Support Free Speech at UC Berkeley

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
― George Orwell

Protect Free Speech Week

For months the leftist administration at the tax payer funded University of California at Berkeley have tried to come up with excuse after excuse to block free speech week on their campus. They didn’t respond to emails, made outrageous funding requests, and set arbitrary deadlines in order to stop free speech week from happening on campus.  Milo Yiannopoulos author of the best selling book Dangerous  (read it on a Kindle Fire) explains in this video all of the attempts the university has made thwart the event.
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Milo Yinnanpolus

Ann Coulter

The ‘never trumper’ disgrace Ben Shapiro

Nicholas Dirks

Anita Alvarez

Action Bronson

Emily Wong

John Brennan

Jason Riley

John Derbyshire

Suzanne Venker

Source Business Insider

This is but a small list of conservative voices that liberal university administrators have tried to or succeeded in silencing on university campuses. We cannot allow this to continue. These voices have a right to be heard regardless of what liberal administrators think or their friends in the main stream media.

“If you allow yourself to be silenced then you didn’t deserve to be heard in the first place”-Me

I am a gay black conservative and you better believe I’ve gotten a lot of flack for that. Including from my own family. I, however, have chosen to take the harder path and not allow myself to be silenced. Here’s a recent facebook post by me.

So I’ve had very well intentioned good hearted people ask me why I post some of the controversial things that I do on my facebook account. The reason is if we allow people to effectively silence opinions that they don’t like/agree with then we lose who we are as a society. The free discussion of ideas if what intellectualism is all about in my opinion.

One person commented in a private message that I was driving people away. He was right. But what he didn’t realize was I am also drawing new people towards me. Friendships come and friendships go but you’ll always have to live with yourself. I’d rather have to lose some friends than to know I was silenced by those that disagree with me. I can and have made new friends. I can never make a new me.

Edith Windsor-The Defeater of DOMA has Died

On September 12th 2017 Edith Windsor died. Most likely due to heart issues. Ms. Windsor is credited with defeating the so-called ‘defense of marriage act’ or DOMA in the landmark case Windsor v. United States.

Windsor v. United States

Edith Windsor at Washington DC Pride

When her wife died on February 5, 2009, Windsor became the executor and sole beneficiary of her estate, via a revocable trust. Windsor was required to pay $363,053 in federal estate taxes on her inheritance of her wife’s estate. Had federal law recognized the validity of their marriage, Windsor would have qualified for an unlimited spousal deduction and paid no federal estate taxes. She therefore sued the government claiming the defense of marriage act violated the 5th amendment. The Supreme Court agreed. In June of 2013 it issued a ruling that overturned section 3 (the meat) of DOMA. 

A patriot and a hero

Ms. Windsor has long been an LGBT activist. In June 1969, Windsor and  her spouse returned from a vacation in Italy to discover the Stonewall Riots had begun the night before. In the following years, the couple publicly participated in LGBT marches and events. They also lent their Cadillac convertible to LGBT rights organizations.

She volunteered for the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the East End Gay Organization,[3] the LGBT Community Center, 1994 Gay Games New York, and helped found Old Queers Acting Up, an improv group utilizing skits to address social justice issues. She served on the board of Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) from 1986 to 1988 and again from 2005 to 2007.

Windsor continued to be a public advocate for same-sex marriage in the years following United States v. Windsor. She helped Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Jerrold Nadler introduce the Respect for Marriage Act at a press conference in Washington, D.C. in 2011. She was also a prominent supporter of Israeli LGBT rights group A Wider Bridge.

Lets Talk Home Gyms

Let’s talk home gyms

You want to lose weight but you don’t want to join a gym? Maybe its because you don’t want to deal with the traffic, the hidden fees or the douchebag that won’t stop hogging your favorite machine? Then home fitness equipment may be the best option for you. A machine can guide you into doing the exercises right and prevent injury. You can exercise at anytime in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Here are some of our recommendations for best exercise home fitness equipment.

BowFlex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym–  Current Rating on Amazon 4.5 Stars

The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home gym is an entire gym in one compact innovative machine. At over 2k its not cheap but worth every penny! You can do over 70 different exercises to work out literally every since muscle in your body. Best of all it is not huge and bulky like other home gym machines so it can fit even in tight spaces. With its power rod resistance design you never have to change cables again when you change exercises. The power rod system eliminates the inertia and risk of joint pain/damage that comes from free weights. It includes a Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar , a 4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station , a Abdominal Crunch Shoulder Harness, 5-Way Hand-Grip/Ankle Cuffs ,  and much much more. 

What users loved:

The rod resistance technology was a lot more comfortable than free weights

The machine is quiet

The value-the price is small for the amount of exercises they could do

What users didn’t like:

Some said the rods lost resistance over time and they’re not warrantied

*It was difficult to find negative reviews for this machine

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BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym

 Bowflex PR1000Home Gym– Current Rating on Amazon 4.5 Stars

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is a more affordable version of the Xtreme 2SE. This machine will run you about 500 bucks. You can do 30 unique exercises on it rather than 70 but it still has the innovative pull rod technology. 

What users loved:

High quality product

The price is perfect for an entry level exerciser

Doesn’t over promise & under deliver

What users didn’t like:

This entry level model is not adequate for an athletic person

Customers felt it was inadequate for stringent leg exercses


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BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym

 BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym Current rating on Amazon 4.5 Stars

The BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym is a more typical home gym with traditional technology but compact. It is easily adjustable and comfortable for almost every user. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What users loved:

Easy to use

High quality materials and design

Strong construction

What users didn’t like:

Users reported that it was very difficult to assemble with terrible instructions. Most recommended you pay someone to assemble it. Consider that when comparing products

Limited to 10 pound increments. Mostly women had an issue with this limition

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Why Blacks, Latinos & Gays Should Be Conservatives

Why Blacks, Latinos, and Gays Should be Conservatives

As those of you who read this blog already know I am not just a conservative but I’m a gay black conservative. I’ve written another article about it if you want to read about why I voted for President Trump. The purpose of this article is to explain why my fellow peoples of color and sexual orientations should join me.

Blacks are poor

Blacks are poor. Despite decades of liberal policies 28% of blacks live below the poverty line compared to only 10% of whites, 12% of Asians, and 25% of Hispanics. The black unemployment rate remains near double that of whites.  This according to business insider. The next question is is that the liberals fault and if so how?  For this we will look at California the nation’s liberal Vatican. Conservatives essentially have no voice in this state and haven’t for the last 20-30 years.  Well in the Golden State the white median household  net worth is $240,000 while it is just 34k for Blacks. Educationally the achievement gap for Blacks verses other groups is not only astonishingly bad just sad.  The LA Times reports the English achievement gap between Blacks and Asians was 44% and in math it was a whopping 53%. I found the English achievement gap the most disturbing since most Asians are descendants of 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from English speaking countries.

Latinos are poor

Survival Kit from

Latinos I’m afraid you guys aren’t doing much better. 60.7% of Latino household virtually no savings and are considered liquid asset poor. That’s compared to only 28% of white households. Nearly 30% of Latino households live in poverty. Latino test scores in math declined nearly 50% and also suffer from high educational achievement gaps. Oh and 25% of Latinos live in poverty nation wide.

Gays are poor

Despite the media trope as portraying gay men as these rich titans the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The liberal think tank The Williams Institute Institute  report California-LGBT Divide  stated that even though the left coast has the greatest protections for LGB peoples 30% have an income of below 24k per year. In the south where acceptance is the least it’s 33% this despite a difference of 13 point gap in the Law and Social climate index between the two regions. Why don’t the gaps correlate more closely?  Maybe because economic freedom is more effective at reducing poverty than more laws and regulations?

Patriot Survival Kit

Black and Latino gays are really f*cking poor

In California 19% of white LGBT individuals report an income of less than 24k while 30%-36% of Black and Latino LGBTs do.

“Government isn’t the solution to our problem government is the problem”

All this despite the fact that California has some of nation’s highest tax rates and highest government spending growth in the nation. The liberal Huffington Post released a report called The Worst States for Black Americans. Almost all of them were blue or purple states.  Contrast that to what Forbes Magazine found:  Today, [The South] has emerged, in many ways, as the new promised land for African-Americans.”  The best states for Blacks are conservative run states.  When the free market is allowed to flourish the rising tide lift all boats regardless of race or sexual preference. Liberals have tried and failed to solve the poverty crises amongst minorities for years through victim hood and larger and larger government. It failed. Black conservatives are right, Latino conservatives are right, gay conservatives are right. Liberals are wrong.

Read about how conservatives are coming around on the issue of homosexual acceptance. 



Why I Support Sweatshops & Child Labor

Why I Support Sweatshops & Child Labor

I 100% support sweatshops and child labor.  Let me say it again: I 100% support sweatshops & child labor. “Let’s throw eggs at this monster!” That’s what those of you sitting at your computers reading this are thinking right? I mean what kind of a decent human being can support the deplorable conditions that we all read and see on TV? But here’s the thing: ‘Those of you sitting at home on your computers reading this’. This is an act of privilege just as buying organic produce is privilege. In our world of privilege we often fail to see the choices many of the worlds population must face.

Sweatshops are better than the alternative

In a economically free society people are free to make choices that they think will best suit them. Capitalism allows that more than any other system we’ve tried in human history. Sweatshops often employ people from rural areas with little or no education and basically no job alternatives. Sweatshop labor involves long hours, deplorable working conditions all in exchange for meager  salaries. Or does it?

  • The International Labour Organisation estimates that agricultural workers suffer 250 million accidents every year, and say that in some countries the fatal accident rate is twice as common in agriculture as in other industries. “Out of a total of 335,000 fatal workplace accidents worldwide,” say the ILO, “there are some 170,000 deaths among agricultural workers.”  source
  • People that work in sweatshops are healthier than their agricultural counterparts. source
  • Sweatshops empower women. Sweatshop work forces are dominated by woman. This empowers them to make their own decisions and not have to tolerate abusive spouses/partners. sources

Sweatshops are the first step out of poverty

Because sweatshop workers earn so much more than they would if they remained rural simpletons sweatshops are not only a first step out of poverty for a family but for a nation as well.

As any historian could tell you, no society has ever pulled itself out of poverty without putting its children to work. Back in the early 19th century, when Americans were as poor as Bangladeshis are now, we were sending out children to work at about the same rate as the Bangladeshis are today. Having had the good fortune to get rich first, Americans can afford to give Bangladeshis a helping hand, and there are plenty of good ways for us to do that. Denying Third Worlders the very opportunities our ancestors embraced, whether through fullfledged boycotts or by insisting on health and safety standards they can’t afford to meet, is not one of those ways. Buy The Armchair Economic by Steven Landsburg 

With the earnings of child sweatshop workers they use that money to put their siblings through school to lift their families out of poverty even more.  Here’s a chart showing apparel income as a percentage of national income.

Sweatshops help prevent child prostitution

Going back to the sweatshops are better than the alternative argument. In a very famous case Democrat Senator Tom Harkin ‘freed’ 50,000 Bangladesh children from sweatshop labor. I’m sure Mr. Harkin patted himself on the back for that as well. Well what Mr. Harkin and other liberals didn’t take the time to think about is what would happen to those children once they lost their jobs. Well now we know. A good chunk of those kids ended up becoming prostitutes for local and international pedophiles.

Good intentions don’t always equal good outcomes

Anti-sweatshop activism is a go-to for many liberal college students. These privileged kids are well intentioned but their activism leads to disastrous outcomes for those they are seeking to help. Just as many liberals pat themselves on the back for driving that Toyota Prius which uses child labor in its manufacturing process and in some cases is actually worse for the environment than conventional cars.

Economic freedom improves working conditions

As mentioned earlier all countries including the United States had sweatshops and child labor at one point in their histories. What led to the decline of sweatshops in America? No it wasn’t labor unions it was economic freedom. In the beginning the government steadfastly supported the factories in America. It wasn’t until the economy was strong enough to support the labor movement that the government allowed it grow. Unfortunately now labor unions have outgrown their usefulness and continue to push for more legislation to restrict economic freedom and just like the workers in the developing world the most vulnerable lose their jobs. In the case of America its young black men. Remember all employers (yes that includes sweatshops) must compete with the alternatives for workers. Once the economy of a particular grows sweatshops will cease to exist as workers will have far better alternatives. As seen above if we try to close them legislatively we just end up with more poverty plight for those we intended to help.

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Trump Denies Visas to Countries that Won’t Take Back Deportees

U.S. Issues Visa Sanctions Against Recalcitrant Countries

The Trump administration has kept yet another promise. The Trump State department has issued visa sanctions against four nations that repeatedly and routinely refuse take back deportees. The countries are Cambodia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Eritrea.

The Secretary of State has ordered consular officers in Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia to implement visa restrictions effective September 13, 2017,” the department said in a statement provided to The Washington Times. “The Secretary determined the categories of visa applicants subject to these restrictions on a country-by-country basis. WT

  • Cambodia: Only top diplomats and their families will be denied tourist or business visas.
  • Eritrea: All new tourist and business visas will be halted.
  • Guinea: Government officials and family members will be denied business, tourist, and student and exchange program visas.
  • Sierra Leone: Diplomats and immigration officials will be denied business and tourist visas.

There was no mention on whether current visas will be rescinded. The move may be largely symbolic since it’s within reason to suspect those top diplomats and other elites already had visas to the United States. It does, however, send a clear message that a new chief is in town and these nations need to begin taking back their deportees just as the US does.

The administration was going to add Iraq to the list but Iraq acquiesced in exchange for not being included in the travel ban

Patriot Survival Kit

Promise Kept

During the 2016 presidential campaign then candidate Trump promised to crack down on countries that are recalcitrant in taking back their deportees. He lambasted previous administrations for not doing more to resolve this issue. Previous administrations responded to the problem by sending threatening letters to the recalcitrant nations. Americans have suffered at the hands of foreign criminals. In 2014  Thong Vang,was released from prison  after being convicted of rape. His country of origin, Laos repeatedly declined to repatriate him. He returned to prison in 2016 and shot two guards.

Thousands of foreign criminals remain in the US

According to the same Washington Times Article:

35,000 Criminal Cubans await deportation

1,900 Criminal Chinese citizens await deportation


Wouldn’t this be easier to read on a laptop or a tablet?



How I Enhanced My Relationship with My Partner

My relationship needed help

The problem

Hello My name is  Ethan and I really want to talk about male enhancement.  Last year I was in what I thought was a good loving relationship with my husband. We first met at the gym and we have been together for 10 years and married for two. But then I noticed things beginning to change. He just didn’t seem satisfied with me in the bedroom. I knew I was getting older and my stamina wasn’t what it used to be. It was getting harder and harder to stay erect. Not that I had the biggest penis anyway. I didn’t know what to do. One day I went through his phone and saw the grindr app. I confronted him. My partner admitted to me he wasn’t satisfied.

The devastation

Now I am a proud person. My first instinct was to tell him goodbye.  But to end a ten year relationship just to start all over again? And at my age?  I meditated on it and decided I wanted to improve my performance in the bedroom. I did some research and  I bought this penis enlargement book for like a buck. I was amazed at the options there are out there for guys like me. There’s surgery, pumps, clamps and many other forms of male enhancement. In the end I decided, however, that I was going to stick with what mother nature gave me. I just wanted my performance back.

I decided to do something about it

As a 52 year old man with a busy schedule going to the gym 5 times a week as I did in my youth just wasn’t an option.  I thought about buying a Bowflex as well. After searching on amazon I found Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement. It said it restored testosterone levels which could lead to weight loss, more confidence, restore, energy and boost sexual performance. At first I was skeptical but at 15 bucks, great reviews, and it was a best seller on amazon I figured what the heck! I bought it together with Horny Goat Weed Exact since amazon recommended they be used together. The package came in just two days. I took two pills a day as directed in by the 3rd week I noticed a difference! I wasn’t as tired anymore and I had the strength of my youth back!  But what about in the bedroom?

It was a night & day change in the bedroom

I was nervous to try anything in the bedroom. My relationship was going to end if something didn’t change. I just sucked it up one day and said ‘what the heck!’ again. It started off by giving my partner a massage. I rubbed his feet and started to go up from there. As I moved up I saw him roll his eyes like ‘here we go again’ but I wasn’t deterred. The supplement had given me a  new confidence. Once we got to the deed I could see the shock on his face! Seeing his eyes roll back into his head was something I thought I’d never see again. He was enjoying it no longer just tolerating it! Now instead of excuses not to be begs me to destroy him haha! Forgive the language. Anyway I couldn’t recommend these supplements more!


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Michelle Bachlet Good for Gays Bad for Chile

Michelle Bachlet good for gays bad for Chile

On Monday August 28th leftist Chilean President Michelle Bachlet sent a bill to legalize gay marriage in her country.  In 2015 the country allowed civil unions. Reuters reports it is unclear if the bill will pass before she leaves office this in 2018. Ms. Bachelet has passed many leftist reforms such as tax hikes and way more government spending.

Me and a friend standing in front of the skyline of Santiago de Chile

Chile was once the shining light on the hill for South America. They were the first S. American country to join the OCED (basically a club for wealthy nations). Chileans are the only Latin American can enter the United States without a visa. They went from the poorest nation in South America to the richest.  Chileans live the longest in South America. They call it an ‘economic miracle’ I call it free market economics.  The conservative Heritage Foundation actually ranks Chile as more free than the US economically.  Unfortunately those tables are turning thanks to Bachelet.
Economic Freedom Index Profile of Chile

Pinochet led his country into prosperity

In 1973 Augusto Pinochet seized power in a Coup d’état. He introduced economic freedom to the country which led it to be the economic powerhouse it is today. Under Pinochet Chile went from the poorest nation in Latin to the richest country in Latin America even surpassing Mexico. Under the previous typical Latin American socialist president  Salvador Allende Chile experienced inflation topping 140%. While Pinochet made mistakes in the way he squashing dissent his goal was to keep socialism away from Chile. He knew the ravages that socialism wouldbring his nation. Enter Michelle Bachlet.

Bachelet is bad for Chile

They wanted a bonus. The idiots.

Bachlet was first elected to the presidency in 2006 and again in 2013. As mentioned before she has raised taxes. The corporate tax rate is now 25%. She increased the size of government. Government spending is now 24.3% of GDP. Public debt is now 17.1% of GDP.  S&P downgraded Chile’s credit rating for the first time in almost 20 years. Chile now has an unemployment rate of about 7%. A big reason was the drop in commodities prices particular copper to which Chile is highly dependent. That being said Bachelet’s socialist shopping spree with the nation’s credit card didn’t help.  Not to mention the corruption scandals that have plagued her presidency.

Bachelet, Sanders, and Hugo Chavez all use the same playbook

It boggles the mind since Chilenos have neighbors that have been ravaged by socialism that they too would choose this path. Maybe it’s the hyper inflation of Argentina or the economic collapse and hyper-corruption of Brazil that appeals to them? It could also be the lack of even basic medical care in Venezuela that sheds of good light on socialism? I am, of course, being factitious. The allure of something for nothng is strong to all peoples. Even in America the rise of Bernie Sanders is frightening to say the least. Charlatans like Bachelet, Sanders and Hugo Chavez all use the same play book. They not only promise free stuff based on someone else’s labor but they assure people that they are entitled to the fruits of other peoples’ labor. How long until Chile joins its neighbors in economic ruin? If it continues on the Bachlet path not long.

California-Everything That’s Wrong with Liberalism

California liberal policies don’t work for most people

California is the nation’s liberal Vatican. It has voted for democratic presidential candidates for the last 20 years. Limiting people’s constitutional rights to bear arms is a boast in this state.

More importantly conservatives essentially have no voice. While there are some conservative areas they are far overruled by the liberal bastions of the San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles.

The legislature is 2/3 Democrat with a Democratic governor.  California is often hailed as the poster child of liberal politics as it is the 6th largest economy in the world with some impressive job growth numbers.

But lets look deeper. Most of that job growth is in the San Francisco bay area tech sector and most Californians are not qualified to do those jobs. This is why California must constantly import immigrants from Asia to fill those jobs.  Here are some startling truths that you probably haven’t been told about California.

California liberal policy outcomes

On poverty

California has the nations highest poverty rate? source


California has nation’s least affordable housing? source


California has the nation’s highest income inequality despite a high minimum wage? source


On Education

Despite 40% of the State’s budget going towards education California students have some of the lowest test scores in the nation across the income spectrum? source


Despite American student debt reaching 1.31 trillion dollars California liberals give illegal immigrants free college tuition? source


California has some of the highest racial educational achievement gaps? source


On Debt

California has approximately 1 trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities?  source


On Economics

California’s Black unemployment rate is more than double that of whites? source


California is and has been ranked consistently as the worst state to do business? source


The California state government exempts itself and local governments from having to follow its own draconian labor laws? source


Trump Coin
Trump Commemorative Coin

On Infrastructure

California has some of the nation’s worst traffic despite all the billions of dollars spent on useless public transportation projects? source


Despite having the some of the highest taxes in the nation California still has some of the worst roads? source



On Healthcare

Despite Medi-Cal being plagued with a shortage of doctors willing accept the insurance due to abysmal reimbursement rates California still has money to give illegal immigrants free health care? source

Check mate! 

California Liberal policies are well intended with drastic consequences

California liberal policies are often well intended but they almost always have drastic unintended consequences. We know, pretty much without a doubt, that economic freedom is the key to solving poverty.

Let’s look at Venezuela which has the lowest economic freedom score on the conservative heritage foundation’s economic freedom index and compare it to Chile which has the highest. It’s no surprise that Chile is the richest country in Latin America while Venezuela is one of the poorest.

The government does have a role to play in economics. Namely protecting a nation from foreign invaders, enforcing contracts, some infrastructure investments, and enforcing the rule of law. Beyond that the government shouldn’t do much else. We see the drastic consequences every time it does more.