social and political elites agree.

Liberals hate Christianity but love Islam :S

It never ceases to amaze me how leftists and liberals love to mock and attack Christians but defend Islam that wants to kill them.

Doesn’t the left realize that ISIS wants people like queen Adam Rippon dead more than anything?

Man being thrown off a building for suspected homosexual conduct

And don’t give me that bullshit nonsense line that ‘oh its just the extremists’ either.

According to the Communist News Network aka CNN More than half of British Muslims (52%) think homosexuality should not be legal, and nearly half (47%) think it is not appropriate for gay people to teach in schools….”

Related: Islam is not Compatible with Gay Life

Okay Miss Rippon if you think our Vice President is so bad then why don’t you take your gay ass to Saudi Arabia and see if they’ll let you skate on their behalf.

Or lets see how you fair under an ISIS regime

Miss Rippon is ‘glamazon bitch’! LMAO!

Well you were at least half right miss Rippon.

You screwed up at the end of your routine and scored a bronze metal.


CNN Finally Got What Was Coming to It!

For the first time, that I can think of, in American history prominent news media figures  referred to the President of the United States–a sitting president mind you–as ‘a racist’!

CNN talking morons Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon  called President Donald Trump a racist on more than one occasion and have doubled down on their sensationalist claims.

In another article I address whether or not the President really is a racist.

Of course he isn’t!

CNN declared war on the Trump Administration to save its dwindling ratings

This is just another example of a sensationalist media outlet trying to squeeze some extra dollars out of  it’s advertisers.

For years CNN ratings have been on the decline. Being beaten by Fox News and sometimes even by the loony left-wing network MSNBC!

In a desperate move to salvage their ratings CNN CEO Jeff Zucker decided to take the network in an activist anti-Trump direction. Abandoning pretty much all of their journalistic principles in order to make a quick buck.

The network didn’t just tilt anti-Trump they essentially declared war on the Trump administration.

The network published highly misleading stories:

On November 6, 2017, CNN ran a story entitled “Trump asks Japan to build cars in the U.S. It already does.” The story included only a partial quote from President Trump stating that he would like Japan (more) to make cars in America.

However, CNN originally omitted the remainder of his statement congratulating two Japanese automakers for investing more money in the US to build another factory.

Even the liberal The Washington Post took notice and called them out! The Post called the headline “snarky,” and told the network, and others, to stop “cherry-picking the quote.”

CNN even published outright lies:

In January 2017 they regurgitated a BuzzFeed lie that the Russians had a sex tape orgy of Trump with Russian prostitutes

In June of 2017 CNN published a demonstrably false story that connected Trump administration employee Anthony Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund.

Brian Stelter, has been the most aggressive at CNN when it comes to opposing President Trump. It’s unclear if the media team will be affected by the cutbacks to CNN Money.

“Stelter used to be a top-notch media reporter. Now, it’s like he thinks his route to stardom is paved by attacking Trump. He’s obsessed with claiming Trump is mentally ill and talking about ‘Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment.’ That’s not journalism. It’s activism,” Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News.

Fox News

Their tactics backfired

The sad thing is for a while it worked.  2017 was CNN’s best year ever insofar as total audience was concerned with a 779,000 total viewer average.

But that wasn’t enough; the network still came in 3rd and just yesterday (02/13/2017) the network announced ‘cut backs’ including layoffs of about 50 employees.

Vanity fair reports the the network missed its revenue targets by ‘tens of millions of dollars’.

CNN’s previously unheard of extreme anti-Trump bias has caused viewers to retreat to other networks namely FNC which finished #1 in 2017.


California Republican Congressional Hopeful Is Hot!

Hottie Antonio Sabato Jr. came out as a Trump supporter at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

“I think it’s important to put the country first, the American people first,” the Republican candidate said. “I support any president because I want the best for this country; the American people come first in my book and I believe that this president puts the American people first.”

Anthony Sabato Jr. Speech at the Republican National Convention

He said on a recent appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood. That’s no surprise to anyone that’s been paying attention.

The general hospital star is now running for congress! It’d be great to have another fellow conservative win a seat from the liberal Vatican that is California . This is his website for congress.

In the mean time at least we get some nice eye candy!

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Is President Trump Really a Racist?

“The President is a Racist!”

Those are the words exclaimed by CNN anchors Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper on prime time television. For the first time in history a major news network referred to a sitting president of the United States as a racist.

When Theodore Roosevelt condemned Japanese Americans to internment camps for no other reason than their race he wasn’t declared a racist. When Lyndon Johnson referred to Blacks are ‘niggers’ he wasn’t declared a racist on prime time TV either.

Is Donald Trump a racist? What has he done that was so dire that it rose to a major network declaring him a racist on prime time TV?

Calling someone a racist is one of the worst insults one can dish out in this day and age.  As a gay black politically aware male I’m especially sensitive to accusations of racism or homophobia. Therefore in this piece I take the time to examine whether or not President Donald Trump is a racist.

Who I am

Before we begin I wanted to start off talking about my background that way you will get a better idea of my perspective. 

As stated previously I am an openly gay black male. I have fought for same-sex marriage and will continue to do so.


I am a world traveler!


Having been to almost all four corners of the world I understand multiculturalism and have seen the beauty that non-American cultures have created. I’ve also seen many other things as well…


Racism is a heavy charge

Someone being racist is one of the worst things a person can be in my eyes. I put a racist in roughly the same category as a perpetual thief or maybe even a rapist.

Therefore like any heavy charge there needs to be heavy evidence and of course the burden of proof is on the accuser.

So let’s address  their accusations and the evidence  they present  of racism one-by-one shall we?

Donald Trump is a racist because he called Haiti and other ‘brown’ countries a shitholes

Is trump a racist?
A photo from a Haitian village

A couple of weeks ago the President’s off the cuff comments in a private meeting swept the nation by storm. Apparently in a private meeting he referred to Hati and other African nations as shitholes and asked why should we want immigrants from those places instead of from Norway.

Racism! Racism!

Is it racist to call Haiti and other ‘brown’ countries shitholes? No! They are shitholes!

Haiti is covered in garbage. Two thrids of its population lives on less than $2 a day (the UN standard for adjunct poverty) and it’s had coups 32 times since it declared independence from France in 1803!

It was frankly just gross to see Anderson Cooper and other CNN puppets cry contrived tears on TV about the President calling Haiti a shithole.

You want to see them really cry? Drop them off in downtown Port Au’ Prince and tell them they live there now.

The same goes for most of Saharan Africa which houses 69% of the world’s HIV infected population and accounts for 74% of all the world’s AIDS related deaths!

Some will say I’m missing the point. It’s not that he called those nations shitholes its that he said he doesn’t want immigrants from those shithole nations.   But I don’t think that’s racist either.

I’m weary of having immigrants from any country that embraces leftist socialist ideals (many of them white). Why? Because of their race? No. Its because I don’t want them bringing that garbage ideology over here.

We’ve got too many liberals here as it is. Why do we need more? Look at what the surge of Latino activist immigrants have done to California!

It was already left leaning before they came but an influx of left leaning Latino voters have made the state the nation’s liberal Vatican.

I am not racist against Latinos. Cubans are of the right mindset and helped Florida embrace economic freedom whereas immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador have helped push California to the far left.

So far to the left that they pass loony laws like making California a sanctuary state and that its okay to knowingly spread HIV.

Related: It’s Okay to Spread AIDS in California

Trump is a racist because he condemned counter-protesters in Charlottesville

A counter demonstrator uses a lighted spray can against a white nationalist demonstrator at the entrance to Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and police dressed in riot gear ordered people to disperse after chaotic violent clashes between white nationalists and counter protestors. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Lets start off by going over what happened in Charolettesville Virginia. On August 12th 2017 right wing groups, including some white supremacists held a rally to protest the removal of the confederate commander Robert E. Lee.

That’s their right in America.

A large group of counter protesters showed up to oppose the rally.

That’s also their right in America.

The two sides began to clash and Jason Alexander drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters.  President Trump then condemned ‘both sides’ .

Racism! Racism!

Is it really racism? Lets look at the facts. The main stream media, CNN specifically, tried to make it sound like the counter-protesters were singing coombayaa and that the white supremacists attacked them.

That’s just a lie.

The counter-protesters were aggressive and militant. Even going so far as to throwing bags of urine at the white supremacists.

Now, I’m certainly not sad to see white supremacists have urine thrown at them but let me ask you. How would you react if you had people throwing their piss at you and your friends and the police were doing nothing about it?

Jason Alexander was wrong and will probably spend the rest of his life in jail for what he did but why is it wrong for the president to condemn white supremacists as well as those throwing piss at people?

You know both sides…

Now of course CNN took sides (even though they claim to be neutral) by saying it was not a ‘moral equivalent’.

Yeah okay CNN how about I throw a bag of my piss at your people for reporting fake news and see how ‘morally equivalent’ you find that.

Trump is a racist because of his ‘Muslim ban’

The propagators of the trump is a racist narrative will point to the President’s executive order suspending immigration from certain largely Muslim nations  to the United States until we can get a better vetting system.

Racism! Racism! 

What the propagators neglect to mention is that the so-called ‘Muslim ban’ doesn’t affect 95% of the world’s Muslims.

Yeah some Muslim ban…

Also, its worth mentioning that cities with high densities of Muslim populations like Paris and London have experienced an increase in radical terrorism incidents while cities like Soul and Tokyo haven’t.

In fact according to Reuters incidents of terrorism that led to a fatality have increased by a factor of 15 in Europe since just 2012! 

Trump is a racist for criticizing illegal immigrants from Mexico

Is trump a racist?
Edgar Mendoza is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who is accused of raping a 6 y/o girl

It’s safe to safe most of us have heard the infamous words of one of the President’s early speeches.

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re rapists, they’re bringing crime …and some, I suppose, are good people.

President Trump

Racism! Racism!

Was this a nice thing to say? No!

Was it totally inaccurate? Also no! 

Was it ‘racist’? Hell no!

Meet Edgar Mendoza (photo above). He is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who raped a 6 year old girl in Maryland while she was in bed.

Edgar Mendoza, 32, is accused of breaking into a Trenton, N.J. home at about 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 19 and molesting a 6-year-old girl while she was in bed, according to the Trentonian. Her father realized something was amiss when he noticed an upstairs light was turned off, according to the Star Ledger.

When the father entered the bedroom, he found Mendoza on the young girl’s bed, police said. Mendoza leapt from the second-story window and ran off, police said. The father called police.

Fox News

Now we all know the left will say there was a study done that illegal immigrants commit less crimes than US citizens. The accuracy of this study is debatable for a number of reasons that I don’t have time to address here.

But even if that study is accurate so what? There are still illegal immigrants committing crime and those crimes wouldn’t have been committed had they not been here in the first place!

Lets see if your daughter is rapped and someone telling you that ‘illegal immigrants commit less crime than native born citizens’ gives you solace.

Now let us go into why Trump’s statement wasn’t racist. Let’s imagine a world where there is no race. Everyone is purple okay? Everyone still with me?

Okay now in this scenario you have country A and country B both of which are populated by purple people with no distinctive physical characteristics.

Now lets say that a candidate from country A says that some of those that arrive from country B are miscreants. There have also been very public examples of miscreant behavior from people in country B (like handing dead bodies from overpasses).

Does that make that person from country A ‘racist’?

No it doesn’t!

While the statement isn’t totally accurate it doesn’t make it racist. If you can make the same argument without applying race then the argument can’t be inherently racist.


While President Trump is not a racist in the definition that most of us carry he may be a ‘neo-racist’. A neo-racist is someone that says something that the left doesn’t agree with or that many don’t consider to be politically correct.

The constant shouts of racism by the left and its pals in the main stream media, especially CNN do nothing except dilute the term of ‘racism’.

Thanks to the likes of Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon the phrase ‘racist’, despite my earlier assertions, has lost almost all meaning.

Calling someone a racist is nothing more than a tired trope used to silence those that we disagree with or just plain don’t like.

That does more damage than true racism ever could in modern times.

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Guess What Perez Hilton is Complaining About Now…

“I’m still single” Nah really!? What a f*cking shock!

Normally I keep this blog about politics but this Perez Hilton Story got to me.  Apparently he’s complaining because he can’t get a man. A millionaire that can’t get a man is a sad story to say the least.

I hate to admit this but I’ve met Perez Hilton. I’ll say it. The guy doesn’t deserve to have a boyfriend. He’s annoying, selfish, only talks about himself and what kills me is, he’s not even that good looking. Forgive me if I got this wrong but aren’t ugly guys supposed to, you know, compensate for their lack of looks with some form of a personality?

Plus he strikes me as the type of guy who would give a date a STD and laugh at them while putting it on his site. As I said, there are some gay men who remain single for the better of the LGBTQ community. He’s one of them. UGH!

-Queerty Comment

I first heard about Perez Hilton after the Miss USA controversy when he asked Ms. California if she supported same-sex marriage. She answered honestly and said she didn’t.  He then responded by berating her by calling her a ‘dumb bitch’ on his vlog.

Hey Perez if you don’t want to hear the answer to a question then don’t freakin ask it! That’s like if I ask someone if they’re into Black guys, they say no, and then I get pissed!

These social justice activists kill me! Oh wait though. He just called a woman a ‘dumb bitch! Where was CNN and the other social justice mob bosses when that happened?!

But I’m digressing…

Perez encompasses everything I hate about the gay culture.

He’s bitchy

He’s a perpetual victim

He’s self absorbed


Last and least He cries when he doesn’t get his way…

Here is a clip of his whining because he got suspended from twitter. It demonstrates my points perfectly.

This is what leftist America wants us to be. A bunch of blubbering queens that cry when we don’t get our way.  It’s sad just sad.

That’s why we must stand up and let America know that we are not all socialist, sex obsessed, cry babies that can’t survive with unwavering attention.


What Omarosa Has to Say May not Shock You!

Recently fired white house employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman has done what she promised and is dishing the dirt on the Trump white house.

Most recently in celebrity big brother she indicated that ‘everything’s not gonna be okay’.

In other interviews she has said she would ‘never’ vote for Trump again.

Girl bye!

According to time, Omarosa Manigault-Newman was earning a salary of $179,700 per year. That’s the same as Steve Bannon and Sean Spricer!  What did the taxpayers get for all that money they were paying her?

Not much apparently…

The jury is still out on that one. From what I can tell her duties consisted of dressing nice and being some chocolate spice in the white house!

And spicy she was…

There are numerous reports that Omarosa is exceedingly difficult to work with and has a terrible attitude to boot. Multiple media sources say the white house chief of staff John Kelly has wanted her gone for months (probably since he became chief of staff).

Omerosa you had me fooled…

When Omerosa first came out as a conservative and announced that she was going to stump for Trump I and many other Black conservatives were so happy!

We always knew she was a show boater but we truly believed that she stood for our values.

I truly believed that she understood that with every minimum wage hike that Black unemployment increases by a proportional amount.

We truly believed that she understood that under liberal leadership the Black incarceration has skyrocketed.

Many of us thought that she understood that liberal supported abortion clinics kill more Black humans than the Atlantic slave trade ever did! 

We believed that she understood that democrats give us Obama phones while republicans give us jobs!

And most of all we thought you understood that the asinine race baiting only served to make people not want to be around us which hurts us, not helps us!

But apparently I was wrong. We were wrong. Now you go on this bullshit apology tour to try to help the other side because you’re a conniving self serving ‘w’itch?!

The race card

Is there any other card these days? Well the woman card I guess.

Seriously, the way it’s going in our society why even bother to have strategy counting your cards and trying to evaluate the hand of your opponent since when things don’t go well you can just play the race card?

Omarosa started to play the race card. She has already pointed out she was one of a few African Americans in the white house. Watch Don Lemon silence political commentator Scott Jennings with the race card for rightfully pointing out what we all know.

That Omarosa is a self interested sell out trying to make a quick buck. 

Go to 4:53


My message to Omarosa

This is my message to you, Omarosa:

Omarosa, darling.

You had a $180,000 per year job in which you had to do nothing. Okay, well you did have to do something. You just had to check your ‘tude ‘ , sit back, and cash the checks.

And you couldn’t even do that?!

Bitch what’s wrong with you?!

Now, of course, you’re just going to dish dirt and they may listen to you for awhile but once they get tired of listening and the people behind the scenes get tired of your attitude you’ll be the next ‘has been’.

Let us not forget your black ass has been fired three times from the apprentice and a forth from the white house.

My advice to you girl is to .

  1. Save your money!!
  2. Start your own business!
  3. Specifically start your own businesswhere you have to deal with as few people as possible because otherwise you won’t survive.

That’s it.

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