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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Why Latin America is Poor

The reason why Latin America is poor is largely cultural. Oh no!! Racist alert! Kick him off the internet!! Hear me out please! Certain cultures are more apt to embrace liberal/leftist ideas and mindsets than others. This is article will make the case for why

Not All Alike Fight for Similar Causes

An Essay For my entire life I have heard liberals talk about “people of color.” At first, I wasn’t sure what they were referring to because the closest thing I had ever heard of “people of color” was “colored” which simply meant “black.” I later

California – It’s Okay to Spread Aids

With the stroke of a pen California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law. A law that’s one step closer to making it okay to spread the HIV virus. From felony to misdemeanor The law changes the penalty if a person with HIV knowingly