Why Latin America is Poor

The reason why Latin America is poor is largely cultural. Oh no!! Racist alert! Kick him off the internet!!

Hear me out please!

Certain cultures are more apt to embrace liberal/leftist ideas and mindsets than others. This is article will make the case for why Latin American poverty is mostly due to culture:

Exhibit A Venezuela vs. Chile:

Venezuela was once the richest nation in Latin America. With vast oil reserves they enjoyed great wealth and prosperity they were the envy of their neighbors. Venezuela was Latin America’s richest country and now it is in complete crisis — here’s how it fell apart Thanks to Hugo Chavez I think we all know that’s no longer the case

Chile by contrast was one of the poorest nations of Latin America they had mining but socialist governments prevented economic freedom from bringing overall prosperity.

Then something changed.

Chile brought in Augsto Pinochet. He was a staunch capitalist who ushered in economic freedom. He allowed people and companies to compete causing prices to go down while economic output went up. Chile then became the unquestioned economic leader in Latin America despite having a small population and being geographically isolated. Read about the Chilean economic miracle. Pinochet tried his best to keep the leftist culture at bay but eventually the leftists won and forced him out. The country still embraced economic freedom until Michelle Bachlet came into power. Michelle Bachlet Good for Gays Bad for Chile – She ushered in economic ‘reforms’ like socialized universities and more ridiculous government handouts. These combined with a decline in the price of copper (Chile’s main export) have dramatically hurt the country.

Exhibit B Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Vietnam has had more bombs dropped on it than any nation on Earth. To put it more plainly the US bombed the shit out of them. We did it to try to stop communism. Thanks to American leftists we were forced to withdraw suffering one of the most humiliating military defeats in our history. Ironically though communism didn’t last that long. Vietnam ended up embracing economic freedom . They are now one of the fastest growing nations (economically speaking) on Earth. Vietnam’s Economic Growth Surges to Above 7% as Exports Climb. Singapore & Hong Kong were also poor nations. Singapore was once just a random island in the middle of nowhere and Hong Kong was just a rock.

Why the culture difference? You see the Asian culture tends to value allegiance to authority, education, and hard work more than other cultures. We can take a look at something I enjoy; male sex symbols:


This is a Latin sex symbol. Notice the long hair, the tattoos, the rebellious look on his face. This guy screams “I follow no one’s rules!” and “I don’t have a job!”. Why Latin America is poor could be lately attributed to this guy.


Contrast that to what makes = women in Asia moist. You see the short & well groomed hair, professional attire, non-threatening smile, the light skin indicating he doesn’t spend much time outside rather he’s inside working.





These two images demonstrate the difference in culture. When you have a culture that embraces rebellion and being rebellious and ‘tough’ is what can get a guy laid that’s what many men will do.

Latin America has a protest always question authority culture. They protest over the smallest even most common sense reforms. For example in Mexico Pina Nieto passed a series of basic reforms for example that teachers could no longer sell their credentials to their children and the teacher’s union protested even that! I’m not kidding! There is a sense of entitlement in the mindsets of a lot of people (but not all) in Latin America.

Now for some anecdotes

I’ve been an expat in Latin America & in Asia. There are simply different mindsets. Let’s contrast Mexican gold diggers with Filipino ones. In Mexico I would have guys just message me on facebook out of the blue and ask:

“necesito dinero me puedes dar?” “I need money can you give it to me?”. I would ask in exchange for what? They would unashamedly say “pues quiero dinero a cambio de nada” “I want money money in exchange for nothing”.

I think they knew it was unlikely I would acquiesce but to even have the balls to ask for money like that is abhorrent in my view. Now Filipino gold diggers will say “Oh I love you lots I cook for you clean for you blah blah” even though in reality that may not happen at least they had the decency to offer something in return.

Now of course all cultures have beggars that want something for nothing but again I’ve never experienced people directly saying they wanted money in exchange for nothing until I lived in Latin America. That fits right into the paradigm of socialism. “You have more than I do so I’m entitled to some of what you have even if I didn’t earn it”. Its no wonder you see constant protests and advocacy for taking what others have worked for in order to give it to those that did nothing. So long as the culture of certain areas embraces the ‘I want something for nothing’ mindset they will always be poor and always be protesting.

If you want to know more

If you are truly interested to understand how economic freedom brings prosperity for a nation read this book: Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty eBook: Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo: Kindle Store

Not All Alike Fight for Similar Causes

An Essay

For my entire life I have heard liberals talk about “people of color.” At first, I wasn’t sure what they were referring to because the closest thing I had ever heard of “people of color” was “colored” which simply meant “black.” I later learned that “people of color” is the name for the concept that all racial minorities are somehow one and are in this battle to fight white supremacy. This puzzled me because I, as a black man, had never thought of myself as “a person of color” before. The liberals then told me that I was “of color” simply by virtue of not being white. I felt that this idea was silly at the time and I have tried to wrap my mind around it by attending conferences and hanging out with these liberals, but now, nearly two years later, I still think it is just as silly as when I first heard it.

I feel this way because there is simply no such thing as a specific “person of color!” I don’t recall ever meeting a person whose skin color is clear. Every single human being has some sort of color, so how can they say that only certain people can qualify to be “of color?”

The idea that all the ethnic minorities are somehow united in this struggle for equality is equally as silly. In Los Angeles, many Hispanics are moving into what were traditionally black neighborhoods and a battle between the two races has ensued. I remember reading a quote from a young Hispanic man when he was asked about the situation; he simply replied “Fuck those niggers, this is our neighborhood now!”

It’s not just the Hispanics either; many Asians have racial differences with blacks. Asians are known to be “the model minority,” as they seem to have shown the most willingness to assimilate into American culture. Unfortunately, a part of that American culture is looking down upon or having a negative view of blacks. I have personally encountered more racist Asians in my lifetime than I have racist whites.

These liberal fascists also expect that as a person of color, I’m supposed to accept certain aspects of our society, such as the homosexual lifestyle, the constant disrespect for our southern border or PC thuggery. For the record, I do accept gays and support limited legal immigration. However, I know many black brothers and sisters who do not support such things. In an Internet forum for black students on Facebook, one girl said homosexuality was “disgusting. I saw Brokeback mountain yesterday while eating lunch and I almost threw up!” In addition, I am black and I absolutely do not support illegal immigration into the United States.

A lot of these liberals want to control the population, and me, by controlling our language. What is their tool for this? Political correctness thuggery, otherwise known as PC thuggery. As described in 1984 by George Orwell, one of the best methods of mind control is to control language. In the novel, the government deletes certain words from the vocabulary that go against its goals just the same as the liberal fascists do on this campus. For example, I’ve been told, very sternly, that the words “girls,” “ladies” and “Hispanic” are all offensive and should not be used. What is interesting is that the people who told me this do not say it is offensive to them personally; they always seem to say it is offensive to the group they claim to represent. I know plenty of females who refer to themselves as “girls.” My mother taught me to open the door for a female and say “ladies first,” and a friend from up north always refers to himself as “Hispanic” and not Latino, despite the fact that the liberal fascists of this campus say it is the proper way to refer to them.

My question is, why does my skin color oblige me or any other supposed “person of color” to accept any of these liberal ideas? The fact is that the liberal activists on this campus who claim to represent us do not. They are only representing themselves and their own political power aspirations. The professors who speak from an ivory tower that have served as their inspiration are simply out of touch with their own communities and they do not represent their respective communities.

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California – It’s Okay to Spread Aids

With the stroke of a pen California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law. A law that’s one step closer to making it okay to spread the HIV virus.

From felony to misdemeanor

HIV Home Test from amazon.com
HIV Home Test from Amazon.com

The law changes the penalty if a person with HIV knowingly has unprotected sex (risking their lives) with someone and doesn’t disclose from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The rational is that ‘with effective HIV treatment its next to impossible to transmit the virus’. The key  word in that sentence is ‘effective treatment’. HIV treatment is a process. There’s a common misconception that it’s ‘pop a pill a day and the HIV goes away’.

Um no it doesn’t…

It can take months or even years to to find effective treatments depending upon the strand of HIV that a person is infected with.

Then there’s the little publicized fact that drug resistant HIV strands are emerging.

…more than 10% of people who are starting antiretroviral therapy in their country have a strain of the virus that’s resistant to the drugs used to treat it. source World Health Organization 


Increasing HIV drug resistance trends could lead to more infections and deaths. Mathematical modelling shows an additional 135 000 deaths and 105 000 new infections could follow in the next five years if no action is taken, and HIV treatment costs could increase by an additional US$ 650 million during this time. source World Health Organization 

New law encourages recklessness

One of the biggest deterrents to contracting HIV was and still is the stigma. In many circles having HIV is still a dating death sentence. This law is attempting to remove that stigma. However, it can be argued that the stigma is one of the last remaining forces we have to discourage reckless behavior. Now that a person infected with the HIV virus no longer has to disclose his status HIV might as well become the new common cold.

Oh wait…

There’s no cure for HIV. While, thankfully, we have developed more and more effective treatments against HIV it can’t be cured and having HIV is not the cake walk many people think it is. The medicines still have horrible side effects including vomiting, nausea, headache, and more source: national institute of health and science .  

The reality is once a person stops treating they die. There are still many people that decide they’d rather die than live under an HIV anti-retro viral regime.

Condoms from amazon.com

Its not just HIV

Graphic from CDC

With the increased recklessness as demonstrated by this report of lack of condom use we get transmissions of other STI’s.  While HIV transmissions are going down thanks to new and improve drugs rates of other STI infections are going up.  According to live science:

In 2016, a total of more than 2 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were reported in the United States, according to the report, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s the highest number of cases ever reported for these three STDs combined since the agency began tracking STDs in 1941. source livescience

We’ve spent so much time and effort educating about HIV we forgot about all the other STI’s.

Many gay men have the misconception that because they’re on Prep its okay to have unprotected sex with many partners.

If you think you may have been exposed to an STI but don’t want to go to a clinic you can get an STI Home Test Kits for Men from Amazon.com 

California what were you thinking?

There is nothing but sympathy for those with HIV. They are our brothers and sisters and should not be treated as lepers. We can achieve this through  increased education. But to suggest that anyone can knowingly expose an innocent person to this horrible virus with little to no consequence is nothing short of lunacy. People have a right to know if they are being exposed to a life changing disease and make the decision for themselves.   This law takes away the right of the many to be informed to protect the egos of the few.  Good job California.